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  1. Junkman added a post in a topic 1901? Bianchi WIP   

    1901 is definitely a typo, which sadly seems to have infiltrated the internet to a large degree. In 1901, Bianchi was still building quadricycles with DeDion engines.
    The 15-20 HP, which this model represents, wasn't released until 1906 and remained in the lineup until ca. 1910.

    Like most other car manufacturers back then, Bianchi only delivered the chassis. Some Italian count had this town car built on it and the real car was displayed in the
    museo nazionale automobili in Turin until it was sadly claimed by a fire in the 1970s. This was after Rio had measured it up for their 1:43 diecast, and IMAI, the original Japanese issuer,
    for their 1/16 scale kit, a reissue of which you are building here.
    Apart from the Rio diecast:

    there was also a 1/32 scale kit by Aoshima:

    and a ca. 1/16 scale battery powered plastic toy by the Spanish firm Guisval:

    which was most likely patterend after the IMAI kit.
  2. Junkman added a post in a topic Herbie Rides Again   

    Btw, that beetle is now available again, but not in perlweiß.
  3. Junkman added a post in a topic BoS 1/18 Resin 1957 Imperial   

    Yes, it's a resin blob with no opening features.
  4. Junkman added a post in a topic BoS 1/18 Resin 1957 Imperial   

    Torn BMF. It needs to be redone.
  5. Junkman added a post in a topic Amt 36 Ford?   

    I'm currently working on a Harry Westergaard inspired custom.
    This is the bloody best kit for that. The Monogram one isn't that good.
  6. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Sorry, no.
    Boats are boats and we can't get enough of them.
  7. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Sadly the British sense of humour doesn't wok in the colonies.
  8. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    I have the Model King '70 Bonnie/boat kit, so a reissue of the Poncho would only be interesting for me, if it were the Hardtop.
    Why no 61 - 69 Lincoln hardtop?
    Why no promo tool reissues of the Jr Trophy/Craftsman/Flower Power series?
    Is it really that difficult?
    Beetle Bus Show Rod, for God's sake. I'm not eight years old anymore. What a bloody waste of styrene.
  9. Junkman added a post in a topic Renault 4L from Heller and Ebbro   

    It's a superb build that outlines some generic inaccuracies with the kit and then some particularities of the Scandinavian export market.
    I'm currently working on the ultimate Ebbro/Heller Renault 4 Compare-O-Rama from a strictly French home-market point of view.
    I know this is of very little significance for an American audience, but I'm still making the effort.
    I can say so much already: neither kit can be built into a 100% accurate model just from what is in the boxes, but the Heller kit is the closest to reality.
  10. Junkman added a post in a topic Revell Germany 2016, Q1 releases *PICS*   

    That's a Nov. 2015 announcement.
  11. Junkman added a post in a topic 1/18 Mercedes Benz 500K by Maisto   

    Those Maistos respond extremely well to some detail painting and BMF.
    Oh and special roadster (the correct spelling is actually Spezial Roadster) is what the Sindelfingen factory called this rakish roadster body style.
    Interestingly, the majority of the cars were bodied in-house, which was quite unusual for a luxury car maker at the time.
    Of the 342 500Ks built, 29 were delivered as Spezial Roadsters. The white Maisto model tries to depict this car, which was delivered to a Maharaja in India:

    But in reality it was a 540K, had RHD and a different tail treatment without the spare wheels, as noted earlier.
    Usually Spezial Roadsters had a round lid with a chrome moulding capped single dorsal fin running the length of the rear deck, when the rear spare wheels weren't carried:

    However, the Maharadja Roadster was modified to have a larger almost rectangular finless lid fitted with a luggage carrier:

  12. Junkman added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    BoS 1/18 Resin 1957 Imperial
    This is the Junkman.

    He is happy, because he received a box.

    Inside the box, there was a styrofoam cube:

    Inside the styrofoam cube, there was this:








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  13. Junkman added a post in a topic British supercar from RoG in 2016   

    If RoG told me they live at home, I'd only believe half of it.
  14. Junkman added a post in a topic Revell Visible V8   

    What's $52 today?
    Go to your local supermarket and you'll see what $52 are.
  15. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT Retro Deluxe '63 Corvette   

    Anything stuck to a wheel to embellish it was called a hubcap, regardless whether it only covered a part of it, or the entire wheel.
    The first time I ever heard the term "wheel cover" was in the Eighties. I immediately relegated it to sales brochure jargon and never use the term in normal parlance.
    For me, even a '61 Imperial LeBaron has hubcaps.