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  1. Great great build... paint is spot on even from ultra close. Really excellent
  2. very very nice... color is great and so are the wheels Cheers
  3. Considering changing the exhaust but i always liked the Cuda AAR look... any opinions? DanL
  4. amazing paint job from a spray can... I have one of these waiting to be done and I'm going to try using Krylon satin black spray paint. Won't turn out as well as yours but should be pretty good.
  5. The camera doesn't do it credit... it's a very nice and glossy dark medium gray. I have seen it on some Audi's and it looks great.
  6. It is the older Monogram kit with the continental kit...
  7. nice detail on this . Pretty car
  8. I'll never be a great photographer... the pictures don't really represent the color that well but it's close. The blower triple butterfly intake is coated with very soft chrome and it starts to degrade as soon as you touch it so it looks a bit of a mess.
  9. Started with the Revell Fast and Furious 1970 Charger and added my own take on it. Shaved wheel lips all round for a smooth look. Lowered all four corners to the limit without major wheel tubbing changes. Added 20 inch wheels with low profile rubber. Satin black trim. Shaved door handles and a custom side exhaust as per 1970 AAR Cuda ( not sure if the side exhaust will stay). Used Krylon spray paint for a Glossy Medium Dark Grey look. More pictures to come... Cheers DanL
  10. I thought the first picture was just your reference photo until I looked a bit closer... well done
  11. wheels and tires look great on the Camaro... well done
  12. real nice build... good color for this
  13. Great work... wonderful detail in the engine bay. I am working on the same kit but I have resto modded it. Your grill turned out very well compared to mine. Not easy to paint that grill properly. Cheers DanL
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