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  1. I'm glad they are the right ones. PM me your address and I'll send them on Monday. Do you want all 4 tires and the inserts or just 2 inserts. Either way is fine with me. Nothing needed in return. -Rich
  2. Hi Cary, I thought you'd find these easily. I've been getting ready for a move and have been quite busy packing things but made time last night to look for the whitewalls. I think these may be the right ones. The 3 photos with no flash look yellow but the whitewalls are white. I believe they came with the 59 Chevy as well as some other cars, not sure which these particular ones came with. Do these look right to you? If you can use them they are yours. -Rich
  3. I figured I might as well give this a try. I have an NOS kit with a cracked windshield. The rear glass is fine. I tried glass from a Johan F-85 and AMT Tempest, Chevy II and a couple of others but they don't fit. I am checking the auction site regularly also. I have a lot of parts, mostly from kits that are over 20 years old. --Thanks, Rich
  4. I have the AMT rear bumper (tail lights are part of it) and the vertical pieces that go above it. They are still on the chrome tree. PM me if you want them, nothing needed in return. -Rich
  5. Carl, I believe I have NOS parts from a Monogram 1/24 kit. I just need to double check. I also have NOS AMT parts but the tail lights go into the bumper so I'm guessing it's the wrong one. -Rich
  6. Mark, I have these used ones. The front chrome is really pretty nice but the rear bumper chrome is pretty worn. Also, one end of the rear one looks like it was broken off and glued back on. If you want these, let me know. I can paint the rear one or both with Molotow chrome if you want me to but it would have to dry a while before I send them. These are from a kit. Nothing needed in return. -Rich
  7. Hi Paul, I guess I'm thick headed. I thought you were looking for Continental brand rubber tires. If you are looking for Continental kits from original 1959-60's kits, I have some. I also have the bumper holders and bumper extension pans. Are there any particular ones you are looking for? Some have the car brand molded on the covers, etc. I can send some photos if you like. -Rich
  8. Scott, I have these used ones. They are not perfect but better than nothing. Let me know if you are interested. - Rich
  9. Thanks Paul, Gerald, Glen, Tom, David, and Al. I really appreciate all your comments. -Rich
  10. Mario, very nice job on this 62! That color looks superb and your detailing is excellent. The first 3 photos look especially realistic.
  11. I really like this one Matthew. Wonderful engine detail. Great colors and looks good with the vinyl roof.
  12. Thanks John, I really appreciate your comments. A busy background doesn't bother me but I took another look and see what you mean about the car on the box looking like it's part of my model. I see why the background could be a distraction to some people. I just never thought about it. And you are correct, the next to last photo does show the true colors better than the other photos. I was closer to the model when I took that photo. I know I need to get better lighting. I added another light but it's not enough. I think I'm going to buy a light box which will have different color backgrounds. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. By the way, your work bench looks less cluttered than mine! -Rich Thank you Carl!
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