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  1. I will say the good ones are not cheap. His runs ~$1000 plus tax mine is ~$2200 plus tax
  2. Oh you would have to order from my site 😜, I am working on getting this done. It will be a bit though.
  3. I live in a house not a cottage, but all joking aside, I have an accessories off road pack. It hardly sells, common question is to just sell this but or that part. That doesn't make sense for me. To sell a single part is a lot of work for little to no profit. Once fees materials and shipping is done I am lucky to make a buck. Not to sound greedy but to put that work forward to not even buy a cup of Joe is a hard sell for me, pun intended, much less my wife who likes my attention.
  4. Either way would probably work for either, as it will require a small bit of chassis trimming anyways
  5. Well that's actually easier for me and more cost effective. What is everyone else's thoughts on this?
  6. Put an item on it, displays a structured light pattern the rotates object. Repeat a whole bunch of times reorient object repeat a bunch more times. You end up with a 3D model of the object.
  7. So not really a 327 exclusively but yes I will, not sure when I will get to it though. I am working on some ITB intakes for the SBC right now.
  8. I was going to do the bumpers, and engine cradle, but what are nerf bars?
  9. So after pulling my kit out and yes its the California Wheels version, its going to be a little bit more involved, there will need to be some chassis trimming as the chassis rests on the bottom of the side rockers. but still doable.
  10. Yes, the concept I am trying to achieve is that as many parts from the kit as possible will still be used, everything but the body and bumper. So the glass headlights turn markers interior... Will still be used.
  11. The body will be made for the Revell 85-4192 ’68 Volkswagen Beetle
  12. My name is Charles as well he was talking to me, but I need to know the interest level. But if I do it it's based on this.
  13. I have a Revell kit unbuilt I also have a 3D scanner, see where I am going here?
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