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  1. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    I got it too, and a Taisan to make an RWB.
  2. Yeah, but the cigarette lighters are rubbish.
  3. We have a starting grid: https://assets.lemans.org/explorer/pdf/courses/2019/24-heures-du-mans/classification/24-heures-du-mans-2019-starting-grid.pdf
  4. Gerald Wingrove has passed away.

    You lost that bet. Not only have I heard of all of them and seen their work, I think I posted the passing of Manuel Olive Sans on this forum a few years back. I also think it's safe to add Tom Kirn and Roger Zimmermann to the list. The Wingrove/Kirn anecdote I know (no idea whether it's true) is that they met the curator of the ACD Museum when doing research on real cars. The man asked them how many people in the world build models to the standard they do and Wingrove replied: Two. And they are standing right in front of you. However, I think they've meanwhile all been topped by Louis Chenot from Missouri, who built a 1/6 scale SJ Duesenberg that's fully functional, including its dual overhead cam 32 valve 2.0 CI supercharged straight eight that actually runs.
  5. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    D'Ieteren 3.8 RSR. It started life as a GT2 Club Sport. The first owner slammed it into a wall when it was two weeks old. D'Ieteren (Belgium's largest VAG dealer) then rebuilt it starting with a new replacement shell they acid dipped and seam welded. In the reconstruction process, they beefed up everything. Engine upped to 3.8 litres, bigger turbos, bigger intercooler, freeflow exhaust, no cats, lightened flywheel, bigger Brembos, stripped interior, no radio, the lot. It has a manual wastegate adjuster on the dash, so short blasts of 1,100 bhp are possible on Euro 98. Porsche approved none of this, thus it was titled as a D'Ieteren and treated as a newly built car in the eyes of that law there. The car was my b'day gift to myself for my 30th by means of selling most of my posessions, maxing out every credit card, maximum overdraft and financing the rest. I never managed to get it road registered, so I ran it on temporary tags. It could exceed the speed limit on Belgian motorways in first gear. Then there were five more. I sold it three months later because I knew I get killed eventually if I keep it any longer. It also was too big of a financial burden. It's now in Japan.
  6. Columbo's Peugeot 403

    Not for that, M8. Everett Westphal was a real graphic designer and illustrator. Few people know that he made the 'fake' box art mainly to teach himself the back then new technology of graphics software. It's amazing that only one model he came up with ever became a reality, albeit with a quarter century delay. In model kit industry standards this is considered instantly, though, so hope dies last.
  7. Columbo's Peugeot 403

    The fantasy box art was made by Everett Westphal. http://www.bonediggers.com/2-2/boxman/ewgal.html
  8. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Based on which base kit, Ron? Please count me in!
  9. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Does that '70 more door still have the '67 roof stamping? Jayzuz, I'm preaching that 4 door thing for forty years now. Until very recently, I was ridiculed for it.
  10. In true British banger racing fashion, it also goes around the track clockwise.
  11. I do care what decals they use if they cost me licence fees.
  12. Will those terrible sink marks still be in the front fenders? I'd miss them...
  13. Ever have a jinxed model?

    All of them. Especially the ones moulded in red, since red plastic is made by the Beelzebub.