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  1. Paint is super smooth, any clear on it?
  2. Never would have thought to use gold/black interior, but, dang that looks GOOD. Alex
  3. Gas tax holiday, man I'll save a whopping $3.20 on my next fill up. Won't even buy me a Mtn.Dew!!!
  4. I went looking for these pictures I took, turns out it was 1999, those wheels wound up on a 68 Mustang, and that cab got lost over the years, I may still have the Hemi..
  5. Yeah, I missed that on the first look, but I see it now. I plan to do the same as you with the bottom of the fenders and running board. I've been trying to figure out how to make the hood open forward, will also be shaving the door handles and hood emblems, maybe a split tailgate? All this is just wishful thinking but doeable.. I first started this build sometime back in 1996!! So...........no big rush. thanks Zippi. Alex
  6. Hey Tom, you have done a few mods to that one, chop, fender relocation, wide rears, custom bed work, I really like it. You should do some more pecking!! What chassis do you have under it? Yes, Alex
  7. I'm glad NC banned those stupid trucks!! You did a good job on it ..
  8. Just getting started with this one, so far it has a modified 57 Chrysler 300 chassis, and the rear trunk floor from the same, mock up wheels maybe the ones, not sure till I've tried a few others. Rear fenders have been widened Thanks for dropping by.... Alex
  9. That tailgate looks like you just pulled it from the river bottom...I like! The whole weathering job is just great..
  10. Cool stuff ya have there, would like to see that rusty square body finished....
  11. That is really neat, like the stripes on the firewall...great color.
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