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  1. Salt technique - I've known about this technique for years but only just tried it for painting my '37 Ford.
  2. Is it good to make the ignition cables from LAN cable? Are the ends of the distributor about the same size (0.85-0.86mm with insulation), or is it just the connector that size and the cable thinner? Can I get a good cable thickness by cutting the insulation off the middle of the cable and using the insulation as a connector? I've never done this before and I haven't seen any thickness in the products on the webshops. Thank you!!
  3. You can find my "how to paint rust" video in the weathering topic. The figures for the car will be ready soon...
  4. I just have to build the wheels and the interior and tomorrow I can paint it. - I will upholster the seats. - The tailgate might be magnetized with 1x1 mm diameter magnets. - I really like the dual exhaust tips and lights on the "A" version, so I might modify it with those.
  5. You told me (under one of your YT video) to watch out for the firewall during assembly. Thanks for the advice here too! I have just arrived at the point where it will make my job easier. Thank you!!
  6. I'm at step 14 and today I want to assemble it ready for painting. I also made a video in the process. This is my first Revell car but after the Tamiya it is a little less fun. - The Tamiya VW Beetle 66' fitted like Lego. The material was less flexible, but the hood didn't fit perfectly there either. I am making the "B" version from the Ford and the fit between the cabin and the hood is very loose. - The frames are not marked with letters, several parts that fit together were on separate frames. One piece of the engine is on the chrome frame and the rest on white. (I searched for a long time until I realized that I should also search there) - The parts fit very close to the frame. The cutter is difficult to fit there, but there are things that would be damaged even with a blade. It is most disturbing for round parts. These are the first experiences. It's great to practice and learn even if the hood is stuck because of the gap.
  7. I haven't started yet, but both Ford concepts are ready. I would like to make YT videos of each of them. Photos will be posted here. I may make the surfboard out of balsa wood.
  8. I found it. It's not in the instructions but there's a small pedal on the floor, similar to this one:
  9. My guide is a different edition (it's from the internet) it even has a photo of 1 pedal and 2 pedals not just a caption. So I didn't understand this...
  10. Is there a car with only one pedal? How do the gas and brakes work? Thank you!
  11. I bought some pin-up girl figures for my new model car projects. In this video you can also see the current paint job on the VW Beetle: Click here to watch my Youtube video.
  12. As I am also building a 37' truck in parallel I decided to go for the modern restored style. The truck will have more amortization (from use and weathering) and this one will have shiny chrome and a modern paint job. I've tried this metallic paint several times on figures and now I'm going to try it on the car with a little modification:
  13. This is the other Ford I'm making now, alongside the 32'. This one looks easier so I'll start with this one. I am still in the research phase, but I will have some questions.
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