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  1. Junkman added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    That's what I was thinking, too.
    AFAIK Jo-Han tools were made from some composite that then was beryllium plated. Those composite pieces then had to be arranged in some sort of 'hob' to actually make the tool.
    Allegedly only a very limited number of those 'hobs' existed and they required a somewhat special moulding machine.
    I'm sure Dave can explain this a lot better, since he knows what the '59 Dodge tool actually looks like.
  2. Junkman added a post in a topic Start Scale Models (SSM) 1:43 scale KraZ 257   

    Thanks God stuff like this doesn't seem to happen with professional Russian mailorder businesses.
    I also had a few dealings for rare obsolete tat with private sellers in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe.
    People from those parts also bought things I had listed on Ebay.
    Never had an issue dealing with Easterners, which can't be said about Italians, btw.
  3. Junkman added a post in a topic 70 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 454-Any One Got Info on It   

    I built one of them in the 90s and was not too happy with the body proportions.
    I'm quite happy to have the 1970 Motor City Stockers kit, which IMO has a better rendered body.
  4. Junkman added a post in a topic The 59 Dodge bought 9 yrs ago   

    I hope Moebius is going to reissue it.
    Would it be too wrong to use the AMT '57 Chrysler underpinnings?
  5. Junkman added a post in a topic Heller 1/24 Citroën Méhari   

    Basically it was a Dyane chassis with a bit of scaffolding and an Ami 6 engine:

    This was then clad with body panels moulded from ABS plastic, except for some export markets, e.g. Germany, who didn't allow body panels made from ABS due to ABS not being fire retardent.
    For those markets, the body panels were made from fiberglass.
    Anyway, the ABS pieces were coloured. No paint was used on Meharis. This effect will be difficult to replicate. Even difficulterer to replicate will be, that the pigments weren't UV resistant,
    hence older Meharis always looked faded.
    Altogether almost 145,000 were built and a surprisingly high number was indeed exported to the USA, mainly to Hawaii.
    Meharis exported to the USA had a different front panel/hood to accomodate the fed spec sealed beams:

    Budget Rent-A-Car operated a fleet of them in Hawaii.
    They were classed as trucks and hence didn't have to undergo stringent safety and emissions tests.
    In the 1971 film The Omega Man, Charlton Heston drives a green Méhari. In Hawaii, Brian Keith drives a Méhari in The Brian Keith Show, which ran from 1972 to 1974.
    In 1973's Aloha From Hawaii with Elvis Presley, a yellow Méhari can be seen prominently (at the 18 minute mark) during the Early Morning Rain song.
    Bill Murray also drove a Méhari in 2004's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
    There was a 4X4 version:

    which was distinguishable externally by having a spare wheel recess in the hood:

    Due to the low weight of less than 1,200 lbs, the Meharis were livlier than most people would expect from a flat twin with 602 cc.
    They also were surprisingly capable off roaders even in non 4X4 flavour, thanks to high ground clearance, soft long travel suspension, and big 15" wheels.
    And if everything else failed, six men could carry it out of a sand dune. Guess how I know...
    About 7,000 of them were bought by the French Army predominantly for parachuting them from aeroplanes.
    A dozen of them were also in use with the Irish (Republic) defense forces, which still operate one of them.
    The car was also built in Uruguay throughout the 1970s to serve the South American market. Those were also fiberglass bodied.
  6. Junkman added a post in a topic Heller 1/24 Citroën Méhari   

    BTW, apparently this is waiting when you visit the Heller factory:

  7. Junkman added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Heller 1/24 Citroën Méhari
    It's due out in December.

    Heller published this test shot photo on their facebook site:

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  8. Junkman added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I just got me a new Daily.

  9. Junkman added a post in a topic Start Scale Models (SSM) 1:43 scale KraZ 257   

    One could indeed wonder why some repops made from long since amortised American tooling that was shipped to China ages ago are so expensive in comparison.
  10. Junkman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I like promo based kits so much, that they are meanwhile pretty much the only vintage kits I'm after.
    Thanks to being underrated, they are more affordable than comparable annuals.
    It's also highly unlikely that they ever get reissued, IMO a big mistake the manufacturers make.
  11. Junkman added a post in a topic What gearbox ?   

    A Fuller.
  12. Junkman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Yes, all MCS kits are curbside, despite some have the hoods moulded separately.
    I do own the Monte Carlo, so after this frenzy, I'm now only missing the LTD to have the entire series.
    Onced this is achieved, I'll do a public slagging in the review section.
  13. Junkman added a post in a topic Parents first car? Any stories remembered?   

    My parants' first car was my first ride.
  14. Junkman added a post in a topic Herbie Rides Again   

    There is this white one on Ebay currently: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331568978266
    Let me know if you want it and I will get it for you.