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  1. Hi Matthew, I have the mold I made for John's tail lights so will cast some more for you. No charge, just PM me your address. It may be a few days or up to a week as I've been pretty busy lately. I'll let you know when they are ready to send to you. I'll cast them in clear and then paint them with clear red just like the ones in my photos that you see posted in this thread . -Rich
  2. I have a friend in France that had placed an order well over a year ago. He had all but given up on receiving it but I kept reassuring him the order would come. It did, a couple of months ago, and Jeff even included a bonus part. I'm confident he will make good on all the orders as soon as he can.
  3. I build mostly old kits from the 50's and 60's ,so I save all the boxes. Some are worth a good bit of money. I also save all my extra parts. I usually build factory stock models and am happy to give parts I won't use to other modelers. That's one reason I finally joined this forum.
  4. Good eye, Brian! Thanks ,Peter. I have thought of doing that. I have a couple of photos of my mom and aunt standing by the car when it was new but would have to check to see if the plate is visible. Like you say, even period Mass. plates would be an improvement.
  5. Thanks David. I really like these models and also the Lone Star Impys, Huskys, Siku V's , Line Mars, etc. I have many of them. -Rich
  6. Hi Jim, The Revell plastic stake truck kit is listed as 1/48 and the cab fits these buses perfectly so I'm guessing they are close to 1/48 but I've not measured them. They made quite a few cars and trucks also which I would guess are about 1/60. I've read that Hubley acquired the Real Types line form Burslem of Canada and then expanded it. They made models of cars from 1958 thru 1960 and a number of truck models that were all 60 Chevys. I think I still have NOS examples of them all and also have restored quite a few of the cars. They were quite accurate for the time. I'm not sure how far into the 60's they were sold. I'll probably post more of them at some point. -Rich
  7. Gene, what a great deal on a beautiful model! Thanks for posting.
  8. Here are 6 Hubley school buses. Three are original and 3 are redone. The first 2 photos shoe the redone ones. The second 2 photos show the original ones. They were called Real Toys in the USA and Real Types in Canada. You can see the different names in the chassis photos. Next there are photos of all 6. I guess you can tell I like school buses! The last 5 photos are of one I changed to a 57 Chevy using parts from a Revell Stake truck model. I rode to high school in one like this back in the late 60's. I added more accurate tires to the 3 modified buses and made interiors for all of them as they did not come with an interior. Feel free to comment or ask questions and thanks for looking. I have a lot of the Real Toys and Real Types cars too that I may show at some point.
  9. Thank you both. The large decals on the side panels are leftovers from some Coke models I was making back in the 80's.
  10. Jim, those are all original paint. I did a slight bit of touchup on a couple of them. Thanks for asking. I agree Dinky made some nice cars that were quite accurate. -Rich
  11. All very nice builds. The Challenger looks a lot like my 1:1 but not quite the same color green.
  12. Hi Bart, I'm not sure if these are 1/25 but if you can use them let me know. The clear lens lens on the light can easily be tinted if you want a different color. Rich
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