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  1. Shoot the light color first and give a large area of coverage. Angle the spray for the second color away from the color you are painting over. If you don't have an airbrush then try holding a piece of stiff paper along where you want the color seperation line and shoot towards the edge, again angling away from the light color.
  2. Thanks Rick, glad you enjoy them, I'll keep'em coming.
  3. Thanks, I always like to say, "It is real, it just ain't real big." I really enjoy the model photography. If you mess up you can just hit delete. Worlds better than having to take a swim in the "purple pond" for a modeling "uh oh".
  4. Even stranger thing was that the dog was talking back. Heard Gator call the dog "Mr. Peabody", strange name for a dog. They were down at Gator's shop loading up his newest creation on the trailer. Said they were headed to Darlington for a "photo op". Wasn't really sure what they were talking about until I got this postcard in my e-mail this morning. Just another chapter in that long strange trip in the Gator and LUKE'57 travelin' road show that I hope ya'll enjoy at least half as much as we do. :popcorn: BTW this was my birthday present I got yesterday from Gator. Ain't I got the bestest and most talented brother in the whole world?
  5. Totally made up cover with some "real" racers on it. Rusty has been running local dirt tracks for longer than a lot of ya'll have been breathing and still winning track championships. And I added that shot of my model of my friend Junior's Chevy (Ford on the "Southern" version) just so I could post it here and be "relevant". Here's the alternate cover for those rowdy Southern dirt trackers, Drew, I've got some pics of the old NDRA that I shot at one of their races at Gaffney back in the late seventies. If I can turn'em up I'll e-mail some to you, Got a program from that night too. Mike Duval is a friend of mine. You should have seen Larry Moore and the others faces when I pulled out the HO slot cars of their cars and then showed'em the pics of my scale 4/10 mile dirt (red primer) slot track.
  6. I think I might subscribe again if they would start having some "real" stock cars in it like they used to. There should be a magazine for the stock car guys like "Air Classics" is for the vintage plane guys. It has Warbirds from the first World war to at least Korea, classics from the twenties and thirties along with coverage of the air races at Reno. If we had something like that for our kind of racing it might look something like this. Looks like good readin' to me.
  7. I don't know which to comment on first, the photography or the model. They're both killer! Looking forward to seeing more of your work both plastic and digital.
  8. Man, you young guys don't know nothin' about misleading box art! The old guys can explain it to you, I've got one word, PALMER!
  9. Can it be any year or does it have to be a '62?
  10. Glad ya'll are enjoying this. I'm planning on a new calendar for '11 with some surprises and maybe a new build or two.
  11. You might be "just sayin" but you'd be wrong. Who do you think fielded all those Riverside 500 winners for Dan Gurney? He won five out of the first six and four out of those five were in Wood Brothers rides, including a '64 Galaxie for his second win.
  12. Seeing a Wood Brothers car in your rear view mirror has always been an unsettling event. But when it looks big enough to have its own zip code you'd be hard pressed to find anything on Halloween scarier. Here's the large printable version for your workbench. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v69/mitchum/October/OCT.jpg
  13. Thanks Ricky, would that tough lookin' little Chevelle in your avatar be a Friday Hassler late model? Looks good.
  14. Guys, that plate reads "THX 1138" not 138. It's a reference to Lucas's first feature film, a futuristic story about a very antiseptic world where the main color seems to be white and there's no personal relationships allowed. Kinda the opposite of "AG", huh?
  15. Hey, whadda ya mean "almost"? I got 250 gallons, clean and high proof, loaded and ready for Knoxville tonight. Wanna ride "shotgun"? LOL
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