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  1. That's cool. Reminds me of this one..... https://www.motortrend.com/features/1002cct-1950-willys-jeep-pickup-truck/
  2. Nice work. I've done similar work but I used a shot of say the fender with badge as a back ground. I'll dig some up and post in a new thread.
  3. That Merc Monarch brings back memories of my drivers test. My Pop had 77 4 door Ghia w/302, dark blue with white vinyl.
  4. RIP Fmeep. Maybe he will meet Jackie (1987-2006) and they can play together in kitty heaven.
  5. Those 4 week old fuzz nuggets are adorable!!!! The black one looks like my Shelby when I got him 11 years ago.
  6. RIP Liked him a lot in "The Killer Elite" with James Caan and he had a small role in Macho Callahan, fantastic western with David Janssen. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macho_Callahan
  7. Oh man......so sad to hear this. Another great drummer goes. I look forward to buying a house so I can once again hit the heads. Man I miss drumming.
  8. RIP Ray.......Loved him in "Cop Land" as well.
  9. Customers at the camera store I work at drop off so many 8mm (16mm also) movie projectors I have amassed quite the collection. I think I have somewhere around 40 8mm projectors ranging from the 1930's to the 80's. Including 5 or 6 16mm projectors. All of them work. I also have a dozen or so slide projectors. And I also collect cameras and typewriters.
  10. Where as in my family the TV was the main source of entertainment and was on a lot. I paid $50 bucks for mine at an estate sale 6 years ago. Perfect condition, everything works, radio, turntable and TV. Thinking of using one of my VHS players to watch some old BW movies.
  11. I think I can fit......?
  12. Love old radios........the wooden one on top of the console tv in the middle was my great grand pappy's (AM and shortwave).
  13. Love that flick, saw it in the theater and have it on VHS. But last year I found the Blu-ray, good to see it again in widescreen. Of course who can forget "Tremors" with Ward and Kevin Bacon. Although Ward was in "Tremors II" and he was good, Bacon was sorely missed.
  14. RIP....Remo Williams. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/13/entertainment/fred-ward-obit/index.html
  15. I tried to get rid of my phone land line but would only save $12. But the internet service has been great and I do still watch enough cable TV to keep the "triple-pay".
  16. I'm a pro-photographer but have yet to go digital. Of course my color film does get developed in a dedicated film processor and a high quality scan from work and some post PS work but my BW is done all by hand in the darkroom. People always say to me "But you only have 36 shots!?!" Yes, I'm stuck with "just" 36 images per roll but that's all I need to "get" the shot. I have no intention of buying a DLSR and shoot 3600 images only to spend the next 8 hours combing through all that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH to get the 10-20 I need. And a well done BW in the darkroom is miles ahead of any BW digital image, in my mind anyway. Just old school I guess.
  17. Very cool! I had for a very short time an 83 with a standard V6.
  18. I listen to mostly classic/hard rock, classical and Jazz (drummers). And even though I admit and like Patsy Kline and Billy Holiday I also secretly like Rosanne Cash. Back in the late 80's when Target was getting rid of their vinyl they had her first 4 LP's marked down to 99 cents each. I bought them cause I thought maybe I'd like her more than her father and I did, sorry not a fan of Johnny.
  19. Love that paint job! Merc did make more 4 drs than 2 drs but I assume that the 2 drs are more prevalent today. 1961 Comet 4 door sedan 85,332 $2,053 1961 Comet 2 door sedan 71,563 $1,998 1961 Comet 2 door station wagon 4,199 $2,310 1961 Comet 4 door station wagon 22,165 $2,353
  20. Neat build. And I too liked the show. Heck it got 93% on Tomato meter. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/stumptown/s01
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