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  1. That is gorgeous! Such clean mods, wheels/tires, and paint all seem to accent those sweeping lines. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks for the comments folks. Greatly appreciated. Wish I could take better pictures... I'll keep working on it.
  3. What we have here folks, is not the most recent of builds, though some tweaks and updates have recently been made. The build is meant to be a tribute to fellow fan of Hot Rods, Gassers, and Drag Cars. Our friend the Goon explains... - Thanks for looking, take care.
  4. Now, THAT is a Hot Rod! Love the way those pie-crust slicks peek out of the rear fenders. Thanks for sharing this build.
  5. Beautifully clean build. The foil work and detail on the wipers are especially nice. Reminds me of toolin' around in my Dad's Dark Blue HiPo 1966 Mustang Gt ( Where I admittedly got a bit heavy footed at times), FUN car.
  6. Can't wait to see this one Under Glass. All your mods, such as the chop, trim, color scheme, etc. really seem to compliment the clean lines of this Elco.
  7. Crisp, gorgeous detail throughout! Wonderful build- and the way those slicks peak out ever so slightly looks sooo great. Thanks for sharing this build.
  8. goon

    Show-n-Go '32 coupe

    Thanks for the comments. Take care, all. -Aloha
  9. Terrific build overall. Super-clean paint work and gorgeous detail throughout. I especially like your work on the roll cage and jet engine mount. Thanks for sharing this build.
  10. Called, "And It Was Good Dream", this build was in fact based on a dream and childhood memories of some formative years in Japan. The build is meant to channel the fun, unapologetic styles of some Japanese custom/hot rod shops (ie: Paradise Road)and U.S. car clubs such as Deadman's Curve C.C.. The story of this hard-chopped coupe follows on the card pic. The backdrop of a favorite hobby shop and favorite food, fronted by a pie-crust slicked show-n-go '32 coupe, indeed makes it a good dream for me. Thanks for checking it out.
  11. Whoa! Clean build, Terrific stance, and I especially like how the rear fenders were bobbed. Wonderful work.
  12. Sorry for the late response TransAmMike, I am not in the military, though the Marines did bring my family here in 1986 and we've never left. Military family history and growing up around aviation have fostered a strong interest in military subjects, though muscle cars and hot rods have always been a part of life (and model building life). Thanks for the welcome folks and looking forward to sharing some cars and diorama-type builds. Take care all.
  13. Thanks for the comments, glad you folks dig it. I realize the stance is a bit exaggerated, but I felt I needed to make use of those huge slicks. Here are some in progress pics.
  14. Aloha all, This is my latest completion. The kit is the Revell '76 Torino, done up in a Street Freak-style. The scratch built backdrop and details represent a longstanding local hobby shop. It was great fun building such a wild machine and figuring out how to replicate the model shop details and items.
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