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  1. RIP......!!!! I just watched for the first time "Ulee's Gold". He was wonderful in that flick.
  2. Way cool! I have many of these IMSA Mustang kits. I like to build them someday but unfortunately all the kits have bad decals.
  3. WOW! I love green!!! Stunning!
  4. Nice Pony! That color is crazy cool. 😎
  5. Ain't that the truth. LOL They were very good looking.
  6. Went to car show at a Ford dealer 2 weeks ago and saw 3 of those there. All had $51,000 list price.
  7. Great start so far. In 1982 I got to ride in Bigfoot number one. Went to Midwest 4x4 to help a buddy pick up his newly lifted truck and the owner was kind enough to give us a ride.
  8. Did Don Dowdy build that one? Here is one he did many years ago.
  9. 1996........about the year I started collecting die-cast. Found at Walmart, must have been a return.
  10. Just wanted to chime in on how wonder the casting looks. Fantastic work!
  11. Found this over 20 year old 5-pack on the pegs not to long ago. For sure the oldest pack I've ever found on the pegs. Paid $4.97.
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