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  1. The part has no number because it's molded as part of the body. I just confirmed it by looking a my kit
  2. Hood mailed this morning, USPS tracking number is: 9500 1107 2871 2214 3038 93
  3. I've got one, pm your address and I'll get it into the mail.
  4. Sorry guys, being colorblind has it's drawbacks!
  5. Kit is no longer available
  6. I have a sealed #1 Mopar Performance Dodge, Revell kit #85-2341. PM me if interested
  7. I have one, PM me your address and it's yours
  8. also, rustoleum bought testers who made moder master paints. There's hope yet!
  9. Post it on randy ayers NASCAR forum or short track model forum
  10. send me a pm and we'll work something out
  11. Go ahead and work out a deal with Scott (Oldmopars) since his is sealed and the boxes are in better shape
  12. what's the difference between "trade" and "wanted". I mean, no selling, so if you WANT something you'll have to TRADE for it!
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