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  1. Great looking 55 nomad one of amt’s best kits. You did really nice work on all the small details brake lines , fuel lines , headers etc, and the injector stacks are just awesome. Again nice job 👍
  2. That’s a neat idea it would be cool to have some gasser gremlin decals for the doors. That big Ford wedge looks good in there with the engine set back
  3. That’s good to hear I like try to inspire others, and promote growth in this great hobby of ours . These were set of slixx decals I applied back in 1995. This was also the first time I used micro sol and micro set which really made the flame decals settle down nicely. At the time testors candy grape was my only option nowadays you can find better purple options. Thanks for the nice complement. Mike
  4. I built this from the revell Ed McCulloch kit. I borrowed the front wheels from a polar lights funny car kit the paint color is testers candy grape over silver topped with slixx decals. Thanks for looking 👀. Mike
  5. I really dig your choice of colors , and a fantastic job masking off those panels. These revell tri. Fives can be real fussy to build. Again great build thanks for sharing
  6. Really nice dragster. This kit builds up nice
  7. Theses are two of my favorites the polar lights and amt long nose mustangs built out of the box. Gas Ronda was ford blue till the end, and a true first class performer of drag racing. Both of these kits really captured the look of this historic funny car. It would be neat if amt could find the tooling for this one. Although the polar lights kit is a more accurate representation of this car. as always thanks for looking 👀 Mike
  8. The blue car is a box stock build from circa 1990. As for the red cars I used the last issue of mongoose navy kit. This reissue is the best of the the revell duster body funny cars. With the main part of the chassis being one piece, better slicks, longer headers, and more. I cut down the roll cage on these to make the body sit lower on the chassis. I also moved the engine a little forward on both cars. The decals on the version with the black sides came from chuck boener. The red paint is testors Italian red lacquer on both. Thanks for looking 👀. mike.
  9. I love that color thanks for showing how well these old johan kits look detailed. Despite their simplified chassis they had the sharpest body’s and engines
  10. That’s the nicest looking grill and tail light panel I have ever seen on a 62 bel air. With the fade paint it reminds it looks like a Gene Winfield custom. Great job
  11. Tim , cool idea. Man that’s a lot of charger kits I really like the Tommy Ivo theme. I really dig the paint colors. The days of great rattle can colors.
  12. This all started with a stock revell kit with added dual quad intake manifold and carbs from amt’s parts pack, parts box slicks, and scratch built headers. Aftermarket decals were from Lucas I think they are still available from SMP. The pale yellow color is a discontinued testors color. Thanks for looking 👀. Mike
  13. This Vega funny car was built from the revell jungle Jim kit with a wheel and tire swap from the mpc hot rod Mustang f/c back wheels, and the front wheels can be found in any polar lights funny car kit. The shorter and wider mpc slicks make a big difference in the stance. I used tamyia mica red and decals from the amazing chuck boener
  14. This is a box stock revell kit decals are from decals by Lucas which I believe is no longer available ☹️. The rear wheels are from my parts box. These Mustangs look great from all angles,and are a really easy build I especially like the 3/4 rear view. thanks for looking 👀. Mike
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