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  1. Just found this, some nice custom work going on, will follow along.
  2. Nope, no flopping I mixed this paint sometime in early 2000, I put all the left over met. paint into one jar mixed with clear gloss. So in person its so dark that it's almost a black/brown till light hits it. That it does...Thanks
  3. Tried to photograph with my camera, very difficult to get the color to look like it does in person..
  4. Well. not what I was expecting from a color that appears to be burgundy in the jar!! But its OK. Will get some better pics when my camera charges up.
  5. Thanks everyone, some cool colors, I do have some custom mixed burgundy I need to make use of, been thinking about trying a fade style paint job, maybe over black? Oh the agony
  6. This is my latest project on the bench, box stock using the custom parts in the kit. Just about ready for paint, stuck on picking a color. What say you? Interior will be white.. Thanks for looking..
  7. Vintage AMT

    MPC frame

    Looking for the frame for either the MPC 53 F-100 or the 57 Chevy flip nose. Have stuff to trade!! Thanks
  8. Here ya go https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/mpc-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/ford/1951-1960/mpc-53-ford-flip-no/
  9. Thanks for sharing. Some really neat stuff there. That 58 is really wild..
  10. In East Tennessee, they pretty common here, just rarely see them in the daytime. First time I saw him, he was taking a nap under the back of my truck..
  11. Guess you could say he's our cat, been hanging around most of the summer
  12. https://www.customcarchronicle.com/custom-cars/history-of-the-chopped-top-01/ Stroll down the page to "The 1936 Fords".
  13. Guess I should join in on this, might get me out of a slump, when I got it the top had been cut off and the A post missing, I made some up the best I could, they still need work as do the window openings, we'll see!! I may be wrong but the ban of A wheels may have to do with some saftey standard??
  14. That middle picture is where it would be if it were mine, that just looks KOOL,
  15. Sounds like a plan. should look good.
  16. Had a really tough time finding a can of Hemi orange paint, located a can at NAPA, $15 a can!!! Anyhow got some color on the Hemi, Then got started on the interior.. Thanks for looking Alex
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