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  1. I started my photography love in 1980 with a X-Mas gift Pentax K1000. Been working in the photo industry since 1985. Today I work for the last brick/mortar camera store/lab in St. Louis, Schiller's Camera (established 1892). I still shoot film, I scan my color but print BW in the darkroom. When I find some time I'll post some of my work.
  2. My fam has no interest in anything I own. I'm single with no ex-wife or kids so my nephew gets all my stuff. So my model kits built and unbuilt will more than likely be sold in an estate sale by my nephew with all my other collections.
  3. Just read an article on the car in Old Cars Weekly. It's had an interesting history. Article..... https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/features/car-of-the-week-the-hirohata-merc
  4. Love him, great actor, one of a kind. RIP Fav flicks of his I can watch over and over..... In the Heat of the Night To Sir with Love Guess Who's Coming to Dinner The Defiant Ones The Slender Thread Shoot to Kill and I just got on VHS for 50 cents awhile ago...... The Bedford Incident
  5. Miller High Life........"The Champaign of Beers"
  6. Sorry for your loss Jerry. RIP Rocky.
  7. Welcome fellow St. Louis'n................😎
  8. Dreaming......68 Cobra Jet.......... What I really want is a Fox Mustang hatch in white. I currently own a 88 red convertible and a blue 85 notch. If I can get the white one then I will own all 3 body styles in red, white and blue..........! 😎
  9. 58 degrees here in St. Lou......................🙄
  10. Take care everybody and joyous X-Mas............!
  11. Wish you all a joyous and Merry Christmas.
  12. I have not read the novel but I did just watch that movie again a couple of weeks ago from TCM. I kept pausing it during the street scenes to look at the cars.
  13. Any X-Mas song sung by good old Blue Eyes...... Of course there is this one...... Jingle bells Batman smells Robin laid an egg The Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away.
  14. The Alastair Sims version is my favorite as well.
  15. Other than "It's a Wonderful Life". I like....... 2 Barbara Stanwyck X-Mas movies. "Remember the Night" 1940 and "Christmas in Connecticut" 1945. "Miracle on 34th Street" 1947 "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 1993 "Trapped in Paradise" 1994 "Trading Places" 1983 "Deck the Halls" 2006 "3 Godfathers" 1948
  16. Nice build. I'll have to make notes from your build if I ever kit one of these kits.
  17. Super nice build. Someday I'll build that kit, it's in storage with all my Mustang kits.
  18. This Mustang lover is for sure in love with this build.
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