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  1. This kit is from AMT. The colors I used are from Zero Paints. The primer was light grey from AK. The biggest problem was the front window. At the connection to the roof there was a 1,5mm gap. I first don`t want to use the sunvisor. So I painted it chrome and "closed" the gaps at the upper side of the window. The remaining gaps at the side I filled with white glue and painted them white with a brush. The tailgate is moveable and fixed with mini magnets. The chain is titanium and so there is no problem with the magnets. The headlights are from Scale Production.
  2. A nice car Andy. I like your Hudson and the two tone color at the body and inside. The details of the engine are great.
  3. @vamach1 in witch location of the cinema is the meeting? In the restaurant? I want to visit the club on Tuesday. See you.
  4. @Jim B I think it was a normal kit, no special @Chevy II I hope that I know the colors this time. I think it was Tamiya Buff und sand yellow or desert yellow. The wooden parts are painted first with Vallejo old wood, than oil paint burnt sienna and at last Tamiya clear orange
  5. I built this car from a Revell 1/25 kit in spring 2021 in only 6 weeks. This is the fastest car built I ever did. The colors are vom Tamiya the clearcoat from Glasurit. I had much fun by building this fine car. The clearcoat is not perfect and the car a little bit dusty.
  6. Great job. I like this 1:12 oldtimer from Italeri.
  7. A really „great“ car. Fine built.
  8. Fantastic paintwork on a beautiful Ferrari. This is a perfect surface, I think I never will reach this perfection.
  9. Very nice car. I like the color and now I know, what a moonshinner looked like.
  10. Another car builder from Germany.😁 I know some of your models from a german Forum. You built nice models with an awesome painting. The Boss Mustang is a good example
  11. A lot of fine built cars and trucks. Thank you for the photos.
  12. Very nice built of the Dino. Yellow is good color. I have both Enthusiast kits from Fujimi in my stock (Coupé and Spider) and a glass of Zero Paints Ferrari yellow 😉
  13. A really „great“ project. The fitting of the hood seems not perfect.
  14. Wow, what a nice car. Great work.
  15. @Tommy124 The rest of the kit endet in the trash. It was really bad.
  16. This is a kitbash of the Tamiya SL500, the Tamiya AMG rims and some parts of the Revell SL300/24V. I want to built a replic of my own SL320 convertible, what is standing in my garage since 11 years. But you can only buy the kits of the standing above models. So I only use the rear seats and the engine block from revell. The antenna ist scratch built, my car has a phone in it and I need this special one from the early 90ties. The color is original mixed from Zero Paints in Great Britain according to the color code of my car. The air intake, the oil dipstick and the license plate are scratch built and printed like you see it at the original. My car is now 29 years old with 100.000 km. I buyed it with 65.000 km. Enjoy the pictures. The hardtop belongs to the car, but it was used ony one time till now. So I have no picture from the great car.
  17. Nice work. I like the color. Good paint job on the 2 bodies.
  18. Nice interieur. I hope the door a working better that mine from the Aoshima Diablo GT
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