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  1. Very weird Mustang/pickup

    I've seen a few Truck-Stangs at car shows. One I saw was so well done it looked factory. This one looks way to odd to me.
  2. Don't chuck V8's out just yet....

    Maybe the AMT 97 Mustang GT kit might work.
  3. Don't chuck V8's out just yet....

    I'll never give up my 88 5.0 Mustang, you just can't kill those engines and the exhaust note is like an opera.
  4. Come on.... TWD can do better than that.

    Agreed........and the FTWD right after was just as disappointing. I really don't care for the cross over but the producers had to do something as viewership has fallen.
  5. LEGO Rat Rod

    Those are great! Long live Lego!!!!!!
  6. 1978 Mustang II

    I sure miss my 78 Pony. Had the 302 V8 auto and air. Sunroof. Fun car to drive. Bought her in 1992 for $850. Drove her for 2 years till the oil pump went out. And you know the rest...lost storage....had to part out....(Did make $1200 on the part out and still have the 3 spoke sport steering wheel). So I made a model kit of her, but as you can see, wrong tires and missing the sunroof. Plans call to rebuild that model kit with all the details right. But it was very cool seeing Fresh Cherries come out with a stock Mustang II hatch.....and in black!!!! I do have another one that needs to be taken apart and paint the interior tan. The brown coupe on the other side was owned by a chief who worked next door to the photo lab I worked at, his was a 76 2.3 auto. Hope someday I find another Mustang II, would love to restore it just like the one that I lost.
  7. What in the Sam Hill

    And here I thought I loved every Mustang on the planet.
  8. why have new cars gotten so expensive 1:1 scale

    Ain't it the truth..........!
  9. why have new cars gotten so expensive 1:1 scale

    FYI..... The sticker price for my 99 V6 (w/auto) Mustang was $18,500......$27,649 in todays dollar. A new base V6 (w/auto) 2017 Mustang is $26,380.
  10. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Art is the man! Thanks for the info.
  11. Model T Truck Kit...?

    I just thought about that....isn't the TT just a stronger frame and rear axle? Also I think the Schiller's van is a Model T as the TT came out in 1917? I think the photo I showed is from 1914?
  12. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Sweet, I'll stop by my local one. THX
  13. Model T Truck Kit...?

    Looks like a great start. I should be able to mod the body a bit. $8 a piece, WOW! I do have 6 local hobby stores here in St. Louis and I bet one of them has it. Thanks guys!!
  14. So guys I'd like to replicate the Model TT shown in this pic. The camera store/lab I work at has been in business since 1892 and some time in the mid teens this photo was taken. What kit, if any, should I get to start this project? Thanks!
  15. What do you drive?

    That was when I lived in South St. Louis, wish I still lived there as I have no garage now. The Mustang show was the 50th B-Day celebration in Charlotte, NC. I finished my restoration 2 days before I drove there.....LOL