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  1. 1977m880 added a post in a topic SJS Details   

    That looks like a Drom box for a 1/25 scale semi. Thats kinda neat!
  2. 1977m880 added a post in a topic Pickup Toppers/Caps   

    I like all of the ideas, especially if they could be made to fit a 70s dodge full size long box or the lil red express truck. How much do you think they will cost?
  3. 1977m880 added a post in a topic Freightliner Trucks   

    Check out Item number: 260252024901 on eBay, I think it is what you are looking for and it is pretty reasonably priced. Hope this is helpful.
  4. 1977m880 added a post in a topic 70 Superbee   

    That looks awesome! I cant wait til that kit is reissued.