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  1. Yes this one took a lot of masking too... the rear engine cover/wing was a lot of work but in the end it turned out pretty well cheers
  2. Finally completed. Really enjoyed this build. I was able to lower the front and back stance by about 2 mm and I think it helped a lot... could probably go down another 2mm . Very precisely made kit which was nice but did cause issues with fitment after painting of any kind. Still I would highly recommend this build especially if you are looking for something a bit different. You can see the kit build in the "on the bench" section under other race cars Cheers DanL
  3. Completed nicely... decals went on very smoothly although there is a hell of a lot of them. Really enjoyed building this one and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you are looking for a change of pace. I will also post the finished pictures in the "under glass" section Cheers DanL
  4. In a couple of my pictures the rear tires do look too large but in reality they don't look bad. I agree that the car sits to high so I did lower it about 2 mm front and back. The front I think is OK but the rear could use another 2 mm drop I think. I maxed out the easy way of dropping it by paring down the mounting points for the wheel assemblies... dropping it further in the back would require some more elaborate changes. I will try to get more representative pictures for my final picture post Thx for the comments DanL
  5. I sure do recommend this one... It really is a well made kit and it goes together very differently then the usual revell kits. As for the speed of the build, I didn't start the post until I had finished painting (and this kit needs a lot of painting), so I was kind of half way there. Next time I will start right at the beginning. I hope some of the points I made during the build will help other people trying to put this together. Cheers
  6. Pretty much there now...Installed the windows which fit nicely but left the side windows off... just seems like models shouldn't have side windows. Installed front and rear bumpers. Front needed some work to fit with the brake duct connections having to be cut away completely on the inside of the front bumper. Just requires decals, mirrors, door handles and wipers... then a nice wax should bring out the shine. I have yet to use any kind of clearcoat on my models and this is my 5th one... maybe on the 6th one.
  7. It's coming together now. Make sure you install the completed interior tub first before inserting the chassis or you will foul up with the dash board. Had to file down a few corners on the interior tub also to make sure it seats in completely and the chassis sits flush, otherwise the stance will be too high. I think I was able to lower the stance by about 1/16th and am quite happy with it. Front trunk and rear lid need a lot of filing and adjusting and the rear hinges interfere badly so I trimmed them to about half size. Decals may be a challenge.
  8. I would definaltly give this one a try... it's a bit frustrating because of the fine tolerances but rewarding in the end and a very different build from all the NA models Cheers
  9. Got some paint laid down. Used Rustoleum primer which never seems to dry, so I switched to krylon for the color coat. A little more expensive but appears to be a great improvement. Put on 2 coats and got a little bit of orange peel but not too bad. Dried quickly and seems very durable. The color is Pumpkin Orange.
  10. Got the dash completed... painted the gauge trim rings with silver then applied the decals with markfit. They sink right in and fit great. Painted the various knobs and lights on the dash as per the instructions and used a satin finish on the top of the dash and flat black on the lower
  11. Completed most of the interior... the seats are aluminum buckets with padded leather inserts, so I painted the backs in aluminum and did a two tone with semi gloss and flat black on the leather. Turned out nice but the seatbelt decals got a bit silvery on the edges. I'll try some Markfit on the decals to see if that will get rid of it. Something I noticed right away is that the fit of the parts is very precise and accurate, until you add any kind of paint. There is no built in leeway for the paint so all connections have to be whittled down to bare plastic on both sides. Roll cage came out nice and straight with good clamp details. After viewing countless pictures the floor appeared to be aluminum also, so I painted it flat black then used silver dry brush to give it a worn effect. mostly on the drivers side. Next job is the dash...
  12. Started a build of the Porsche 934 Jagermeister... a classic racer, bright and flashy with the huge turbocharged boxer six in the back. Excellent model quality so far and a real nice change from all the North American design models. Not going to make many changes other than maybe leaving out a few of the excessive decals. I will be definitely lowering the stance by 2 millimeters front and back by paring down the wheel mounting points slightly. Any picture I see of the completed model always shows it sitting too high, so this should help. Looking forward to a fun build... Cheers DanL
  13. What a match up that was... very cool! Cheers
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