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  1. 1987 Regal, Turbo, T type, T tops. All the usual tricks, chip, 160 thermostat, air intake, K & N cone air filter, adjustable wastegate, larger capacity fuel pressure regulator, gutted cat and shift kit. Goes like stink. 139K on the original motor and turbo. Did head gaskets at 122K. The Plymouth is faster.
  2. Thank you. I've made a little progress.
  3. https://www.google.com/search?q=hinky&rlz=1C1AWFA_enUS775US775&oq=Hinky&aqs=chrome.0.0i433i512j0i512j46i199i465i512j0i512l2j46i512j0i512l2j46i10i512j0i512.4191j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  4. I wanted to build something different. Scratchbuilt the trunk (lid) and rear of the roof from scrap plastic. Scribed in the trunk lines. This was the "Dyno Don" kit. Built in 1978. Has been since cleaned up.
  5. Thank you. Bodywork is my favorite part of the build, and MoPars are my favorite build subjects.
  6. Johan '68 Fury, ex 4 door cop car, now 2 door sedan pro street. I cut out the B pillar, door handle, lock and door line out as one piece, moved it back until it looked right (l had pics of a 1/1), then put the pieces I had removed from the back doors into the space on the front doors. I made a six pack scoop and put it on a spare, flat back, hood, but I prefer the sleepiness of the flat, yellow hood.
  7. Mpc 1969 Coronet. Took this as a challenge. One of my favorite cars.
  8. I'm a MoPar builder. My preference is JoHan (Plymouth), and Mpc (Dodge), in that order. Then Revell, Mobius, Amt and Lindberg. Monogram kits are the wrong scale. I use them for parts donors. I have a couple of Polar Lights kits. Tamiya makes good kits, but I don't build foreign cars.
  9. Motion Camaro on Sunrise Highway, Baldwin NY around 1973.
  10. 1963 Nova wagon. My second build. Bought it in 1963, at age 7. Built it, unpainted, that night. First (Pactra!) spray paint job at age 13, around 1969. Still have it.
  11. My first build was a Johan 1962 Dodge, like this one, in 1962. I was 6 years old. I decided to revisit the kit last year.
  12. 1967 Plymouth Satellite 494 wedge, 4 speed. AC. Only on nice days.
  13. 1962 Pro Street Corvette. Sunrise Highway Long Island NY
  14. 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite wagon. Wood grain, power windows, power door locks, cruise control, AC. Flushing NY.
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