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  1. Hello fellow modellers! I stopped by with another fun build, the Tamiya Ferrari F50. I filmed it as my previous builds, using the stop motion technique. This time, I took roughly 2000 pictures to have the 2 minutes video. Very time consuming, but very satisfying to see the end result! I put more effort and learnings from the past in the video editing, and I feel it is a bit more interacting now. Regarding the kit itself, it had a perfect fit, I convinced myself once again that the Tamiya kits are the best! I didn't have a single issue with it. I still need to improve my build technique, as you can see the build quality is not perfect. It has some paint imperfections, and I messed up the polish in some edges. My rotating tool touched the edge and scratch the paint. But I take it as a learning point, and I will improve next time. So enjoy the video, and let me know what you think about the build but also the movie! I do this as a hobby, and I am really curious to receive feedback, especially from people which share the same passion as I do!
  2. Thanks a lot everyone for the kind comments! To film the video it took roughly 10 hours I would say. Maybe a bit more. It is quite precise and work of patience, cause I move the stuff 1 mm and take a picture each time :).
  3. It took years to educate and train them haha. I am using the sticky putty which is used to stick parts to paint them to make them stay sticked to the board.
  4. Hi all! I am happy to share that I finally built my personal favorite car, the BMW M635CSi from Fujimi. This is the 4th scale model car that I've ever built, after BMW e30 (NuNu models), Lexus LFA (Tamiya) and McLaren Senna (Tamiya). I've also made it in a fun way, using Lego mini figures, and filming picture by picture to achieve a stop motion movie. The build quality is not the best, I had lots of troubles with this kit. I think I need to stick to Tamiya more, and also MFH maybe one day . Have fun watching and let me know what you think about this kind of approach. I want to do more and more because its so fun!
  5. Fully agree. I am working now on a Fujimi BMW 635 CSI and you can see a huge difference with the Tamiya one. This reflects also in the price of the kits. Didn't expect this though, because when I hear Japan I always think of quality 🤔 Anyway, I found out there are lots of passionate people here, so will for sure share it once I finish!
  6. Thanks guys, didn't expect so many kind words! Regarding the fun, everybody gets fun in its own way. For me doing the build itself is really fun cause I like cars and I am still learning to do stuff, but once you reach the perfection I guess you can find alternative ways to still have fun like making a video for example
  7. I think to make the movie it took me like 8 hours. The car itself took way more, especially because I've used Alclad paint and I was not familiar with it, and had to remove the paint and repaint like 3 times :))
  8. Thanks a lot! Indeed, quite some patience is required :D. To do the movie I took a picture each 0.1 seconds so roughly 2000 pictures were taken (some of them were not used). I am an automotive engineer so I like cars therefore the dedication in learning in 1 year :)) also the youtube tutorials helped a lot! The only issue is the cost...from nothing I ended up having 100 paint bottles and a harder and steenbeck airbrush :))
  9. Hi all, this is my first post here. I started this hobby 1 year ago and it became my favorite hobby. I like creativity so I created some stop motion movie of the actual build, using some LEGO characters from LEGO Friends kit. Enjoy!
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