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  1. The front suspension and the rear is installed and the stance is right where I wanted it. I’m working on a set of traction bars and I’m going to have to open up the rear wheel wells just a bit, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to be real noticeable. Engine has decided it wanted to be blown so here comes a hole in the hood. Dave.
  2. I found some cragars as well, I think I’m going to go with them and save the Centerlines for an upcoming El Camino. Yours looks fantastic, I wish I could get decals to lay down like that, they are decals right?
  3. While I wait for warmer weather to paint the bodies of Mickey Thompson Challenger, a 63 Vette and my Midget, I’m going to start playing with this Camaro. I’ve got the engine started, I’m going to have to make a set of headers for it and I’m making my own intake manifold from two so that I get a sort of hi rise look to it. Like usual the stance will be eighties big tire and jacked up rear. I haven’t decided on the wheels yet, but I am a sucker for Centerlines. My plan is to paint the chassis flat black as it’s a little more temperature compatible and maybe try the interior in a semi gloss black. It’s going to be mid fifties tomorrow and I’m hoping that if I keep the paint cans warm and move the painted parts inside as soon as I spray them it will turn out. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. Dave.
  4. Well, that’s about it for this one until the weather warms and I can paint the body. The fuel lines (black) had to be rerun after I installed the last bit of the frame and the water lines (red) are run. I did find that the extra bit of width caused by the plug wires are going to force me to add a small filler strip down each side of the floor pan to make up for it, but it doesn’t look like it will affect the body fitment at all. Will post again when I can… now I think I’ll start a Camaro project. Dave.
  5. Just a bit of progress today. Rear shift linkage is in place and the front and rear water tanks are installed, along with the parachute tube. Getting closer to a roller though.
  6. Got the frame halves together, no small feat. Fuel lines are run and the underbody went on with a couple adjustments, as there was no real description of where to align the frame to the pan, I fit the front body section to the underbody and lined it all up to where the front wheels would be centered in their openings. From some quick body panel placement, it looks like there is going to be a lot of fitting to make all the panels line up properly, I’m glad Ace posted above his build, the way he temporarily attached the body panels together looks like the only real way to do it. I’m afraid the exhaust openings are going to need some massaging. Thanks for looking. Dave
  7. After much cutting, filing and sanding, the power train(s) are in the chassis. I had to remove the exhaust from the front set and will reinstall after the frame is dry. Assembled the wheels. The brake drums didn’t turn out the color I was hoping for but it’ll do. Dave.
  8. The engines are wired and the fuel lines routed. Installed with the trans packs. Im a bit concerned about clearances as the plug wires barely fit between the engines.
  9. Calling this one finished. It was different being the first time I’ve tried a resin body, I’m glad it was a 29 model year because the resin body came out a little lumpy.
  10. Well the going has been slow but I removed the chrome from all the parts and got everything painted except the body. Just finished the engines except for wiring and plumbing… I always enjoy engines the best until I had to do 4 of them. Transmissions and differentials are ready to be mounted as well. From all of the pictures I’ve looked at there was no chrome on the original and the wheels were this weird yellow. I’ve found some tannish wire I’m going to use for the plugs but I’ve got to round up some blah red for tubing. Thanks for looking and your comments. Dave.
  11. Thanks, I’m going to try the pledge method once the weather warms up enough to put some paint down.
  12. Still plodding along on this project. Got an engine built and installed. I took a v8 I had in the parts box and cut into three pieces to build the little 4 banger.
  13. Got my reissue finally, washed all the parts and started assembling the engines. I’ve got most of the parts separated for paint, sanded mold marks down and am just waiting now for a decent day to paint. Does anyone know if the engines were Pontiac blue? The instructions call for black and I can’t find a picture that shows original color. Dave.
  14. It’s coming along, glass is cut down and installed, interior is just waiting for the dash to dry. I couldn’t help but set the cab on. I’ve got to figure out some struts from the cab to the radiator grill yet along with a few other details but I’m pleased so far. Dave.
  15. Yeah, the original idea was a T but the cab came as an A and since the A’s were better looking, I decided to go that way.
  16. Well, I started going through the box and found two of the engines were missing, 3 tires and some of the bodywork. I stopped there and ordered another kit on eBay. My BIL really screwed me on this one 😀
  17. I just read through your build and it’s inspiring. Just got off the phone with my BIL and he wants me to use the original, so I will start unpacking the parts and making sure everything is there.
  18. My brother in law just gave me this to build for him, he’s had it since he was a teenager. The box says 1962. The plastic has been opened and some parts are off their sprues but nothing has been painted or glued. My question is, should I build it for him or should I tell him to keep it as it is. Let me know your thoughts. Dave
  19. The frame has been a nightmare!!! It was twisted badly but I got most of it out. Narrowing the rear for the AMT custom tires turned out ok but not great. Finally going to use these wheels, I’ve been trying them on other projects but I’m glad I saved them. I couldn’t resist using the Hemi, won’t be able to run a hood but why would I want to cover up that chunk of iron. I set the body on just for fun but it needs a lot more fitting. I refluxed the doors in place, I just wasn’t up to getting hinges to work… oh well. I think I’m going to go with Tamiya Pearl lime green paint and a tan interior. Thanks for looking. Dave.
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