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  1. I just started back with modeling this past year after almost 40 years away. I have found this page to be full of incredible builders and I would have never undertaken this project without the examples and instructions here. Thanks for your comments. Dave.
  2. Interior is finished except for glueing the dash in, I’m going to hold off on that until I marry the chassis to the body. I didn’t want to try and paint all of the door card rivets, so they were drilled out and brass wire tipped with molotow were inserted and glued, I may need to file a bit off the backsides when it’s time for assembly. The body is in its second coat of white primer, still some areas that need fine tuning but the rear fender flares are coming together and all of the added panel lines are taking shape. Dave.
  3. The side stripe finished it of perfectly. I enjoyed following your build.
  4. Just about finished. Need to touch up a couple areas and paint the top. The glass that came with this kit is about an eighth of an inch thick… and I suck with installing glass, tips would be welcomed. Im not going to try chiming the Corvette lettering, I’ll make a mess of that. Dave.
  5. All of the body mods that I’m going to do are done. Added the rear fender flares and have filled, sanded and filled some more. I’ve got the basic panel lines scribed in lightly and they will take some more work. The front cowl isn’t exactly correct but it’ll do. First primer coat on and now it’s just fine tuning and getting the panel lines finished. Thanks for looking. Dave.
  6. Finally got all the paint and clear done. Now just waiting to polish it and final assembly. Dave.
  7. I cut the body down the side in two lines but not all the way through, I then veed the lines out and glued them to straighten out the body curvature to more match the midget. Next I cut off the very bottom of the body panels to eliminate them from tucking under to the frame. I’ve made an executive decision though, I’m not going to try and narrow the body. It won’t be to scale but I think I can live with that. Dave.
  8. I looked at that but the front end is completely wrong and the rear is too. I think it will be much easier modifying the MGB.
  9. Thanks, it looks okay painted. Not as nice as some on here but it works.
  10. Got the red on the body and now waiting so I mask off for a grey insert. Couldn’t help but set the body on the chassis though.
  11. The one thing I’m a little miffed about is for the money of this kit, it a curbside model.
  12. Got the front roughed in, now it’s just filler and sanding, filler and sanding.
  13. I forgot to take a picture of the body before I started hacking but got the front cut off and the side molding shaved down. I’ve cut out a piece of styrene for the front and have that glued up with a back brace to create a slight curve to it. With the side molding shaved off, the sides already seem a bit flatter, there is a section along the bottom of the body that curves in and I’m thinking that if I remove it I may be able to leave the sides alone. That would put the width off a little to scale but I’m okay with that if it looks good. Dave.
  14. This is going to take some time, xacto. blades and putty, I really considered just building the B but my car was a Midget, so here it goes. The plan is to start this one while I’m finishing the 62 Vette Paint will be Tartan red and the interior is black. The engine was a green and the one change I I’m going to make is adding a heater box… mine didn’t have one and it made winter driving a challenge, that’s the reason I traded it off. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it. Dave. Oh, and if anyone knows of a Midget body from a resin caster or 3D company, please let me know before I start hacking.
  15. Now it’s time to figure out how to turn this 68 MGB into a 70 MG Midget. I’ve calculated the difference in size and I’m going to have to take 11.7 mm out of the wheelbase, 16.5 mm out of the body length, 5.3 mm from the width and .75 mm from the height. As can be seen the rear of the two cars are very similar, the b’s trunk lid comes down a bit farther, the front of the midget ends at the headlight rings and the grill is flat. The real work I think are the sides of the body, the b’s much more rounded.
  16. This is car 3 in my previously owned project and will by far be the most difficult. The Midget was my third car, between the Duster and the Dart and wouldn’t you know it, there isn’t a model of the Midget. So the donor will be this Aoshima 1968 MGB.
  17. The 62 Vette. I just ordered a 63 Vette, a 70 Vette, the C7R and a 63 Chevy wagon. I also have the MGB that should be showing up this week.
  18. Well, I’m calling this one finished, It’s got some scratches on the trunk from trying to sand out a couple imperfections in the paint that I couldn’t get to polish out. I used 1500 then 3000 paper then used Mothers scratch remover followed by Meguiers ultimate polish and finished with Turtle wax ceramic polish and wax but they persisted. On a side note, I do like the ceramic wax and if anyone has experience with…. Especially bad experience, let me know before I use it on my other projects. I thought this kit was really well made, very little adjustments other than the hood was a bit warped, I think I got rid of it by rubber banding it to a softball, we’ll see if it stays true. I was a bit surprised that the kit came with red tail light lenses but the headlights were chrome. Also the wiper blades were molded in rather than separate pieces. My other complaint would be that this being a GTX it didn’t include a power steering pump, i had one from the Charger I built and didn’t use. I know it was an option for the real thing, also the air grabber wouldn’t fit. I have the motor all the way down on the motor mounts and used the supplied intake and carbs but it sits too high. The carbs are a little lacking in detail also. Overall it was a fun build for this beginner and I am happy with the end result. Thanks for looking and the comments Dave.
  19. The detail you’re doing on this is stunning, that exhaust… well what can I say and this is 1:24. You must be just a bit crazy😁
  20. Got the foil on the body and couldn’t help but set it on the chassis. Still need to finish with repolishing a couple areas and the shine it up. Final assembly soon! Dave.
  21. 327 is pretty much built. I’ve got to do something about the generator hanging out there attached to nothing though. Dave.
  22. In my humble opinion, the 67 is the best looking of all Camaros.
  23. I’ve got the stance where I want it, need to cut the rear wheel back a bit so they fit just inside the fender. This was an open kit from a garage sale and one of the headers was missing so I dabbed up some. Dave.
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