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  1. How is this for a centerfold?; Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen's US Navy Duster Funny Car. HRM December 1974
  2. Interesting Ford Thunderbird Fastback custom. HRM November 1974
  3. Good article about the Gapp and Roush Ford Maverick they went racing with. The same Jack Roush pictured here later went on to head up Roush Performance. HRM September 1974
  4. Two more pages of illustrations by Harry Bradley, this time of the '49 Mercury and various Fords. My gosh, this guy was good!
  5. Here is an article about a company named Solar Automotive who was taking '60's Corvairs, updating them, and dropping a Chevy V8 behind the front seats. I would have liked this article when I was doing my build of an AMT Corvair earlier this year.
  6. A small photo of the Corvair "Astroid". HRM March 1974 It would appear this vehicle is being rebuilt, and the renderings look quite promising. Check out https://www.undiscoveredclassics.com/sport-customs/restoration-continues-on-lost-show-car-bill-meadors-asteroid/ for more.
  7. I totally love these drawings done by Harry Bradley of fantasy Ford roadster deliveries. These illustrations will definitely have to go in my library. The third drawing in particular caught my attention as reminiscent of the 1930 Bentley Speed Six.
  8. And speaking of rotary engines, an article from the same issue on the Corvette Experimental XP-897 and XP-882 (later to be warmed over as the Aerovette). Having built a number of Revell Aerovettes in 1:25th scale, I can attest to them being a really fun project. I also have the Lindberg Aerovette in 1:18th (?) scale which appears to be more basic and which I have yet to build.
  9. HRM December 1973 also had an article about the DKW W2000 rotary engined motorcycle. Wouldn't it be fun to ride such a rare little beast, or at least build it in scale? I have always been fond of the Wankel rotary engine - even having owned a lawnmower powered by one in the 80's
  10. A pair of cool Revell ads... MPC Richard Petty Charger. HRM November 1973 Revell Top Fuel and Funny Cars. HRM December 1973
  11. A short blurb about the "Titan" in HRM November 1973 It appears to have been a Ford Thunderbird rebodied along the lines of Virgil Exner's neo-classic Renwal Revival Stutz and Pierce Arrow, designed by George Barris, and marketed by Sammy Davis Jr. 1972 Ford Thunderbird Renwal Revival Stutz by Virgil Exner Renwal Revival Pierce Arrow by Pierce Exner - photo of model built by our own @realgone58 George Barris design of the Titan I am personally a fan of the neo-classical look that Exner introduced since it had a large effect on the Chryslers, Fords, and GM's of the 70's. BTW; another iteration of the Titan that I ran across had such a beautiful paintjob that I felt the need to include it here.
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