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  1. I would be a +1 for alternative AMT Chevy van grills. I bought a GMC van grill file off Cults that was not intended to be used for this purpose, and have been playing around printing it in different sizes and proportions trying to get it to work. I would love to buy the proper file, or possibly several grills.
  2. 3D printed seats, glued to swivel bases I made from styrene, with custom arm rests. I'm going to paint them black "leather". I fabricated the requisite bed in the back from styrene sheet and the interior's getting blue "shag carpet" flocking. Still not sure what to use for the sheet/blanket on the bed. I have blue felt already so I might try playing around with the look to see if it's realistic.
  3. Yeah, I figured that out after I got primer on it. I considered cutting out the bit behind the wheels after, but it gets more complicated as I don't want to mess with the fuel filler door which is right where I would need to cut it out. I have looked it over from many angles and I'm happy with the overall look, anyway. Maybe on a future project I will attempt to "make it right".
  4. Funny you should say that... After seeing it in primer, I was actually considering it!
  5. Did you get a chance to do anything with this? I would also be interested.
  6. True. That's kind of why I hadn't settled in whether or not to add the tire cover. I like the idea of the license plate set into it, but I don't want clutter up the rear area too much. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad since there are no rear door windows, or anything else back there. I'll have to check out some more pictures of the real thing. A roll pan with license plate relief is sounding better and better, though.
  7. I wanted to move the rear license plate and I have a few ideas kicking around in my head. I like the newer 80s vans that had the plate mounted in the rear bumper, but to keep it more "custom" I was also thinking, as you mentioned, roll pan with plate mounting or maybe put a hard shell spare tire cover on the rear with a moulded-in plate mount.
  8. True enough. I remember it getting pretty uncomfortable on those hot summer days without having the doors open. Plus, I've already removed the sidemarker lights, and it seems like if you take too much of the detail it will look less realistic, imo.
  9. The kit comes with a sunroof and the body shell has the cut line for it, so I opened it up. While I was at it I filled the rear license plate indent, shaved the side marker lights (I may still add custom ones later) and added styrene strips to the roof to simulate the "roof ribs" the real ones have. I just might open the hood and side door and detail the engine compartment (such as it is on a van) and add a custom interior. I'm still on the fence on the idea of sealing up the rear doors by filling in the seams and shaving the handle and hinges as I have seen on some full sized customs. It seems like removing some of the exterior detail takes away something on a model, but... ?
  10. I recently bought an AMT Rescue Van model, but built it as a (more or less) stock van. Building it brought back lots of memories of back when vans were "the big thing". My parents had a couple over the years, both cargo vans purchased from my Dad's employer, and the later one Dad and I worked on together. I wasn't old enough to have a license yet, but sure enjoyed the time spent with him as we bought a bench seat from the wreckers and installed it at home- measuring, drilling holes in the floor and all. So, I decided to build another van. This time I started with the AMT Police Van, which is more or less the same kit apart from a few accessories. I'd never customized a model other than a few minor details, so I figured why not try a custom van 70s style. Or at least start out in that direction and see where we end up. I started by cutting the body into pieces (gasp!) and removing a section from the middle to make "shorty" van.
  11. If anybody does offer different grills and bumpers for the AMT vans, I'd definitely be ordering several. I ordered an A-Team van just to have the 80s GMC grill and bumpers. Also a raised roof is on my list as well, for sure. I have been looking at the old AMT Open Road Chevy motor home kits, but that's getting a little too pricey for me just for parts. A lot can be done with these vans with just a few "update" parts.
  12. For shag carpet, I'm planning to play around with some different flocking I bought off Amazon. It's actually meant for decorating nails, but it comes in many different colours. Should be fun.
  13. On the Foxy Box, the spoiler on the roof is molded in, but the grill housing is a separate piece, correct?
  14. I just cut the Police Van body down into a short wheelbase van. It'll be a mild custom with Cragar or similar mags, sidepipes, fender flares, opening hood and shag carpet interior. Planning to scratchbuild a windshield visor if I can't manage to find one that can be adapted. I already cut the sunroof hole open, and I may just have to install port hole windows...
  15. I like it! Will those tires fit with the body in place, or did you say you were planning to make this one a 4x4? What kit are those wheels and tires from? With those tires and bumpers it should have a real mean look.
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