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  1. Very sad news. The world is a poorer place today.
  2. Garbage truck for sure, maybe two….I think that chassis/engine/cab could make a interesting fire truck.
  3. Very, very nice! Really like the dual axles in the rear. The double wipers are a nice touch.
  4. I’ve wanted to try the 2.0, but I cannot find it anywhere.
  5. Does anyone know of a source for 25 scale fire truck decals? I have done a search but have come up empty. Also looked for the AMT fire truck decal sheets. Found a couple old listings on Ebay that were long since sold. I’m not into making decals, and the plain lettering sheets really don’t quite have the style I’m looking for. Thanks in advance.
  6. My father in law was injured by shrapnel in the hedgerows during the D-Day invasion. Those injuries stuck with him for the rest of his life. May God bless them all and their memory.
  7. Yes! And the "CHEVROLET" that is along the bottom of the left rear door. Let me know and we can go from there. Thanks!
  8. Exactly. I’ve spent more time than I care to recall searching for emblems for a Chevy van. Also searched for stock pick up scripts and have come up empty. Kind of hard to imagine that there are no stock Chevy emblems out there in decal or photoetch form….if there are then I’ve missed’em.
  9. I am currently building the AMT Chevy rescue van. The scripting on the on the van body is pretty much nonexistent, and I would like to add the scripting/labels via decals or photo etch. I have searched for the appropriate Chevy badging but have come up empty. I seem to remember seeing some kind of decals for Chevy trucks/vans sometime ago but I have no clue where as of now. Wouldn’t have to be for a van specifically, trucks would be ok too, just something to show off the branding. Anyone have any ideas, clues? Thanks in advance!
  10. And they are terrific. I cut them with lacquer thinner and get great results.
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