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  1. Bowtie added a topic in General   

    Bowtie " A New Member Here "
    Hello i will give you all a short introducing.

    My name is Mats Alfredsson and i come from Sweden.

    I have build models fore many years now , don´t remeber how long to be exact .

    I arrange some model contest there i live with a friend ( HÃ¥kan Persson)

    I have won some contest with my different buldings , i have about 25 prices now .

    I work at volvo and in logistic departhment .

    i drive a camaro and a volvo .. yes i´m from sweden

    I have the camaro club in north sweden and also help the local hotrod club . I also do some reports fore magazines and photograp a lot at races,meetings

    a little from me , ask if you want to now anything .

    My Camaro
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  2. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford 1932 Street Rod
    I´m also a motorsport photograph and arrange carmeetings . I saw a new cool hotrod 2005 and i made a little copy of the real car . monogram higboy kit modified too look like the real car , wel almost at least .

    first the real car so you now what i mean about making the look a like

    the model

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  3. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford 1932 Street Rod
    More of thoose monogram highboys . this is made from a lot of stuff from the junkbox . engine i think is from a old chevy kit 348/409 with custom valves . blower from a willys 1941 kit . rims & tyres are from the rats rod kit . details like ignition wires and fuel line . paint is in copper metallic from a can i got cheap frome store . fun bulding and only a week to make it done

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  4. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford 1932 Street Rod
    Another monogram 32 highboy and this is a wild and crazy one . paint is orange pearl . engine is a chevy bigblock and heads & headers from a pro stock kit .

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  5. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford 1932 Street Rod
    More bulding from me this i made in only 1 week . it suppose to be red pearl and i misstaken took the wrong rattle can . get real surpiced when i started to paint it
    I´s the monogram higboy kit and fenders from the other 32 monogram kit . intake is from the 66 nova pro street and tyres are some aftermarket stuff .

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  6. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford Street Rod 1940
    Here is a Ford i made many years ago . painted on volvo saffron pearl and pegasus rims (Crome t) . small details like ignition wires and fuel line

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  7. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Bantham Blast
    Here is my own verision of the bantham blast . I painted it in tamiya green and over the top i sprayed some white pearl to tone it a little . small details like ignition wires and a fuel line made of a diode . fun bulding !

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  8. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Camaro Pro Touring 1970
    Here is my Camaro based on the amt bald win motion kit . i used pegasus crome t rims and in rear with sleaves . engine is a LT1 and paint is a volvo lazer blue pearl .

    I now the LT1 have the ignition in front of the engine but i modified a little so you can see the ignition wires , old style then
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  9. Bowtie added a post in a topic Impala Pro Touring 1964   

    yes it´s a 1961 , i dont now why i had a the 1964 in mind ? anyway 1961 is the right year
  10. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Salt Flat Studebaker 1953
    Another bulding from me . this studebaker is made for bonneville. i chopped the roof and used the hemi engine . scratchbuild the front spoiler and the splitters on the roof . paint is blue with satin clearcote on . fun bulding .

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  11. Bowtie added a topic in Under Glass   

    Impala Pro Touring 1964
    here is an old bulding from me .Based on the lindberg kit and modified with pegsus crome T , brakes from a ralley car (brembo ) . engine isa corvette ZR1 . lower the suspension with up side down spindless . beige interior with a custom steering wheel . paint is from a mazda in dark blue pearl .

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  12. Bowtie added a topic in On The Workbench   

    55 Chevy Custom
    I got this new 55 chevy kit and started at once . The plan is a soft custom . Low suspension some crome , just a cruiser fore the night and a ride to the hop

    I started to clean upp all splices and washed the car in water and soap.

    I used the stock axle but put on the blocks so i get a low suspension . in front i used the one with discs but i modified it so no discs , this will be an old shcool so no discs fore me .

    primer on all stuff here is the body . the chassie is satin black with some parts in gun metal (pics will come)

    Painted in Tamiya mica blue and a volvo silversand metallic . ´Looks like a lot of gold in the pic but it´s a kind of light silver ,just a tooch of gold . tyres are some aftermarket stuff and caddilac somberos in aluminium
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