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  1. I'd rather own this,,,,,,,,,,,,😎
  2. Sweet build and great racing flick. 😎
  3. Very nice work. Great custom touches.....😎
  4. Oh yeah.......Monta Bella...........😎
  5. Nice build of a car you never see anymore. Olds Cars Weekly just did a really good article on the Matador and here is the Matador under car of the week..... https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/collector-cars/car-of-the-week-1974-amc-matador-x
  6. Looks great....love that color!!! And yep, 1968.
  7. Oh I like that one!!! Slick! 😎
  8. I still buy vinyl LP's, got into CD's in the 80's but I still love vinyl more. I have ripped all my CD's to my computer and still make cassette mixed tapes with my vinyl as 2 of my Mustang's have cassette decks in them. I also still buy DVD's and even VHS tapes as they are cheap (talking 25 and 50 cents each) and I don't care if the quality is not the best, I still enjoy watching them. Plus I have been finding movies on VHS that are not available any other way. The last CD I bought was a year ago. Robin Williams live at the Met 1986. So now I have the CD, LP, cassette, VHS and laserdisc of that performance. (The VHS has been duped onto DVD).
  9. At least you have airbags......unlike my 88 5.0 vert. Super sweet Pony you have my friend!!!
  10. Hmmmm, I've never owned a car that I would consider dangerous although my 71 VW Bug's windshield sure was close to my face...LOL. I did one time forget to tighten the lug nuts on my 68 Mustang after I changed the rear pass flat tire. It came loose, after I stopped the car the wheel/tire just kept going down the road......! I did find 2 of the 4 lugs (6 cyl) and made it to the parts store to buy 2 more and a new brake drum...amazingly no other damage.
  11. If i had to pick I guess my style would be a mix of Ginger, John Densmore and Gene Krupa.
  12. RIP Rip! He was an interesting character.
  13. RIP Ginger! As a drummer myself you were an inspiration to me.
  14. FYI.....That is 1950 Nash Ambassador.
  15. I know, right! My Doctor is a bit concerned as well....LOL
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