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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! As we all know it brings us all motivation to build each other up. The bolts I use are all insect pins from Japan, I buy them 100 in a pack for $5. If one goes flying across the room i don’t have to freak out because I just lost a dollar! I’ll post a picture of the brand if you’re all interested. Let me know… Albion metals is a UK company, Sprue Brothers is the only place in America that Stocks their stuff, that I know of. It’s tubing so small you need magnifiers to work with it. The final game changer for me was buying every single Hozan tweezer I could find. They are superb tools usually used in labs, but for detail work there are no better.
  2. Next… GT40 street back on, maybe finish the Daytona? Start the C11, or dive back into the Nova F40!!!
  3. For those still watching, the tires and wheels were a struggle. Kit tires were shameful. Found some slicks on eBay, also bought about $300 in other slicks just to find out the $8 ones on eBay were the trick. Splash paints, thank you for making my colors all the time, within hours of my request!
  4. And my final update for the weekend… I got the chrome on. I used Hasegawa’s Mirror Chrome, it’s like stretchy rubber chrome tape, hard to explain. This was my first time using it. Learned a lot and it’ll be better next time. All the wires ran and touch up painted. Radiator got work, etc etc. too much to mention. It’s coming along and hope to be done soon, my mind is already on my next build. 😳
  5. I couldn’t use the kit shocks, alum tube and Albion silver nickel tube, squished at the end, hole drilled then carefully sanded to make the ‘shock mount’. ??? and my 10 week old dog chillin like she owns the Chunky Lemmon Milk… -Kevin Malone - The Office
  6. Windows in, headliner painted, all the interior details added, I’ll spare you those pics. Then chassis married to body. And after 37 test fits, modifications and reassembles, it’s final glued.
  7. Did some work on the rear end this weekend. There are 6 kit parts… 54 total parts for the assembly I shaved off all the molded in bolts, sanded the U bolts off and started going at it with the pin vise.
  8. Clear coats over the decals are down and dry. It has not been polished or buffed yet, so I’ll still hit it with 3000 again, get all the final chrome on then do the final clear.
  9. Carb 2 added and detailed. Futurattraction carbs are awesome! So far all his products have been great, so glad I stumbled upon his site! Linkage made from Albion nickel silver tubes and insect pins. Carb PE parts are detail master from linkage & hardware set DM-2420.
  10. A small update, I’ve managed to get both carbs painted in Alclad pale gold and aluminum. I decided it would be easier to work from the back of the engine forward installing one at a time and detailing it as I go. One down, one to go. thanks as always for looking
  11. Decals on, over a mist coat of 2k clear, then a heavy wet coat. I then sanded that back with 3000 and applied these. the Revell decals may as well have been cardboard, very very thick! in this case, Revell fails horribly and made their decals way, way too short for the stripes. I also had to pull the Fram, champion and Valvoline decals from the Johan kit. Cuda PE part added to rear and a very small PE trunk lock.
  12. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a 2k clear coat, sanded down with 3000. I do this to flatten and define all the lines without sanding through the multiple colors. then I sandwich the decals between the clear coats…
  13. I agree with you on the body shape, but unfortunately I started the Johan kit many many years ago and didn’t like the direction it was going so I figured I’d give this a try. Thank you for the comments everyone! The carbs are proving to be tricky, I’ve started and restarted a couple time now, hopefully I’ll have an update on those soon This is also a completely different type of build for me, I usually build LeMans cars, 60’s, 70’s Italian/European cars. Drag and straight line cars is a whole new animal for me.
  14. Body is in color! For years I’ve been a fan of Zero paints, and still am for some things, but I have to say, Splash Paints have been just awesome! Their primer is just unreal, first of all, colors are fantastic and so forgiving and literally dry within minutes it seems like. It also doesn’t hurt that Splash Paints is less than 100 miles away, so I don’t have to wait several weeks to get them from over seas. Their 2k clear is also amazing! If applied correctly it doesn’t even need to be polished. and who could resist setting it on some wheels. These are from the Johan kit, so not what I’ll be using in the end, but you get it.
  15. You’re off to a great start! This is a great kit, and with the Hobby Design detail set it’ll built up nicely. I really like what you’ve done on the lower rear diffuser! Awesome work! Fair warning, the silver kit decals for the body are a nasty mess. They crack and split if you look at them wrong. I got so far as to change the body color on mine and get after market decals. Maybe I got a bad set, maybe I need more practice on decals. Can’t wait to see what you do with this! Following!
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