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  1. ripp added a post in a topic Some of my work. There's only two.   

    nice work,i was out of it for years & got back into it about 9 yrs ago,its relaxing till you find parts that dont fit rrrrrrrrr.i noticed your 67 i've got one of my own that im gonna post soon,keep it up;;;;Ripp.
  2. ripp added a post in a topic 1955 BelAir Custom   

    nice work,sweet color and cool flames ,not the usual placement.I'd like to take a test drive.
  3. ripp added a post in a topic 65 Gp   

    My dad had a 65 bonniville rag top,beautiful car.Nice work,i need to find one to build.
  4. ripp added a post in a topic 40 Ford Modified   

    Nice build,it only needs one thing;;;;;;DIRT;;;;;;
  5. ripp added a post in a topic 1932 Ford Chopped Sedan   

    Sweet job, every thing is beautiful.Keep it real.
  6. ripp added a post in a topic Modelhaus 1970 Ford Country Sedan   

    I am looking 4 a 56 & 57 ford wagon and a 68 mustang CS.If anyone has heard of any of these please let me know.Im also looking 4 late 50s mercs.
  7. ripp added a post in a topic Quicksilver Glue Bomb Restoration   

    I havent seen this kit since the early 70s.I had 1 and loved the car,so much you you can do with it 2 trik it out. Great build.
  8. ripp added a post in a topic '59 Caddy   

    Very nice work,from the interior out it's sweet.The color & flames are great,keep it up.
  9. ripp added a post in a topic 1937 Cord Convertible (lindberg)   

    I've never seen this kit but if you guys say it's difficult i'll believe you. Beautiful job though,really sweet.
  10. ripp added a post in a topic I Christen Thee "stubby"   

    Bitchn engine.Where did it come from.scratch built or what.Very nice build man.
  11. ripp added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Robbin Hoodnick
    A buddy of mine gave this kit to me in 07.I started it awhile ago & basicly just need to put it together.I'm undecided on weither to use the kit tires or someothers i have.Hope you enjoy.
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  12. ripp added a post in a topic Completed Models   

    Nice builds,I havent seen an Avanti kit in awhile & a rambler at all.Now you need to rebuild your crushed cars,its a challange and its fun.GOOD STUFF
  13. ripp added a topic in General   

    Help Me:please
    It seems that i can only post 1 pix on 1 topic then i've used up all of my MB's and i cant post anything else.If i'm doing something wrong please let me know.I have lots of pix i want to post & cant
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  14. ripp added a post in a topic War Wagon   

    Yer in the ARMY now,nice build
  15. ripp added a post in a topic Im Lookin