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  1. Thank you. Have you used it on an oooold kit? If so was the plastic fine after?
  2. I have some of that. I believe the stuff in the yellow can. I’m going to test it on the seatbelts first to make sure it’s safe.👍🏽👍🏽
  3. Looks like this is as good as it’s going to get. What could happen if I primered & painted over the kit like this?
  4. Yeah I have steered clear of brake fluid with this model because of its age however I did take a risk dipping it in IPA 91%. So far so good. It’s just taking way longer than anything I’ve used so far. I seen ace hardware had 100% but at $25 a gallon I decided to try the Walgreens stuff. I’ve been able to get a lot of it off after sitting in the alcohol with lots of elbow grease.
  5. You guys always got the best advice on here. I think I’ll try the ipa on a seat belt that came with the kit, so far the purp isn’t working on exterior or interior painted parts. Thanks Guys👍🏽👍🏽
  6. So I’m working on this rebuilder I scored off of eBay. I really liked the color I found it in but no luck finding anything exact. I did manage to mix one up somewhat similar that I like & am going with. however I’m having a hard time stripping the old paint off. I’ve had it sitting in purple power for two days now with no luck. I’m thinking of using brake fluid but I’m concerned about it being to harsh on the 60 year old plastic. ill post more photos as I make progress.
  7. Yes sir. I think there’s 3 different versions with one of them being the ‘53(mines a54)I think one of them comes with straight axle suspension for a gasser type build. Here’s the box art for mine(I snagged the inline 6 from the box on the bottom, this kit came with a 409 big block)
  8. Thank you👍🏼I kind of like the hot rod look depicted on the box & thought of building it that way but ultimately I went with lowrider.
  9. That would be pretty cool. Would like to see others build this kit. I wish revell would re release it.
  10. Thanks. It’s a good looking kit but it isn’t perfect. The door panels are just a little difficult to get lined up and the front bumper is ugly. Thankfully this kit came with two different styles of rear bumper. I used one of them for the front. They’re pretty common on eBay. If you persistently look them up you can find one at a decent price.
  11. Well she’s done, came out ok I think. I still have a couple of minor touch ups to do on the bmf foil. The trim lines were pretty faint on this old revell which made it a bit of a pia but oh well.
  12. Thanks guys. Going to start bare metal soon followed by clear.
  13. That blue on the nova looks beautiful👍🏽👍🏽 the cuda as well.
  14. Here’s a few update pics. The tamiya white laid out on the roof beautifully but the black looked crappy. It was full of what looked like pin holes. I wet sanded it it with 2k followed by 3k & it seemed to of smoothed it out pretty good. I’m about done with the interior, laid some water decal seat patterns I got at NNL west a few years ago though I did manage to lift it in a couple spots while trying to clean up the loose flocking with tape. trying to find some bullet hole decals to lay on the trunk lid but everything I’ve found is 1/35 scale and way over in Ukraine oh well.
  15. Thanks espo. for the fuel filter& line I used, I think they’re called diodes for computers and other electronics. I bought a pack that had like 20 for around $5
  16. It sure does though I should of used thinner wires, I might redo those.
  17. Here’s a little before photo I forgot I had.
  18. Here’s a little before photo I forgot I had.
  19. Thanks everyone for commenting on my thread. I’ve learned a lot more than I thought I would and I appreciate every comment. Here is a link to the thread that I started on here for the build.
  20. Chassis & blue flame six engine. I had to notch the rear wheel well section of the chassis to get the wheels to fit with the skirts that I made up for it. I used a couple of different shades of testors enamel to come up with the blue for the engine. It’s not spot on what Chevrolet was using back in the day for that blue flame six engines but close enough.
  21. The exhaust from the box was for a 409 big block motor but I decided to use an in-line six from an old monogram 53 Chevy kit that I “built”(model skills were lacking back then) way back in the 90s plus the exhaust from the box was pretty ugly so I took some evergreen plastic rod and the actual muffler from the Kit and worked up my own.
  22. I started this build about two weeks ago & here is where I’m at on it now. I’ve pretty much got the chassis all done just waiting to repaint the lower 1/2 of the body & the interior panels/seats. I might of been closer to done but had an issue with the paint that caused me to strip everything down to bare plastic again.
  23. Thanks for listing those brands. I actually do have an airbrush that I picked up at Harbor freight, a little cheapie one. I have not used it yet because I’m unfamiliar with airbrush. Mainly the only thing holding me back is not knowing how and when to mix or rather dilute paints. I hope to mess with it soon.
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