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  1. Kids today...

    This what happen with my nephew. He got so impatient. So I got Lego's for him instead as he liked those a lot. Of course video games were a big deal to him as well.
  2. The end is near

    And another "the end is near"........ https://www.motortrend.com/news/2020-ford-mustang-hybrid-what-to-expect/
  3. Ferrari 250 gto fujimi

    Monte Bella!!!!!!!!
  4. 56 Ford Victoria

    Looks great! I really like that color combo.
  5. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Besides 79-82 or 1983-84 or 1985-86 Mustang Notch's....because all 3 have different front ends, tails and trim. How about a very well detailed 48 Tucker (including the luggage)......
  6. My own Blues mobile

    Vic looks amazing!! I would love to find a set of those wheels for my 96 Vic.
  7. Great Traders List

    Wonderful trade with Modlbldr. Thanks again!!
  8. Crown Vic

    Here are my trade kits.
  9. Crown Vic

    Very interested but might take a week or two to get to my storage where my kits are. I know I do have a Chevy Nova (69-70?) kit for trade and I'm sure a few others as well.
  10. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    Oh man, yeah. I think I should have just painted them body color as I did with the other window trim.
  11. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    The hood was a resin cast part the PO bought at a toy show. I've never seen another.
  12. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    The kit I bought was open and a few parts glued togather. It also had the resin teardrop hood so I built it as a hopped up ride. I stratch built, speaker grills, Dizzy, heavy duty shocks, exhaust tips and added plates. Didn't notice the roof at all but I should have filled in the rear fender wells. You can see clear through to the other side. Glueing the doors shut. Missing piece, cast in resin. Painted the letters. 1st time for that. Duel exhaust tips. Heater hose holes, reason I bought a pin vise. Interior less speakers grills, brown felt as carpet. Used some wire I had in a box.
  13. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    I think I still have pics from when I built mine. If I locate them I can post them here if you like.
  14. I Found My Holy Grail Movie VHS

    Super nice radio. Here is my set up, the old one on top/middle of the console TV was my great-grandfathers AM/Shortwave.
  15. I Found My Holy Grail Movie VHS

    Thanks guys. From my reserch this is the 3rd release on VHS. The first is super hard to find from 1983. The second came out in 1989 from Media and the tape runs in SP mode (2 HR), same cover as mine. The 3rd tape (mine) is from Video Treasures (VT bought the rights from Media) 1990 and runs in the cost effective LP mode (4 HR). I do believe the first issue was a bootleg from Full Throttle Films (electronic rental company that put films onto VHS for renting). This is the only photo I have found of the first cover. BETA of all things! LOL