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  1. You nailed it. All who think I did something wrong, plesae go ahead and order from them.
  2. What warrants a bunch of posts all over the internet is that they conveniently left away the bit about replacement of the model being dependent on further purchases. Imagine you receive a new toaster that doesn't work and the vendor tells you he'll only replace it if you also buy a microwave oven from him. EU law is automatically ratified into national law of each and every EU member country and won't just disappear from national law of a country if it leaves the EU.
  3. Holy thread highjackerisation! May I please have my Kleeware Rubber Cow back then?
  4. For larger parts, like bumpers, I use a paintbrush and the Molotov out of the refill tube. This works even better when you paint the parts semi gloss black first. For this, I use Revell semi gloss black from the tinlet, and also apply it with a paint brush. If you stir the Revell paint well enough before you use it, it dries without any brush marks.
  5. Let's clarify a few things. 1. Being inside or outside the EU has the exact square root of bugger all bearing on this. The EU is a political alliance, nothing else. 2. I'm not going to invoke a reverse charge, since this would be illegal. I would find myself in possession of a model I haven't paid for. Model Car World would refund me if I send the model back. But this is not what I want. I want to own a model, not money. 3. The only thing Model-car-world Ltd in the UK and Model Car World GmbH in Germany have in common is that their names sound the same when you say them, but notice that even the spelling is different. They have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Model Car World in Germany is affiliated with a company in the USA, American Excellence, but is an independent legal entity incorporated in Germany. I hope what I am doing here does not negatively affect Model-car-world in the UK, a small stand alone company that has hitherto never done anything to me I could complain about. I might send them an email suggesting they change their name. 4. The very same customer rights applicable in the UK are also applicable in Germany, since they are EU statutes written into the law of all EU member states (Fernabsatzgesetz/Remote Sales Act). As an interntional trade specialist for over thirty years, I'm well aware of the legal situation and the legal actions I can or can not take. Since MCW would refund the model if I send it back, they act in full compliance with the Remote Sales Act. But to make the delivery of a replacement model dependent on further purchases is just morally wrong, IMO not befitting a respectable business and it could be illegal within German legislation, see point 5. 5. I'm currently testing whether them making the replacement of the model only possible if I purchase more from them is legal in the sense of the uniquely German (not EU, not UK) Verbundgeschäftsgesetz (Combined Transaction Act), which is written into the German Handelsgesetzbuch (commercial code). According to this act, a combined transaction - also known as a coupled transaction - is always present when the conclusion of a transaction (contract) includes the conclusion of a second transaction (contract) and a direct dependency between the transactions or contracts is established. The act contains a number of special legal features, but making the replacement of a defective good directly dependable on a further transaction (contract) could be illegal in Germany. If it is, all I could do is threaten them with it, since any court would dismiss the case because it's below the marginality threshold. I opened this thread merely to warn you of the shady wheelings and dealings of Model Car World Germany, to prevent you from finding yourselves in some similarly frustrating position I am currently in. I did open threads on other forums and have meanwhile been contacted by numerous people who can tell similar stories about the so called customer service of Model Car World in Germany, such as no longer honouring discounts when replacing defective models, i.e. if the exchange is happening after the sale ended. One guy received a model (purchased when it was on sale), was unhappy with it and wanted to exchange it for a more expensive model of better quality and pay the difference. In his case, they also refused to still honour the discount. The list goes on. Nothing they do seems downright illegal, but it's just dismal customer service and leaves people frustrated who pursue the opposite - happiness by having a hobby. You have been warned. That's all.
  6. And in each and every one of these shops you can buy the full assortment of MCG 1/18 scale diecasts? I don't think there is one in the entire United Kingdom that carries them. Let alone here in the North West. Besides, I have been ordering by mail order and later online from the entire World for the past forty years, but I have never ever encountered the sort of business conduct Model Car World in Germany displays.
  7. And where would I find such a "Brick and Mortar" store? I'd be forced to give up the hobby altogether.
  8. It is like this: When I enter the URL of the model car manufacturer, which is on the box, into my browser, I'm automatically redirected to the Model Car World Germany website! They are the manufacturer, i.e. the models are manufactured exclusively for them. Hence I am unable to complain to the manufacturer about their practices.
  9. Model Car World sent me (among other in this shipment) a 1/18 MCG Rolls Royce model with so severe manufacturing defects that it is hard to believe it passed the manufacturer's quality control, and they should have been obvious enough when the model was packed for dispatch. The base plate is so warped, it hangs out half an inch below the sills and the model does not rest on all four wheels. Also, the roof is severely scuffed. No big deal, I thought, it's a reputed dealer, so they will replace it with no fuss. I mean, this always was the case when I ordered from different dealers in the past and a defective model arrived. So I entered a claim via their website. To my surprise, MCW had different ideas. After a few days I received an email from their so called Service Team, explaining they wanted me to send the model back (OK) to be either refunded, or a replacement being sent out WITH MY NEXT ORDER (most definitely NOT OK!). I replied that I don't want a refund, since the model is intended as a Christmas gift for a friend and I find it unacceptable that a replacement is dependent on me making another purchase, which wasn't planned from my side in the foreseeable future, let alone before Christmas, until which the replacement model would be required. I also clearly told them my opinion about their business conduct to make the replacement of a defective model dependent on a new purchase from my side. After a further few days, I received another eMail from the MCW Service Team repeating this unreasonable offer, to which I replied that I am not agreeing to their demands and asked to please involve a manager. This was on Dec 18th. Christmas came and passed, so on Dec 27th I decided to post a comment on their Facebook page. They threatened me to report it to the Facebook authorities, since I mentioned the name of the Person of their so called Service Team, so I obliged to their demand, deleted the post and posted another one not mentioning any names. Today they replied to it MENTIONING MY NAME(!) and posted only the part where they offer to refund the model if I send it back, to which I do not agree. They failed to mention part two, that a replacement would be dependent on further purchases altogether. Regarding the timeline, I waited for well over a week until I took this into the public domain. I gave them a fair chance to handle this in privacy. I have also been a customer for years. This is the first time in my life the replacement of a defective new item is made dependent on further purchases. Since I canno longer trust them, I will not send back the model. I will try to fix it. But I am fuming about their practices and urge everyone to think twice before ordering from them.
  10. For me it's predominantly the subject matter and how the models are rendered. In both regards, the diecasts have just taken over. Also, some of those 'lower quality' model brands have come a long way. I'm particularly impressed with the latest offerings from Welly and Maisto. Also, you can't beat Norev for bang for the buck.
  11. That's 6 months more than you have now.
  12. I thought the Mints were made in Korea?
  13. Had you not insulated your garage, put no heater and vent in and not built a paint booth, you'd have had ample time for painting.
  14. Those plastic kits became too expensive.
  15. Some have only paint reaction. Others have zinc pest. These are two distinctly different defects and I'm well aware of the difference.
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