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  1. If i had to pick I guess my style would be a mix of Ginger, John Densmore and Gene Krupa.
  2. RIP Rip! He was an interesting character.
  3. RIP Ginger! As a drummer myself you were an inspiration to me.
  4. FYI.....That is 1950 Nash Ambassador.
  5. I know, right! My Doctor is a bit concerned as well....LOL
  6. And I currently own 3...........😎 Our family car when I was little was a 67 Mustang and I was hooked from a young age. Plus being born in 64 like the Mustang it just cemented my love of the car. Crazy that Ford has now built over 10 million of them.
  7. That is one sweet II......😎 I was glad my 78 had the 302. It wasn't super fast but it would get up and go good enough. I only paid $850 for it in 1993 and 6 years later I parted it out for around $1200.....LOL Still have the leather sport steering wheel in case I ever get another or a 79-82 Mustang as well can use that cool wheel.
  8. Funny, those are the 2 on my list. I did list the Beetle as Type 1 only. I guess I could include the newer ones as I think they are not that bad. As far as the Mustang goes.....YES!!! Every single Ford Mustang ever made I love. Especially the Mustang II as I owned one and loved it! LONG LIVE THE MUSTANG II...........😎
  9. Kinda cool, kinda funky. I just wish i had all that time and money to work on my 3 Mustang's.
  10. WOW! That thing looks great! I really like the driver in there, don't see that very often.
  11. MUSTANG'S.....!!!!! 😎 1st Gen VW Beetles.
  12. Anybody have that 7" record you could have sent off for? I bet rarer than the kit.
  13. RIP Rhoda! You were a very funny lady.
  14. Looks like a fun build. I saw her in an interview back in the 90's. When asked how the guys treated her she replied "They didn't beat me up to bad but if they knock me out I'd get them back in the next race".
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