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  1. Nice job. My sn was into warhammer 40k. I have some models of his. Then some of the unopened blood bowl figures i may paint.
  2. The last ones would be my 2nd choice. But i think they are a still a bit too modern looking. The old style are still the better choice. They just fit the lines and truck style.
  3. That is cool ASF. If that is not a show winner then i am not sure what is.
  4. Nice work so far. It all looks good.
  5. I went in the army in 81. Ended up with a pea green vega. Blew up on me.
  6. That is cool. I have been looking at lego vehicles but i do notbthink i have seen this one.
  7. Personally i say screw the nay sayers. Is it wrong to buy after market parts for planes, trains, and automobiles? Same thing to me. If you can buy a barrel made by some one on a lathe why can you not buy figures?
  8. I built well almost completed a doll house for my daughter and i ran electric to it. They have a tape that can be used in place of wires and it runs to a transfoemer. That was years ago. But hobby lobby used to have all sorts of lighting options.
  9. Cool. Will you be serving italian sausage with green peppers n onions? Do not forget the hot sauce. Thanks now you made me hungry.
  10. I have heard of them seen them on line and in model kits but never in a 1:1. We had a 67 impala with the rear seat speaker greatest darn ever.
  11. No problem. I will be looking to see those rims. Not sure i haveseen them before.
  12. I laughed, then read it to the DW, she laughed even harder. Then told me not to get any ideas.
  13. As far as spray can primer i really like duplicolor. It lays down smooth, there is a scratch filler and a deep scratch filler. I use the scrstch filler with no issues.
  14. Cool truck. Love the blue. Did you use like a krylon plastic bonding primer? I think any of them plastic bonding primers or paints cause the plastic to act like that.
  15. Killer work. The cragar/ keystone style look best to me, and if you tinted the spokes and left the rims chrome i think that would look even better. The first ones reminds me of some steel rims i had on a chevy shoveit. More off road looking on a truck.
  16. Thanks. Bell bottoms n shackles and you was one of the cool kids. Dang, life was easier back then well more fun any way. A buddys older brother had a mustard or baby poo yellow pinto but he had a pioneer system in it so we got him to drive us around until my other buddy got a 68 ford truck with a 360 n 3 on the tree.
  17. That is soooo sick. Skulls and hot rods, just does not get much better. You painting skills brings it to life.
  18. I have this kit i built in shop class in 73 or 74. I have been looking for a decal set for years. Does anyone know of a set or some one who can make a set?
  19. Oh my. Never had the white belt but i did sport some leisure suits. And the shirts printed with images on them. And the tall sole shoes. I had one pair i think must of had a 2 inch heel. Dang we was cool. Good ole days. And anyone wanted to raise the rear end of a vehicle just used shackles.
  20. I have an almost complete set of decals from the lindberg ramchargers kit. Think i used 2 for the interior. Not looking for anything. Just trying to do a bit of organizing. But then again i could use a nice set of steel rims. But not necessary. Thanks for looking. Drop me a line. You can see in the pic 26 n 27 have been used. All the rest are there.
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