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  1. Junkman added a post in a topic 2016 Revell Germany, new releases   

    I had this idiotic notion you might want to save some money, but stupid me forgot that all Americans are so filthy rich that this is entirely unnecessary.
  2. Junkman added a post in a topic 2016 Revell Germany, new releases   

    Apparently the 1/16 Isetta and 1/8 Corvette are released now.
    If any of you Stateside want them, please feel free to let me know and I'll look into postage costs.
  3. Junkman added a post in a topic Lindberg 1/8 dragster...... any good ?   

    You could say that, since it has been awaited since 1964. It was announced as a follow up for the Exterminator, but never made it into production until now, wow, that was quick!
    This kit is going to be bought, that's for sure. And if my children have to chew bark for a Month because Brexit exchange rate and postage.
  4. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    Prove it.
  5. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    I take your word for it.
    But I owned a '68 Satellite back in the 80s and in my memory, it looked much more like the Jo Han one.
  6. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    Don't those Round2 dinglebrains realise that we would smash each others heads in over these?
    Of all the tools that still exist, these would be the first ones I'd dig up.
  7. Junkman added a post in a topic Brian James Trailer *UPDATED* 8/23/16*   

    A typical contemporary American car hauler trailer would be bigger to begin with, since the licence issue doesn't exist,
    have the axles not spaced and much further back, since there is no 50 kg tow ball load limit, like in Europe.
    Consequently they usually have siamesed mudguards. They are typically decked with wood and also typically have the downward kick at the rear.
    The lighting requirements are entirely different and I can't figure out how the brakes are activated, if they have brakes at all.
    The provisions for securing the car to be transported are different as well, most likely also due to different legal requirements.
    Of what I gather from the internet, they rarely have a winch?

  8. Junkman added a post in a topic Brian James Trailer *UPDATED* 8/23/16*   

    The trailer is smaller than you think it is. It is made for use in the UK/Europe and will not hold a full sized US car (don't ask how I found that out),
    not even a big European car.

    The wheels are merely 12" ones.
    It all has to do with licencing. With a regular EU driving licence, the weight of the entire laden rig cannot exceed 3500 kg.
    The Meng F350 would dwarf this trailer and possibly exceed the GTW limit unladen.
    It strikes me as odd, that Aoshima indeed has no suitable tow vehicle in their lineup.
    Typically you see these trailers behind Ford Transits, smaller SUVs, or big saloons.
    The only thing remotely plausible they offer is their Hilux, but that's an early 90s vintage and there sure aren't many left.
    In fact, I don't know of anything plastic that would properly set this off, my choice would rather be one of the Welly/NEX
    diecast Land/Range Rovers, which are actually quite good.
    Also, I can't see how this trailer could possibly be backdated to anything last century or made into something American.
    It is as contemporarily European as you can possibly get. All components like lighting, mudguards, axles, brakes, coupler,
    everything is EU spec and just to meet contemporary Fed specs would already require severe modifications.
    For anything vintage, it would be downright implausible or require such severe alterations, that scratchbuilding is the
    easier way.
  9. Junkman added a post in a topic Are any of these models fun to build?   

    If you don't have them yet, buy all the car kits. All car kits are worth picking up and fun to build.
    Start with the Joker Goon/Gotham city cop car and the Revell Caprice in rozzer spec, those are getting thin on the floor.
    If you aren't a scale bigot, the Baywatch Toyopet is a surprisingly good kit.
  10. Junkman added a post in a topic MPC 32 Ford America Graffiti Milner's car   

    Steve Bolander's Impala was/is far from stock.
  11. Junkman added a post in a topic MPC 32 Ford America Graffiti Milner's car   

    Milner did admit that Falfa's car is faster, remember?
    He only 'won' because Falfa had a slight mishap.
  12. Junkman added a post in a topic Round 2 September '16 Releases   

    As usual, I'm underwhelmed.
  13. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT 1/16   

    The '55 T'bird came with a superb set of Borrani wire wheels and is worth buying for these alone.
    The biggest issue with these kits is the totally inadequate packaging. The boxes are large, but made from the same gauge card stock as the 1/25 scale boxes.
    Hence these kits are very susceptible to damage during transport/storage. The windscreen frames of the convertibles are usually broken or at least bent
    and often the roofs of the hardtops and wagons are smashed and/or the pillars bent/broken. Another notorious problem is the tyres and tubing included in these
    kits having left terrible marks on adjacent styrene parts due to some chemical reaction. This is especially annoying when you find some or all possible issues I described
    in a factory sealed kit you just shelled out a stack of wad for on eBay.
    Also, in my opinion the kits are a tad substandard for their scale when it comes to the general level of detail and engraving and they do require a lot of work and
    scratchbuilding skills to be made into plausible models. Check out the '55 T'bird's chassis shown above to see what I mean.
    I am no longer prepared to pay collectors' money for them and meanwhile replaced them with the corresponding 1/18 scale diecasts, which at the end of the day are a lot
    more satisfying from a modelling perspective if you are not a die hard 1/16 scale evangelist, but simply want to have bigger scale models of these cars.
    IMO 1/18 made 1/16 plastic kits somewhat redundant anyway, especially when you put a little extra work into the diecasts.
    The only thing I kept from those 1/16 kits are the optional custom wheels and tyres, since they are too small for the kits anyway, but work a treat in 1/18.
  14. Junkman added a post in a topic TONKA #7018 1913 Model T "Four-Alarm Call" 1/24   

    I just snatched a Four Alarm one off eBay USA.
    Got it for £15.14 plus £26.27 postage, so £41.41 all in.
    Yes, it isn't cheap, but I have paid more for 40 year old glue bombs in my life.
    I really want them all, but now 7016 is top priority.
    I wonder what 7012 would have been, had it been released.
  15. Junkman added a post in a topic AMT Mod Rod question   

    That would be an easy fix.
    However, I'm now more concerned with the inaccurate body shape that Dave mentioned in his article.
    Looking at the box illustration, it indeed does look wrong, so it'll be old school tool all the way for me.