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  1. rd_draft added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1964 Dodge W300 Grille
    Looking for a 1964 Dodge W300 Grille to fit a Tom Coolidge 1966 Dodge W300 Casting. I believe the only differences between the 64 and 66 are the grille and the dash. Attached are a few 1964 pictures. Thanks Rick
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  2. rd_draft added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Dodge W300 Help
    I decided to build a model of a 1964-1968 Dodge W300 truck to present as a door prize at a Reunion. I found out I need a donor truck or two, 1 Ton 4X4 (I guess) and I don't know what to use. After acquiring the kits I will use a resin cast 1966 Dodge W300 1 ton pickup truck, made by Promolite 2000 (if I can find one). I will also be using a resin cast Modelhaus Utility Box with tires and rims for the truck. I will rely on your expertise as to what kits will work for the donor kits. Thanks for any help. Rick
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  3. rd_draft added a post in a topic resin dodge truck   

    I'm trying to contact Tom for the same reason, no reply yet. My e-mail to promolite2000@aol.com was kicked back. See my post "Dodge W300 Help". Good Luck! Rick