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  1. I also am very impressed with the beautiful paint job on this '61. It must have taken a long time considering time between coats and colors. I hope you don't mind but I have saved these pictures to use as inspiration sometime later when I get ambitious enough to tray and tackle something so grand. I think I have a '63 Impala that something like this would be great on. This really is what a custom lowrider should look like (in my opinion). Great job Chad.👍 Jim
  2. Very nice looking truck. Realistic. The mods you made look great! I also like the look of the two door pickups, really hard to find these days. Jim
  3. Great looking model. It really does look like a showroom car. Nice detail, nice chrome, nice paint scheme as well. Must have taken a ton of BMF to do this one. Absolutely flawless! Jim
  4. Very nice. Great restoration and the colors look great together. Good job on this one.👍 Jim
  5. Really nice Chevelle. Great color combination and under hood details. Jim
  6. Perfectly done! This Boss 302 looks fantastic! It looks like it is ready for a Ford showroom floor. Great color and detail. Jim
  7. This is coming along quite nicely. I really like the interior details and under chassis details. The body color is spot on and should look really good with the white interior. Excited to see the finished product. Jim
  8. What a nice looking set up you have here Jason. The colors are really eye catching, the finish is flawless and I really like the detail under the hood. Great job!👍 Jim
  9. Thanks to all. I like the way it looks too. So far, it's the only copper colored one I've done. I just couldn't resist it when I saw the box. Jim
  10. Thanks for the compliment. For the record, we (the crew) didn't spend hours underwater, we would be submerged for more than 2 months at a time. It isn't for everyone.😬 Jim
  11. Sorry about that. I wasn't sure and don't have the box anymore. It was a long time ago. Thanks for the info. Jim
  12. Thanks to all for the positive feedback. I didn't actually paint the flames by hand but I did draw and cut the stencils for them. Thanks to all that thanked me for my service in the Navy. I spent 22 years there and do not regret a thing. Also thank you to Peter, Zippi and any others of you who served in the military. Thanks again for looking. Jim
  13. Another Chevrolet! Built this a while back. Pearl White with red flames (don't remember the exact color) all acrylic craft paints. Cut the mask for the flames by hand (not an easy task). No wiring on this one, just wanted to show off the paint. Everything out of the box. Thanks for looking. Jim
  14. An old Revell kit. Another attempt at wiring. I think it turned out okay. All parts out of the box, nothing special. Painted same as box art. No flames this time.😁 Thanks for looking. Jim
  15. Beautiful Craftsmanship. I also really like the color scheme. You did a great job on the interior as well. Nice build. 👍 Jim
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