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  1. AMT 64 AMT Craftsman Chevelle

    They are about rare as hens teeth, the 65 seems harder to find than the 64. At least it was for me, I try to latch onto them when ever I come across a decent one. I have 3 of the AMT 64's and 1 AMT 65. All of them are unpainted and built. I have plans to build a awb car out of one of the 64's.
  2. Spark plug wire in bulk

    That's exactly what it is, thanks for jogging my memory.

    I think the 28 Ford Sedan would be a great reissue that would generate some sales. It could be included with the 28/29 Ford Woody/pickup or reissued as a stand alone parts pack. Or maybe both ways. I know I would buy three or four of them.
  4. Spark plug wire in bulk

    Years ago I bought a 500 ft roll of wire off Ebay, It is black and looks just like the stuff you pay $5.00 for three feet of. IIRC I only paid $20.00 for this stuff, I think they called it wrapping wire. It seems that I have the 30 gauge stuff, I would have to look. I will never use 500 feet.LOL I just searched wrapping wire on Ebay and all sorts of wire came up.
  5. Work bench ideas?

    I really hope that you have an explosion proof fan in that system, other than that it looks like a really good design. I just don't want to see someone get hurt trying to enjoy this hobby.
  6. 1957 Chevrolets

    Modelhaus offered a 57 150 four door sedan conversion kit , that uses the Revell Black Widow kit as a donor. It comes with correct door panels, a back seat and dog dish hubcaps.
  7. Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories

    They always find time to list it on the auction site.
  8. Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories

    Fellas, I think you guys need to read the rules on the feedback. It says that Sellers can only leave positive ratings for buyers. That means that buyers should feel free to leave honest feedback without fear of retaliation. And that they also have safeguards in place to protect buyers against unfair negative or neutral feedback. That is taken straight from the Ebay feedback forum.
  9. Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories

    There's no argument the parts are very nice. I have ordered from them several times through ebay, and in fact I'm waiting (about 2 weeks now) on a small order from them now. I really hope it arrives before I have to file paypal claim. What I don't understand is if everyone is having all of these problems with them how come they still have a 100% positive feedback rating?
  10. AMT 1925 Ford Paddy Wagon

    Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered 2 of them.
  11. AMT Li'l Hot Dogger

    I will add one or two to the stash
  12. 2014 IHOBBY Info

    Looks like Round 2 has some neat reissues coming. I really hope that they back date the 32 Vicky to include all the hotrod goodies from the first issues. IIRC those parts for the most part were still in the street rod series issues of the 32 Sedan and 32 Phaeton in the early to mid 70's. The Blazer will also be a neat one, I sure wish that they would find the Triumph motorcycle and go cart from the 1963 Chevy and Ford pickups. They would make for some neat parts packs. Better yet just find the pickups. lol
  13. I am like many, I have several of these in my stash already. Now if they really want to get my attention. How about the go cart from the 63 Ford pu, or the Triumph cycle from the 63 Chevy pu or even the Soap box derby car from the 69 El Camino. Issue some of those and they will have my attention.
  14. M.A.D. models 40 woody

    When will these kits be ready to order? I have been looking for one for a long time.
  15. New Club In Kansas

    Shawn, we now have our meetings on the 2nd Sat of each month at 1 pm. The meetings are held at the Automobilia store at Central & Mosely. It's in oldtown, next meeting is tomorrow. Ron