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  1. Best 1963 Split Window Corvette in 1/24(25)??

    WOW again guys. So much good info here. I'll need to save this thread for suture reference. And then head off to eBay to find some kits...
  2. Best 1963 Split Window Corvette in 1/24(25)??

    Thanks all. Some good info there. I'm not a big details in the brain guy on the Corvettes... But from what I can tell, the main differences between a '63 and '67 are: 1) Split rear window, 2) Fender vents, 3) Vents on the hood, and 4) B pillar vents The hood would be an easy fix, just cut some holes, add PE. The fender vents are simple to construct. The B pillar vents would be a little more trouble, but could be swapped out from another kit. I guess the window split could be done the same way.
  3. Hey all, What would you say is the best 1963 Split Window Corvette kit in 1/24 or 1/25??
  4. Honda Accord Trackday Edition

    Nice collection there. You wouldn't happen to know if there ever made a 1998-2002 Accord kit??
  5. 3D Printing

    What's wrong with Shapeways??
  6. I'm covered. Building at a blistering pace of one a week... I'm good for 29 years.
  7. 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??

    Thanks. So much for that then. Oh well. Thanks for checking. So much for that then. Oh well. Anyone know a cheap source for the iHobby AMT Bronco?? All the eBay ones run $40.00 USD + S&H. That's a bit steep in my mind. Willing to trade for one too.
  8. 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??

    Sorry, no Ollies. In fact, there is NOTHING near me. Gotta mail-order everything. Including superglue. Anyone know where I can get the AMT iHobby Bronco for less than a month's wages?? I should put a post in for a trade, got plenty of cra... Uh... Kits. Kits to trade. Pinecrest Resin?? A link perhaps?? Those are always useful you know.
  9. 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??

    D'OH!! Thanks. I have seen that dozens of times. But only NOW did I notice that the front axle is visible in it. Man! I feel like an idiot. I'm going to go sniff more glue, maybe that will help.
  10. 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??

    I would, maybe, if I knew what it looked like. That's the problem. I knew that. That's just a typo. Oops. Seventh generation (1980 – 1986)Eighth generation (1987 – 1991) +(1992 - 1997 on certain models - Chassis Cabs) Ninth generation (1992 – 1996) + (1997 - 1998 on certain models - F250HD/F350) And then they got real ugly. Like someone left them put in the sun too long.
  11. 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??

    Thanks highway. Too bad that that isn't even close. Well, in over-all configuration maybe. The transfer case seems to be a Borgs Wagner 1356 (BW1356). Calnaga Castings does have a generic BW case. I think that will do for these builds. This is what it should look like. Note that those radius arms are after market, and the beams have been reinforced (the welded on bits): And when it's stock, and in the truck. And the trucks I am trying to replicate. 1994 F150 1993 F350
  12. 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??

    Hey all, Well, it's been over a year. Projects seem to get pushed aside. Sucks. Anyways... I went to Calnaiga Resin, and they don't seem to have what I am looking for. I know that the old MPC Dust Devil kit is a 4x4, but I can't tell if it has the twin I-Beam suspension or a solid axle. I need the Twin I-Beam. Longbox55, you said the latest AMT Bronco would have it, but I can't seem to find ANY images of the sprues or underside of the kit. Does anyone have pics?? Better yet, does anyone have parts I can trade for/buy/borrow??
  13. What Pleased You Today!

    A couple of weeks ago, my dad and I got a great deal on interlocking pavers for his driveway. We just had to uninstall them ourselves, and haul them home. No problem (ugh, we're idiots, but that's another story). At the house where the bricks are, they have four dogs, all rescues. One dog, Ripley, 2 years old, was kicked in the ribs repeated for barking at strangers. She is very afraid of men, and skittish (skiddish??) around men she knows. My dad and I have been at the their house 14 times now, taking bricks. Each time I would get down on my knees, hold out my hand, and just wait. Eventually Ripley would come and smell me, and then I could pet her for a few moments, and then off she went. Well, today, the 14th load, she came right up to me, I petted her, and she even gave me kisses. And, then, when it was time to go (trailer was full), she started to whine because I was leaving. It pleased me greatly to know that she could trust me, and liked me, even though she was abused so badly by another man. Silly I know, but it was very pleasing to know that.