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  1. I can see why that’s your new favorite color. Very nice.
  2. dsummone

    1966 Bug

    Does anyone know how I move this to the under glass section?
  3. dsummone

    1966 Bug

    Well, this finishes up my first car. Paint is pretty darn close to what I remember and the white interior turned out better than I had hoped for. The Tamiya kit was a jewel, everything fit as it should and the only mods I made were wiring and fuel lines on the engine. This makes my third model since coming back to the hobby after a long long time and I’m really pleased with the result. My paint work on the bodies still needs some work and an investment in an air brush, but for out of a rattle can it’s okay. I’d like to try color sanding but I was too afraid of ruining what I had so I think I’ll try painting spoons etc… to try and learn on. The BMF is coming along… now that I have the right kind. Anyway, I appreciate the views and always the comments. Dave Now to finish that pesky Dart.
  4. That turned out very nice. I have been thinking of doing a garage of 40s and early 50s builds.
  5. There she is. I’m not going to rub it out, I’m really happy with the paint and I don’t want to mess it up. I have 1 little pinhole in the hood but I can live with that. I decided to blow apart the interior and start over with it. I think I can do better than what it was, so it’s soaking right now and I can hopefully get started on it in the next day or two. Dave.
  6. Well I got the foil on the windows. That was the most stressful thing I’ve done in years… and I only had to do two areas. Dave.
  7. How long do I wait till I polish? I’m pretty new to all of this.
  8. dsummone

    1966 Bug

    The finger is better and the Bug is painted. Now back to the Dart for a bit. Dave.
  9. Well, finally it’s painted and cleared😃 Now I just need to wait for it to cure and then I can try the trim… I bought some real BMF this time. How long should I wait before attempting this? Dave.
  10. dsummone

    1966 Bug

    Man I hope not
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