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  1. Beautiful collection I see a few in there I wish I had bought over the years.
  2. Beautiful build man! I love hobby design stuff but it is so expensive.
  3. Nice I have a soft spot for the 67 and 68 impala. I used to have a 68 ss 396 that I sold like an idiot 🙄.
  4. I have always wanted a real one of these. Well done.
  5. This build was started as a build for my wife. She told me she wanted me to build her something pink so I went through my stash of kits and decided on this ls430. Originally it was going to be an out of the box build slap some pink paint on it and be done with it. I got the body prepped for paint and then decided to go another direction so back in the box it went. After finishing my wife's project I got back to work on this with the same plan only with a color change (weeeelll that didn't work). The wheels are revell integra type R centers in pegasus aluminum sleeves and the tires from the lexus kit. The interior has been decked out with flocking for the floors the rear seat arm rest was cut out and i made an actual arm rest. I then scratch built a full set vip trays and painted them to look like they are made of wood. The trunk was designed to open so i didn't want it to be empty. I made a full airbag setup with a mirrored enclosure for the two compressors plumbed to a scratch built aluminum tank mounted to a wooden trunk floor to match the the vip trays inside. So this is my simple VIP project that turned not to be so simple.
  6. Stunning build! The Ebbro kits are amazing right out of the box. I built the 72e deluxe for my first Ebbro kit was blown away at how well it went together. I've got three of there others kits on the shelf waiting for me to get to.
  7. Good looking build! It's amazing what crazy concepts have been conceived for indy over the years.
  8. Thanks Tony! These were simple compared to today's fuel cars so the detailing wasn't crazy on this one lol. I a 1/18 scale sprint car I built him also that also means a lot to me too. He spent the last 20 years of his life push started sprint cars at parris auto speedway her in California and I spent a lot of time in passenger seat of the push truck with him over the years. I passed one my builds I built for him on to his sister that she saw and fell in love with so we both something to take care of for him.
  9. Thank you it has been put in a safe place so it can be taken care of for a long time.
  10. He did he told me on numerous occasions.
  11. I'm not much of drag race car builder ever know a lot of the early years of my life were spent at Orange county drag strip. I buit this for a friend of mine that was one of the starters at lions drag strip as suprise ten years or so ago. He passed away last March and his son gave it back to me after his passing so I think it's fitting to post it here for the anniversary of his passing the 20th of this month. It's a little early but hey it's in the right month right.
  12. Looks fantastic! I've got this one in the collection and I will probably be going to indycals for a different livery probably something of the IMSA variety. I currently have the NUNU M8 daytona 24 hours winner on my bench.
  13. I have ordered a couple of times upscalehobbies and there good people.
  14. Nicely done! The decals on these kits are a nightmare but they look good if you can manage to get them on. I actually like the wheel cover but yes the box art shows an in race photo of the car without them and I have seen other photos to confirm it.
  15. Nicely done! Good looking collection of group c cars. I have that 787 b kit still in plastic just waiting for the right time to get to it.
  16. PThank you all for the positive feedback on the weathering I'm very critical on myself and thought it my have been to much. As for the trials and tribulations with the decals I guess I really wanted to finish it otherwise I would have just thrown it back on the shelf and shined it on. If not for indycals and the awesome selection of amazing decals this my have become a left for dead project.
  17. Thanks I love the tic tac livery. I'm a big Derek Bell fan and I honestly didn't know the car existed until I found the decals. I bought Derek's book and found out he never raced the car due to a suspension failure in practice but none the less it's still a part of his racing history.
  18. I loved this era of prototype racing and jags in general but since the only 1/24 kit made of my alltime favorite prototype the group 44 xjr5 is discontinued and was very expensive I'll more than likely never build it. When this came out i had to have one. I love the livery on this car as well as the silk cut livery they are very difficult to decal. It took three sets of decals over a couple of years to finally got this one done. I destroyed the kit decals almost as soon as I started them. I put the kit back in the box and put it back on the shelf for a couple years while I searched for someone who made replacements. I was on the indycals website and low and behold they make replacements so guess who bought a set only to get them installed and pull them off with tape trying to paint the side skirts. The beauty of indycals is if you have a problem with their decals they have what they call oops protection and they will replace them free of charge. I contacted them just to ask a question about the decals and they said they would send me a new set and within a week i had them. The bottom two photos show my mistake. I really haven't done much weathering but I thought I'd try it on this build and I think it looks ok but I'm definitely not a pro at it that's for sure.
  19. Thank you espo the color is tamiya ts92 metallic orange over tamiya gray primer and a ton of ts13 clear. I hand polish my paint unless I'm building a race car.
  20. Thank you the color was actually a color my daughter chose for a build she going to do but never built.it was in my paint stash so I used it.
  21. No sir I'm in the San bernardino area but thanks for the offer. I don't have a set schedule at work so mid week meetings are to plan.
  22. This is a build that probably would have never been built if not for a n Instagram group build. A friend posted he was going to join in on jdm group built so i went through my collection off kits. I decided i wanted to build something that would be unlikely for someone else to build and 4 door skyline fit the description. We had 30 days to complete our builds and we weren't supposed to do any scratch building but i kinda broke that rule. I really didn't do a lot of scratch building but i did do some. I built the front splitter for the outside and roll bar, diamond plate floor mats, shifter and knob and carbon fiber stereo block off plate for the dash. The wheels were not the intended wheels but I broke one so plan b was the kit wheels with hobby design tires. The only other exterior mods are lowered ride height and hobby design gooseneck rear wing. Other interior mods include a parts box steering wheel and hobby design bride seats. All in all this was a fun build and I connected with some cool people. We did two more after this unfortunately the creator of group build Grant passed away suddenly last year.
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