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  1. I think we might be better off waiting for the amt 66 fastback kit and doing are own conversions. Plus that way we’ll get a lot of spare parts
  2. This build started with a painted resin body with decals from joe at Fremont resins. I finished it with parts from the following kits: glass , interior , and the back half of the chassis from amt’s 66 mustang funny car the front half of the chassis is from a polar lights funny car along with the front wheels the engine is the hemi from the amt double dragster kit the slicks are amt blue streaks the rear wheels are amt from my spare box this issue of drag racing has good reference photos As always thanks for checking it out, mike
  3. You did a great job on these both then and now.
  4. The ertl amt 1970 camaro from the early 90’s body parts only, and the more recent mpc mustang funny car
  5. Looks great. Did you use a base coat under the light pearl green?
  6. This build was started by taking a old tan ertl era camaro body, and moving the front wheel wells forward. I filled in behind them with patch panels cut from a donor body. The chassis and body tin was donated by a mpc hot rod mustang funny car. The wheels are from a polar lights funny car. The white enamel paint is testors, decals by slixx. HAPPY 4th of JULY and as always thanks for looking , Mike
  7. I built this one box stock 30 some years ago when it first came out. The testors enamel paint has held up good over the years. I use meguiar’s quick wax spray with a micro fiber towel to clean the dust off them. These revell thunder bolts are one of the finest super stock’s to come out of a box. happy Father’s Day everyone and as always thanks for looking. Mike
  8. A nice job on a great kit that has a lot of possibilities. The paint color is killer.
  9. I constructed this one from a Fremont resin body an amt 33 Willy’s, and a amt parts pack hemi. The wheels came from the parts box. The color is testors Daytona yellow lacquer, and the decals are by Fremont. Oh yeah the injector scoop is from revell’s Tony Nancy kit As always thanks for checking it out mike
  10. WOW what a neat little altered rod cool color combo
  11. Actually the decals went on with no fuss thanks for the nice complement
  12. The decals came with the resin body from mcw paint and resins. I would like to do a book some time. I have a lot more to do. Thanks for all your nice feedback
  13. This is mostly a out of the box mpc 1969 barracuda. It has the following modifications. amt blue streak slicks parts box wheels the engine is from the kit with the missing super stock hemi parts from my stash of mopar parts. The headers are made from solder and aluminum tubing paint is tamyia and decals are slixx there are a lot of different aftermarket decals available for this kit, and converting them into a super stocker is fairly easy to do. as always thanks for looking,and all the nice complements, Mike
  14. Nice clean build I really like the Matt primer finish. Very cool 😎
  15. I built this one from a mcw resin body and decal set. The chassis, front and back glass is from a salvaged amt 65 gto. The Z-11 427 engine is from the amt 62 super stock bel air along with the front and back wheels. The pie crust slicks are amt parts pack. The dash, steering wheel, tac, and shifter came from amt’s 1965 Elcamino. The roll bar is made from 0.80 styrene rod. It would be really nice to see this produced as a amt kit aside from the body all the parts are amt. which was a amt body originally. This is a great match race car from a time Chevy driver’s we’re stuck with a out dated big block, to do battle with the hemi mopars , and hi reving 427 ford fe motors. Malcolm Durham was one of the true early heroes of drag racing a Chevy man to the end.
  16. Outstanding job the tamyia light blue pearl is the joint.
  17. Box stock amt 1959 Elcamino with tamyia light blue pearl paint, parts pack white wall slicks, and Smp decals make a cool looking stocker. My only fit issue is the air cleaner interfeares with the hood. In the future I might file down the carburetors to adjust the fit. I painted the chassis white as that was a pretty common custom trick back then. I have a 1:1 60 Elcamino with remnants of white paint on it.
  18. Thanks my it’s my favorite out of the two, and it’s such a easy conversion
  19. Yea I know what you mean about the decal sharpness. The decals on the bel air are kit decals thirty years ago slixx was just getting started. From what I understand they subcontracted out the decal printing. I think some of their sheets are better then others. Not so much with the resolution but with the way they respond to setting solutions. Some crack and others soften, and settle right down. Right now I’m just glad to have all these choices from the different decal makers. Even with the difference in quality it’s way better than that time when all we had was Fred caddy decals and snail male.
  20. This pair was built 30 years apart. The 1962 bel air was built straight out the box.Thirty years ago I couldn’t wait for this kit to come out. In my opinion the best super stock kit from ertl. As for the 1963 Z-11 Impala it is a classic kit bash of the Amt 63 impala and the super stock version of the 62 bel air. All of the parts came out of these to kits the modifications for the Z-11 include the following remove the front fender wells from the bel air body, and glue them on the bel air chassis you may have to file a little off the tops to get the right fit. cut the center consoles out of both interior tubs. Then fit and glue the bel air transmission tunnel into the impala’s interior tub. Use the bel air bench seat, shifter , tac, and gauge panel in the impalas interior tub. Use the bel air chassis with the raised front suspension parts. To get that super stock stance use either the stock front coil springs on the rear or cut them down to get your desired stance. use the slicks and front tires, and wheels from the bel air kit use the bel air engine with the Z-11 intake manifold and headers this combination of these to kits fit together very well with just a little tweaking here and there, and now there both available at the same time. You can sometimes find the 63 impala at hobby lobby for 40% off. Get 2 or 3 as their are many aftermarket decals available for them. I got these from SMP decals until next time good luck building, thanks for checking this out. Mike
  21. For this build I started with the mpc 1967 charger kit with the following modifications: front and rear wheel wells are moved forward I cut the floor out of the interior and replaced it with sheet styrene. I also covered the dashboard with sheet styrene, and made the roll cage from 0.80 styrene rod. I cut the shock towers off the chassis and I also cut a section out of the middle of it. The front axle is aluminum tubing held on with shocks from my parts box. engine modifications include the front engine plate from a polar lights funny car. The intake manifold, fuel tank, and pump are from amt’s 1963 corvette. I fashioned the velocity stacks from aluminum tubing. The headers are sourced from the revell hemi dart kit. the slicks and front tires are amt. the American wheels are from my parts box the light pink paint is krylon. I think the decals were by penguin, but I’m not 100% sure. Doing the wheel well mods on this one was a little tricky as far as getting the body lines lined up right. To be real accurate you would want to make a flip front end. This issue has great reference photos of this car and is fairly easy to find.
  22. This magazine must be hard to come by as it’s the only issue I’ve ever seen. As for the funny car it’s built with a revell 1968 charger body with the following modifications : filled grill shell rear spoiler that is made from a strip of styrene, glue , and body filler the paint is a rattle can fade done with testors lacquer decals are from slixx the back window is cut from a thin sheet of blue plastic the chassis and interior tin came from the polar lights barracuda kit with the following modifications: the front axle mount is moved back in the chassis the engine assembly is sidled forward the upward sweep is cut off the headers the injector cover on the engine cover tin was cut out , and replaced with a cover cut from the spare cover found in the mpc gto funny car the rear crager wheels came from amt’s old pro nova kit enjoy and thanks for looking, mike
  23. Really nice job the color looks spot on. I see what you mean about the decals. I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times, and I don’t know what the remade is. It really sucks when you have a dark color, and one set of decals.
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