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  1. I just wanted to pass this along. I didn't see anything about it. Was a pretty good little show last year. The boys and I enjoyed it a lot. There were some crazy builds there, and we got some really good deals. Got info from their Facebook page here: Knoxville Scale Modelers Association. Edit: I noticed that when you look at their Facebook page, it's mostly military. There are a LOT of cars that show up for the show.
  2. I can vouch that this is a good show to attend. I don't compete, but there was PLENTY to look at and a good selection of stuff to buy at last years. Planning to attend this years.
  3. Hey guys. I've searched, and come up empty. I've got some old glue bombs sitting around that I'd like to disassemble and recycle. I was wondering if there's a simple trick (like CSC) to remove old glue. Thanks, Danny
  4. Man, I miss coming to those. Looks like you guys got a bigger room for the meetings since I was there. (It's only been 10 years. Doesn't seem possible.) Thanks for the pics Lyle.
  5. Went to the Smokey Mtn. Mini Con in Knoxville, Tn today. Took the family and really enjoyed it. It wasn't as big as the Cookeville show, but still worth the trip. There were a lot of nice contest entries, including a few from Cookeville. Still LOVE that blue 57 Chevy. I'll try to get pictures uploaded to photobucket and a link put up. Anyone else from here go? Met a handful of people. We all had a good time.
  6. That is freaking awesome! I love it.
  7. That's exactly what I'm needing. Which tires are those? The 1200 low profiles? Thanks.
  8. Their 23" empty rims might work, but I need 6. What I'm wanting to do is put semi wheels on dually that I'm building, but I need a really low profile tire. That's why I was asking about making some. Thought...what about using that brush on electrical tape, and rolling another tire over it right before it fully set up to add a tread pattern. Has anyone tired this? I've got lots of wheels, but no tires. (those kits that come with 2 sets of wheels and one set of tires really frustrate me) Thanks for the reply Zuk.
  9. I hope this is the right section for this. I did a search and came up empty. I'm needing to make some low profile tires for wheels from other kits. Doing some bashing. Trying to build something I've seen in real life. Thanks guys.
  10. Not to sound like a smart a@@, but actually, they are. Here's one example. I own 4 classic/antique cars and one truck. I have mixed feelings on this topic. If it's a rare car, (Hemi, COPO, odd options, low prod. numbers) then by all means restore it. My '69 Camaro hardtop is the opposite side of that statement. It is a base model, no option, non-numbers matching car. It's getting the full protouring treatment. My wife's '69 Camaro 'vert is the opposite. It's an all original survivor that I'll upgrade with original parts, but it's not getting modernized. Nothing that I do to it cannot be put back to stock. At the end of the day, there's no right or wrong answer. It comes down to each owner. It's a shame to see a nice, original car hacked to pieces (tubbed cars/pro street cars come to mind). The saddest thing is what Barrett Jackson has done to the collector car hobby. Go try to buy a rusted out shell. Good luck.
  11. Hey guys. I coulda swore I told you guys that I picked up some stuff, but it's not here. My brain left after this week. Actually, I know I did. I listed what I could find locally, and Abe replied. The internets ate my post... Anyway, I picked up Dynatron DYNA-deLITE for a filler and Dupli-color primer sealer for primer. Am I finally getting back on the right track? They also had a Bondo Professional glaze and the same kind of filler. Should I have gotten them? Thanks guys.
  12. Hey guys. Do you mind if I jump in and semi-hijack this thread? I've checked locally and my choices in less than gallon size are limited, too. I can find plain ole Bondo, Bondo Professional, Bondo Professional Glaze, and Dynatron Dynalite. I know some of those were brought up, but which is gonna be best to use in small amounts? I don't wanna waste a bunch just to fill something really small. Also, I couldn't remember the name of the Dynatron stuff, and while searching for it, I ran across an Everclear putty in the same funny shaped bottle as the Bondo Pro Glaze. Is there any chance they'd be the same stuff? Thanks a bunch!
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head there. Stick some Cragers with fat white walls on it and it's golden! Just my $.02.
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