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  1. For me it's predominantly the subject matter and how the models are rendered. In both regards, the diecasts have just taken over. Also, some of those 'lower quality' model brands have come a long way. I'm particularly impressed with the latest offerings from Welly and Maisto. Also, you can't beat Norev for bang for the buck.
  2. That's 6 months more than you have now.
  3. I thought the Mints were made in Korea?
  4. Had you not insulated your garage, put no heater and vent in and not built a paint booth, you'd have had ample time for painting.
  5. Those plastic kits became too expensive.
  6. Some have only paint reaction. Others have zinc pest. These are two distinctly different defects and I'm well aware of the difference.
  7. The '57s are my favourite, then there are the 'forgotten' '58s. I'm still on the hunt for that Sunliner and Sun Star's '58 hardtop, which they did in their superb Platinum series.
  8. This is one of the few models I have that are displaying paint rash. It has become a lot worse since these pictures were taken.
  9. Every new diecast I receive is treated with Black Magic, a real car wax with bad reviews on real cars, but which I find ideal for model cars. I use it even on the plated bits and windows. Could it be this what makes my diecasts displaying so little paint rash? That and that I own only very few black cars, which seem to be the most notorious for it? Not seeing a lot of zinc pest is pure dumb luck I guess, but also I don't own many of the models that are commonly mentioned suffering it. The only one I have is the Anson Studebaker Golden Hawk, which decided to shed its doors courtesy of the hinges crumbling away.
  10. Thanks guys. Using the same general principle, I have converted a lot of headlights of my models of French cars. I can only say the effect is very realistic, the photos don't even show this that well. I did the first ones approx ten years ago and the Tamiya Clear I used doesn't show even a hint of yellowing yet.
  11. I do "themed" displays on a rota. So far I have only three models showing paint rash and one showing metal fatigue.
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