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  1. looks great with no A-pillar issues
  2. Thanks for the kind words... Cheers DanL
  3. Thanks for the kind offer.... Cheers DanL
  4. The hugger orange and black was a great look too...
  5. A pretty good kit from Revell with some very tight fitment issues at the end. A couple of friends had 69 Zeds back in the day and I thought they were slick. Wanted to try to do a houndstooth interior but just couldn't figure out how. Paint turned out not too bad considering it was -38 degrees outside the day I did it. Cheers Danl
  6. Much appreciated DanL
  7. Thanks guys Happy New Year DanL
  8. DanL

    2022 Builds

    Great builds... the interior detail is amazing! Cheers DanL
  9. DanL

    My 13 for 2022

    Real nice... Love the caddy
  10. I appreciate the responses.... Cheers Danl
  11. Thanks guys and Happy New Year
  12. Thank you and Happy New Year
  13. Real nice work as always... Cheers DanL
  14. DanL

    bbowser's 2022

    Nice variety... Great Williams F1 car !
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