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  1. That's cool. Reminds me of this one..... https://www.motortrend.com/features/1002cct-1950-willys-jeep-pickup-truck/
  2. Nice work. I've done similar work but I used a shot of say the fender with badge as a back ground. I'll dig some up and post in a new thread.
  3. That Merc Monarch brings back memories of my drivers test. My Pop had 77 4 door Ghia w/302, dark blue with white vinyl.
  4. RIP Fmeep. Maybe he will meet Jackie (1987-2006) and they can play together in kitty heaven.
  5. Those 4 week old fuzz nuggets are adorable!!!! The black one looks like my Shelby when I got him 11 years ago.
  6. RIP Liked him a lot in "The Killer Elite" with James Caan and he had a small role in Macho Callahan, fantastic western with David Janssen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macho_Callahan
  7. Oh man......so sad to hear this. Another great drummer goes. I look forward to buying a house so I can once again hit the heads. Man I miss drumming.
  8. RIP Ray.......Loved him in "Cop Land" as well.
  9. Customers at the camera store I work at drop off so many 8mm (16mm also) movie projectors I have amassed quite the collection. I think I have somewhere around 40 8mm projectors ranging from the 1930's to the 80's. Including 5 or 6 16mm projectors. All of them work. I also have a dozen or so slide projectors. And I also collect cameras and typewriters.
  10. Where as in my family the TV was the main source of entertainment and was on a lot. I paid $50 bucks for mine at an estate sale 6 years ago. Perfect condition, everything works, radio, turntable and TV. Thinking of using one of my VHS players to watch some old BW movies.
  11. I think I can fit......?
  12. Love old radios........the wooden one on top of the console tv in the middle was my great grand pappy's (AM and shortwave).
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