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  1. do any of the resin guys make a fan belt kit that includes the alternator and power steering?
  2. can you PM me a picture of them and your contact info??
  3. I would also like to find a power brake booster, master cylinder and bell-crank bracket, perhaps from a van kit??
  4. yep I have already received orders from both of them and am ordering more....Also Chris Olson was working on bringing back the Buckaroo hood and possibly the Duff hood bubble/scoop Joseph from Fireball may also have some more Bronco parts in the works
  5. I think you mean Fireball model works, no?
  6. I sell some of those decals on ebay, I can send you the artwork (1:1 scale) that you can use to print on water slide blank sheets
  7. Greg I sell some of the Stroppe decals in 1:1 scale, if you want I can send you the artwork and you can print them on black water slide sheets
  8. yes, here is the Bronco I plan on duplicating
  9. I am looking to build an accurate 1966 Bronco Roadster from the Revell kit I have already sourced the 170 ci six cylinder, roadster doors from Olson Bros, and windshield frame from Olson Bros, correct grill from Fireball and a few other items I am looking for a few items including a single reservoir master cylinder and a Dana 30 front axle from a 1/25 Jeep kit or even just the diff cover.
  10. Hey there, just getting back into model building (thanks to Revell's classic Bronco model). I was raised in the back seat of a 1967 Bronco and my Father and I built one for me when I turned 16, that was 36 years ago, I still have my Bronco Anyway, I built models as a kid and decided to buy some of the Revell kits and am now on a quest to find all the part necessary to build tributes to my Father's and my Bronco.
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