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  1. Just went lookin, seems you have to sign up on FB to see....
  2. OK guys enough about the horn back to the bloopers, there are two on this one...uh, sorry, there are three...
  3. Sand drags is the only thing I can think of...*and they do throw quite the rooster tail!!
  4. Very well done, I remember way back in the 80's putting just about any kind of body on a Big Foot chassis, we had some crazy stuff!!
  5. Thought it would be neat to point out the goof ups ....so lets see some of your favorites. AND PLEASE lets not turn this into a bashing thread. I'll start with this one from AMT's 1967 Mustang GT kit from 1998. * Do you see it?
  6. I agree with Helmt, I buy what interest me, not what the skill level is. But, I've been building since 1968...
  7. Very cool, just needs a few empty paint cans in the bed...
  8. What are the tires from? To get the front that low will require some front end work....
  9. So, what ever became of this build?
  10. Awesome work!! need to run it thru the car wash
  11. Not really a rat rod, but then most of the stuff they show is not!!
  12. I got some primer on, just a few minor flaws to repair then it's off to paint, IF the humidity ever comes down........ Looking for ideas and came across this beauty, although I will not be building it this way.
  13. I think your going to have to look at the original issue to find that part, possibly the generator, I don't have the instructions for the original issue handy...but its not on the instructions for the custom version. Sorry can't be more help. Just located my original instruction sheet, and that part is not shown on it, close but not quite are the gen and the horn driver...
  14. WOW.....................................
  15. Super cool build. Any pictures of how you raised the front end? Thanks
  16. Got some work done on the hood this morning, panel is from AMT Wildcat...* almost there. * EDIT... now that I see it on the screen, looks like two big block Chevy valve covers glued to the hood,
  17. I'll be watching...really like the wild paint work you do.
  18. Yeah, it's in my top five, going be alot of fun saving this wreck
  19. * Don't you just love it when a patch needs NO bondo? I do!!
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