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  1. Yes I announced it on my thread I made a dual carb intake as well and a cross RAM is coming
  2. Well I do try my hardest to provide quality while not being overly expensive. I know that I had people in here question my credibility, nothing personal I understand, but I had to overcome the stigma of too many shady people coming out of the woodwork.
  3. This is possible but I am going to need some verified interest in this, I don't mind doing custom work when I have time, but a one off that nobody else wants is going to be a bad idea for someone.
  4. So just one more thing that I listed, not a big deal or anything but 426 Hemi Single Carb and 426 Dual Carb I guess thats 2 but not really?
  5. Man I actually hate seeing stuff like this, gives small businesses a bad name.
  6. Few things listed today really this post is just for the winterfront but I included the others. 1. 32 Ford Winterfront Grill 2. 99 Lighting Tonneau Cover 3. 3RD Gen Lighting Wheels
  7. I will be making that same engine that Iceman makes, just a little over loaded at the time, I will be designing a stinger exhaust next year to use on the non turbo flat 4's both the Porsche and VW variants.
  8. Plug boots yes loom clips probably not, it's not a lazy thing it's more of a some won't want it some will, and I am not making a million combinations, not only that but I have no idea what size wire people will be using.
  9. Side note, I am probably going full time next year, I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the rear, but as I seem to be doing better, I think that with more time and possibly a lot more product I can support my family off this. Now there may need to be some sacrifices to be made, but I really enjoy doing this, not so much my new job. Perhaps this is for the better in the end as there's more to life than money.
  10. Working on finishing this out, thought you guys might want a preview.
  11. Working on it and like 100 other things not design related
  12. If any of you do download it and need accurate measurements for an actual Coyote LMK, I know I have mine scaled properly and his models are close to 1:10 scale but not quite accurate. I can get measurements off my car which is how I made mine correct. I will say this is by far the best low cost Coyote model available, but if you have modeling experience you could fix the few errors in the details.
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