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  1. That is cool. Like the green. The other side of town where we live still has an old general store. Wooden plank floors and all. It was an O.O.F. building. Used to have one liers bench new owners put out 2, one on the left and one on the right. Used to get up on sundays to go get a paper and hang out to hear the old guys stories.
  2. Cool build. Batman has had some cool rides. And some not so cool. Who made that kit?
  3. Did your s10 have the 4.3? That is a beast of a motor. Pioneer was the one to have back in the day. Need to find a vega or pinto wagon.
  4. Thanks alot. Wish i had more time as of late. So close to done i can taste it but still seems like miles away, if that makes any sense.
  5. Sorry it has been a bit. Life happens. Added the firewall from the moebius 66 ford as the one in the kit left a gap at the cowl. Switched back to the bed from the 66 kit. I had built a bed from 2 junkers, it fit fine but lacked underneath details. But i have made a bit progress. Thanks for looking.
  6. Nice job. My sn was into warhammer 40k. I have some models of his. Then some of the unopened blood bowl figures i may paint.
  7. The last ones would be my 2nd choice. But i think they are a still a bit too modern looking. The old style are still the better choice. They just fit the lines and truck style.
  8. That is cool ASF. If that is not a show winner then i am not sure what is.
  9. Nice work so far. It all looks good.
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