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  1. Really nice kit to build. goes together really well and invites detailing. Only issue i had was the fit of the cowlings if you want to leave them loose. Paint is Tamiya Dull red from a rattle can which is flat out of the tin but with a clear gloss coat here . You will have to scratch the ignition wire tube as the plastic offering in the kit is not up to much. Shouldn't really have a wood rim steering wheel either but i thought black was a bit boring 🙂
  2. Yes but it would be nice to be able to pose it open and still have it able to shut.
  3. Any one who has built this, did you find a way of hinging the bonnet/hood so it could be posed open and still shut ? I have been putting it off but now reached the stage where i need to fit it somehow ?
  4. Many thanks everyone. Glad you like it. I had intended to build it as the Martini Porsche but sometimes its fun to do your own thing 🙂
  5. This one has been done so many times i decided to do something a little deferent 🙂 Decals are left overs from various 1/12 Tamiya motorcycles, the Porsche ones are just the Martini bits cut off. Paint is just Tamiya rattle cans , Chrome yellow gloss white and gloss black and Tamiya flexible masking tape.
  6. I probably should have blown the dust off the Bentley before i took the pictures 🙂 Yes they are the Model bunker wheels, i think they are just about worth the extra money. The fact that you noticed them shows they make a difference. they are not a direct fit, i had to cut the hubs out of the kit wheels and fit them into the printed wheels but its straight forward once you have realised thats what needs doing. I have been looking at the lock wired fixings on the Alfa and I'm not sure they are lock wires. i think these are drilled location pins that protrude through detachable panels so its the wire thats holding the panel on ?. If not i cant see what the ones on the radiator cowl and the front chassis rails are actually doing ? Also the fact that they all line up says to me they are fixed pins.
  7. This is Tamiya flat dull red and again with a gloss coat and alongside Tamiya Mica red with a white primer( which seems to be a very fine metallic). sprayed on a shiny spoon with no undercoat its actually semi transparent like an Alclad ( last picture)) Knowing what paint finishes were like in the 30's i am leaning towards dull red with a gloss coat for the body and a semi gloss for the chasis.
  8. Thanks Jay thanks for that The 8C colour looks spot on for Alfa and the Fiat colour is a good contrast. i guess none of these colours are written in stone. Looks like you have already gone down the road i am planning 🙂 with the Italeri vintage cars, i have always done aircraft but i had a go at the Airfix Bentley last year and had a great time adding a magneto linkage and alloy bulkhead and mesh on the fuel tank 🙂 .
  9. Any views on the red used on the Italari 1/12 Alfa Romeo Monza 2300 8c, even Italeri cant seem to decide 🙂 I dont think its Monza Red or the Metallic Red in the box art ? Looks more like a Tamiya ship hull red with a gloss coat ?
  10. Hallo. I'm a doughnut eater...Oh sorry, wrong forum Hi i have been building models for years but i have always avoided cars because i found the paintwork and glass a real problem. Recently i built the Airfix 1/12 Bentley as it has very little glass and doesnt have acres or hi gloss body panels. Anyway the upshot was i really enjoyed the build and so i figure i need to join a car forum to get tips and ideas...........so here i am 🙂
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