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  1. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    If you don't like my posts, just don't read them.
  2. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    The way the opening post was phrased it was my impression that opinions were invited?
    The 2CV was built for over 40 years, that fact alone spans a considerable chunk of history. From the bitter post war years, through the optimistic 50s,
    the 'because we can' 60s, the hippie era, the disco era, the nonconformist anti nuclear and pro peace 80s, the 2CV was always there.
    That it had acquired cult status already long before production finally ceased and that virtually all owners added their personal touch makes not
    one 2CV being like another.
    So the first thing you will have to do is decide what you actually want to depict with your model, then chose the most suitable kit for this very project.
  3. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    You can replace them with the consequently leftover round ones from a kit, then flog it on eBay as a code3 and watch the £££s roll in.
  4. Junkman added a post in a topic Ghost Kits - Shown But Never Released   

    Why was the Coors set banned in Virginia?
  5. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    Or use these.

  6. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    So which is the 'best' kit?
    Well, IMO it depends on which version you want to build.
    - If you want to build a late car, deffo Revell.

    - For the middle aged ones, go for the Tamiya.
    - If backdating to an early one is what you want to do, I think the Heller one is best suited, but don't forget,
    that you are dealing with 1980s kit technology here. And with that I mean 1980s Heller kit technology.
    Having said that, IMO this kit yields the most charming and least sterile results.
    - And if you want to do an early early one, fit the Ebbro pick up front clip and chassis with a backdated Heller saloon body.

    Or just wait, Ebbro might release one anyway.
    Also, I take the liberty to expand on the third side window.
    French built cars with the corrugated bonnet never had it. But cars built in Belgium were available with it at extra cost from the onset,
    so a corrugately hooded 2CV with the third side window isn't necessarily incorrect:

    So we have to thank the Belgians, that the third side window became available at all.

    However, the Belgian built cars also had numerous other quirks the French cars never had.
    First and foremost different taillights, a different rear window and a different bootlid:

    The Belgian bootlid concealed a second boot floor, i.e. a shallow compartment, that contained the spare wheel,
    which was merely thrown into the boot in French built cars, so in those, you had to put your nice Samsonites onto a dirty wet wheel
    after a puncture in a rainstorm.
    In 1958 they changed it to this arrangement:

    Note: This arrangement was only legal in countries that allowed taillights and rear numberplates being mounted on folding panels.
    It was hence deffo illegal in Denmark and Scandinavia.
    Also note: The above picture is of a 1958 Belgian built car that has the third side window, which was at that time still gleefully absent from
    French built ones.
    The Belgians also always got chromed bumpers, aluminium trim on the wings and down the centre of the bonnet, and many colours to choose from.
    Belgian wheels were always painted body colour and always had chromed embellishers, held in place with a central chromed hexagon bolt.
    French wheels were usually the same colour of dirty white regardless of the body colour and did only come in body colour and with embellishers
    on the posh models.
    Back to the third side window.

    Once the switch to the creased bonnet was done in 1960, 2CVs were available with, or without the third side window,
    regardless whether they were built in Belgium, France, or elsewhere. French versions with the third window were called 'Luxe'.

    The Luxe versions proved so popular, that from c. 1965 onwards, the number of cars built without the third side
    window is practically negligible and they were dropped altogether in the late Sixties, the exact year is unknown, but it is estimated
    to be 1968.
    From 1973 onwards, cars without the third side window were again produced in limited batches until production halted
    in France in 1989. From then on 2CVs were only built in Portugal for another year or so and all of those had the 3rd side window.

  7. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    BTW, the earlier taillights can be kitbashed from the Heller 4CV kit. They are the exact same Soubitez units.
  8. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    I have a nice diecast with them. That's good enough for me.
    Anyway, after the switch from the corrugated to the creased bonnet in 1960 and changing the front doors from suicide to normal fitting in 1965,
    the next big change occurred at the back, I believe in 1970, or 1971.
    Until then, the panel below the bootlid was at the same angle as the lid:

    It was changed to this almost vertical arrangement:

    Also note how the bumper is now mounted lower than it was before, almost at the same height as the front one.
    So this would need to be backdated on the Gunze/Heller, should one opt to build the Clarise version and also if one wants to replicate the one Curt had in AmGraf.

    During this "taillift", the rear tips of the rear wings/fenders were also slightly changed, they are thus not compatible on the real cars,
    but I guess that change is small enough that it can be ignored in 1/24. It does properly annoy real car restorers though, since only the later ones are available new.

    The reason for this was that many European countries did no longer allow the rear numberplate to be mounted at the angle the earlier versions had.
    I think it went from max 30 to max 15 degrees, IIRC.
  9. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    I didn't say with one word that not having rectangular headlights is incorrect.
    The rectangular headlights were at no time the sole option, round ones were always available,
    although the UK might be as usual an exception, I don't know.
    I said I prefer the later types with the rectangular ones.
    However, the round ones in the Tamiya kit aren't typical 2CV headlights, they depict the ones fitted to 2CVs in Japan.
    Original 2CV headlights:


    Notice how the Tamiya ones are mounted on stems, so they are higher up, they are shallower, larger in diameter,
    lacking the typical lever to undo the lens, which itself is less convex, i.e. it's a completely different headlight
    And as I said, this is not a mistake by Tamiya, I have seen 2CVs in Japan with exactly these headlights mounted
    in this way. I presume this was necessary to meet Japanese lighting legislation when the cars were new.
    Many surviving 2CVs in Japan have meanwhile been converted to the original headlights.
  10. Junkman added a post in a topic Best Citroen 2cv 1:24 kit?   

    I never bought the Tamiya because of the wrong headlights.
    They must be modelled after lights fitted to 2CVs in Japan, because I've seen real 2CVs in Japan with them.

    Weirdly, all three models depict 2CVs from the same era, namely the final years, but not one of them
    includes the rectangular headlights that were also available during that period. I'd actually prefer them
    on a late one.

    Fitting the Gunze/Heller one with the resin parts will not yield an accurate early type, although I believe
    the Heller is the easiest one to modify accordingly. I seem to remember, that I explained the main
    difference before, but am happy to do so again, if you are interested.
  11. Junkman added a post in a topic More on Molotow pens   

    What will happen is you'll buy the 4mm and a refill pack soon afterwards.
  12. Junkman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    You can order them online everywhere and then eBay and pay all kinds of postage, alright.
    My question was: show me where I can BUY them.
  13. Junkman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Show me where Heller kits are sold.
    I can't find them anywhere in England, a friend of mine can't find them anywhere in Germany
    and I was recently in France, a wad of €€€s in my wallet and guess what!
    It's no wonder they go bust with that business model.
  14. Junkman added a post in a topic Ebbro Citroen DS21   


    I just leave those here...
  15. Junkman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I wonder why it wasn't included in Heller's recent reissue spree.
    Well, it will be now, since you shelled out for one on eBay...