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  1. What would YOU like to see as a model

    How about the Motorama Show Cars/Futurliners, Chrysler's concept cars by Ghia and the FoMoCo 50s concept cars?

    Barreiros Dodge 3700:
  3. 1948 Studebaker Commander Kit?

    And no.
  4. Welly 2001 Suburban ?

    Seeing that the Matchbox is 228 mm (9.0 in) long, it's most likely not from the same tooling. It even scales out pretty accurately to 1/25.
  5. 1913 Model T Speedster

    That no plating bit is a tad off putting, tbh.
  6. Round 2 February 2018 Product Spotlight

    This pretty much sums up the model kit industry for me.
  7. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    Norev, IXO, Sunstar, Bburago, Maisto, Jada, Greenlight, Minichamps, CMC... It's incredible how much money you can make if you produce what people buy.
  8. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    Heller celebrates 60 years of continued bankruptcy. That's an HY low loader on the top shelf. They shared the stand with Zvezda, so there seems to be a cooperation going on. The good news is the Estafettes were only delayed, not scrapped. R8 RMC is a welcome reissue.
  9. Heller 2018

    Mr Delespinay did much more than that. He is one of the unsung pioneers, heroes and ambassadors of our hobby. He started with Heller as a designer and project engineer, then left when he felt that his efforts at Heller were underappreciated. Just ask him and he will tell you many a hilarious anecdote about what an operation it actually was. He left for the USA on a one way ticket in 1970 and became a professional slot car racer. He also worked for Matchbox in Playa del Rey, to come up with an HO slot car series to compete with Aurora and Tyco. He came up with the concept of using magnetised wheels for improved traction. After Matchbox's demise, he unsuccessfully tried to market the concept to other companies until Auto World took it on as an aftermarket add on. All the while he continued to be a professional slot car racer and designed a chassis for Parma. In 1973 he landed a job at Cox to revive their Eldon slot car range and sure enough they became the first ones who mass produced his idea of a slot car with a separate traction magnet. Now he is a restorer, toy and real car collector. We both are on the hobbyDB advisory board, so I can draw on his wealth of knowledge. There was another stillborn project while he was at Heller: It's a 911R and if Mr Delespinay's ideas would have made it, it'd be the only model kit in history where the windscreen and backlight would have been held in place by rubber seals. Here is a young Mr Delespinay with his Alpine while working for Heller in 1967: Now, if you will please build one of his projects while he was at Heller, the Renault 8, in his honour. Please note that Heller releases this kit with its original box art, without making a lot of fanfare about it (yes, this is possible). Now, the old Heller box art was done by Paul Lengellé. Just google image him and you shall be rewarded.
  10. Have you counted the slats?
  11. Announced for second quarter 2018, item number 99731.
  12. Announced for June release, item number 84072.
  13. Just announced for August release, item number 84071. Man, I sure hope they don't screw that one up.