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  1. I've been looking forward to this one for some time now. It is the Moebius kit, that will have a roll cage, slicks, a Hemi with homemade headers and details. I'm going to do a dark blue paint job, I'm "thinking" Tamiya black under Tamiya Dark Blue Metallic or Mica Blue.
  2. I build a '48 Ford not long ago and posted pictures of it. This one will be slightly different and will not be staying with me. Started removing some of the trim and mold lines.
  3. @Jantrix Thanks! I'll start looking for some of those kits!
  4. Well, I got the ’65 Plymouth Satellite kit Friday evening. To my pleasant surprise, it has multiple carbs, the cross ram intake, Hemi race version air filters and Hemi valve covers. The only items i doesn't have are the heads.
  5. I'm looking for a a set of 426 Hemi heads from the Moebius Melrose Missile or California Flash kit. Thank you for your time.
  6. @Mopar maniac 74 thank you so much! That is so cool of you to have checked! So here are my options it sounds like: - Buy both kits, not my favorite, since I've got one kit I've promised to someone and this one and another one for myself that I'm building. - Figure out which parts are harder to get, either the Hemi or the hood and back seat, and start with that kit.
  7. Great! @Mopar maniac 74 @Mark I thank you both. Let me ask you this, does it look like the Hemi will fit into the "stock" kit? Or will I need the K-member from the MM kit? As far as headers and exhaust go, I may make my own, but either way, I agree it will have duals to behind the rear tires.
  8. I think I just realized that the interior tub is different. The M.M. kit has the van bucket seats and the stock kit has a console. So, maybe starting with the stock kit and maybe finding a Hemi K-member is the way to go.
  9. So the Missile car will have all the factory trim on the body? That is what I'm wanting.
  10. I’m going to build a ’65 Plymouth Satellite as a Hemi powered street machine. Basically my vision is a show room stock appearing car with Cragars, slicks and a Hemi. My question is this: am I better off starting with the ’65 “Melrose Missile” Plymouth kit or the showroom looking ’65 Plymouth Satellite kit? I want the interior to be stock not race car and the exterior to have all the factory trim. My gut tells me to start with the “Melrose Missile” kit and add a backseat if the kit doesn’t have one, that that would be easier than kit bashing a Hemi into it, since there is a kit that already has a Hemi. I guess I’m wondering how similar are the two kits. I don’t mind kit bashing and swapping parts out, but I want to start off with the kit that makes the most sense compared to what I want my finish build to be.
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