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  1. @michelle you can still buy this kit. For example at modelroundup
  2. To my 60th birthday, my wife had a great idea. The present for me was 2 hour driving with a Lamborghini Gallardo. I drove from my house a country road to the highway near by and back. It was amazing, a dream was going reality. Unfortunately there was much traffic on the highway, so it was only possible to drive a top speed of 235 km/h. The sound, the experience and the feeling was great. The engine in this car is a V10 with over 500 HP, top-speed 318 km/h. So I want to built this car. I found the kit from Fujimi with photo-etched parts (important for the grills). The rims from Hobby Design, the carbon decals und safety belts from Scale Production. The color ist Lamborghini Orange Metallic from Zero Paints. Alclad II for the metal parts (magnesium for the rims, like the real ones). The license plates are printed at home like the real plates are. This is the car, I want to built: This is the result: Some pictures from inside:
  3. Great job. Nice painting and finish.
  4. This pickup ist built from the MPC kit 1/25. It was the most terrible kit, witch I have ever built. The time to built the Pontiac was nearly 2 years with many breaks. Sometimes I want to throw it into the trash can. But now I`m ready. The color ist from Zero Paints (Light Blue for Mercedes 300SL) with a 2K clear coat. The front lights are from scale production, the bumpers painted witz ALCLAD II Chrome and the windshield frame ist Baremetal Foil. I like the decals from the kit and the look of the car.
  5. It‘s a awesome car. I like the Dodge Charger from this time. Nice color and a nice built. 👍
  6. Interesting two color tone.
  7. Top color and I like the wiring. Great work.
  8. A really „great“ kit. Good work till now.
  9. This kit is from AMT. The colors I used are from Zero Paints. The primer was light grey from AK. The biggest problem was the front window. At the connection to the roof there was a 1,5mm gap. I first don`t want to use the sunvisor. So I painted it chrome and "closed" the gaps at the upper side of the window. The remaining gaps at the side I filled with white glue and painted them white with a brush. The tailgate is moveable and fixed with mini magnets. The chain is titanium and so there is no problem with the magnets. The headlights are from Scale Production.
  10. A nice car Andy. I like your Hudson and the two tone color at the body and inside. The details of the engine are great.
  11. @vamach1 in witch location of the cinema is the meeting? In the restaurant? I want to visit the club on Tuesday. See you.
  12. @Jim B I think it was a normal kit, no special @Chevy II I hope that I know the colors this time. I think it was Tamiya Buff und sand yellow or desert yellow. The wooden parts are painted first with Vallejo old wood, than oil paint burnt sienna and at last Tamiya clear orange
  13. I built this car from a Revell 1/25 kit in spring 2021 in only 6 weeks. This is the fastest car built I ever did. The colors are vom Tamiya the clearcoat from Glasurit. I had much fun by building this fine car. The clearcoat is not perfect and the car a little bit dusty.
  14. Great job. I like this 1:12 oldtimer from Italeri.
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