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  1. Great build, and great match on the color! I never understood why that color was discontinued.
  2. Darn it, now I gotta get me one too! Yours came out great
  3. Awesome job with a true custom! I particularly love how the independent suspension went in
  4. "Impeccable" should be the name of this build. Just excellent!!!
  5. Excellent work, especially on the many panels that are very difficult to align on this kit!
  6. What a beauty! I drove one of these working at GM at the time. It was long enough for sure, but it was also WIDE. You could be sitting in one zip code, while your passenger was in another!
  7. Man, that is one SEXY build. That's the car John Wick should be driving!
  8. Beautiful lines on that car, and fantastic color combo. Well done!
  9. I'm digging this build!
  10. https://www.ipmslv.com/
  11. Thank you for the suggestion TJ, I will definitely look into it. BTW, yours is a beauty in its own right!
  12. ea0863

    61 Ventura

    That is so beautiful, and it's a car I didn't know even existed! 😀
  13. Phenomenal job on a great vehicle choice. Thank you for posting!
  14. Thank you Oliver, it is a beautiful car and I hope my build does it some level of justice.
  15. Thank you Michael for the encouragement. I have been to the Bowling Green museum a number of times - most recently after the sinkhole incident. Such a cool place! I also got to see Impostor at last year's SEMA show - it's incredible how low, wide, and beautiful the actual car is. I will do my best to do the car justice with my model build.
  16. Thank you David. I got to see the actual car at last year's SEMA show (along with about ten other Foose creations), and fell in love with Impostor all over again. To me, it is the perfect custom car, although some don't care for the relatively stock Corvette interior. From what I understand, the owner wanted it that way so the vehicle could be serviced at any Chevy dealership just like a Corvette.
  17. Thank you Dennis. This one is testing my amateurish abilities to the limit, that's for sure
  18. Thank you much Sir!
  19. You are very kind for the offer. I think one dash will suffice, but will keep you in mind. Thank you!
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