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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone!!
  2. Thank you for the compliments on my build everyone!!
  3. Those are from the MCG set. I usually hold down the parts I need with tweezers, and use a fresh xacto blade to cut them free.
  4. Looks awesome! Very clean detailing!!
  5. I’m pretty proud of this one, especially considering it was a glue bomb restoration.
  6. So my latest competed work is the old Monogram High Performance series Buick GNX kit. I’ve wanted to build this one for a long time and glad I finally did it. I added some detail to the kit using a Rays decal set for the GNX as well as a Revell decal sheet from their latest Buick Grand National/GNX kit. Also added small details like the keys in the ignition, valve stems, etc. The tires in my kit didn’t fit the GNX wheels at all, so I fortunately found a set of tires that fit perfectly in my spares box. Tamiya spray paints were used top to bottom on this one. It fought me a bit as I originally polished through the paint and had to strip and respray it, then I dropped the body and broke both A pillars and had to repair and paint again. Finally got it together though, and am happy with the result!
  7. So I fairly recently discovered Rays decals out of the Netherlands, and when I found that he had a set for an ‘83 / ‘84 Monte Carlo SS, I had to order a set. Using the latest release of Revell’s ‘86 MC SS kit, I got to work. Ordered the factory correct ‘84 Medium Dark Metallic Blue paint in a spray can from paintscratch.com, and sourced the wheels and exterior mirrors from the AMT El Camino SS kit. The interior is Tamiya Navy Blue from a rattle can. Finished it up a couple of months ago, and am very pleased with the results!
  8. Great build! You should get you one of the Monogram 1/8 Scale ‘65 Corvettes to add to your collection! I built a replica of my father’s ‘64 for him a few years ago. I backdated a Monogram ‘65 “Black Rat” to a ‘64. Need to build another now though; he’s changed the wheels, hood, and added side exhaust.
  9. That’s a beautiful build! Makes me want to dig mine out and get started on it.
  10. Hi all, Newbie here. Picked up my first edition of Model Cars at my favorite LHS today and signed up here as soon as I saw the info about it on the last page. Been building for 36 years and am still learning. Just getting into 3D printing as well and am really enjoying that. Look forward to seeing everyone’s work and sharing some of my own.
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