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  1. Since I disagree with just the top 10 I'll pass on looking at the others on the list.
  2. That was my nephew.......I even tried a simple snap kit.....nope.
  3. Sweet Pony...........😎 Our family car in 1968 when I was 4 years old was a 67 Mustang coupe 6-banger. That car started my love of Mustang's.
  4. Well, after negotiations I get to keep her (she was totaled) and the insurance is giving me a payout of $4792.50 based on an appraisal of $6000. Not bad cause I just wanted $1200 to buy new parts.
  5. CUTE....!!!!! Shelby says hello..............
  6. Unrelated but I just noticed I have 2 accounts....? I guess the webestang64 can be deleted.
  7. I was a bit stunned by the $4500 estimate from the body shop. I rebuilt this car back in 2012 and spent less than $2000 doing everything myself, including a new top. Makes me think about my 85 notch, I might look into classic car ins.
  8. So a couple of weeks ago a lady in a SUV made a left hand turn (crossing 2 double yellow lines) right in front of me. BAM..........I was so mad. Anyway, after all the negotiations were over they accessed my 88 5.0 vert at $6000 based on other similar ones that have sold recently (BlueBook goes back to 1992). So after fees, taxes and scrap value (it was "totaled") I'm getting $4792.50 and of course keeping her. Funny, I already found a used hood for $50. The rad support is a bit bent inward but I think I can use my friends winch on his PU to bend it back. Stay safe out there guys and watch out for old lady's in SUV's.
  9. I only get Old Cars Weekly and Hemming's Classic Car. Both have said in their editorials that they will always be printed.....heres hoping.....?
  10. Love me some VW Bug.......very nice clean build.
  11. Guess the article I read was wrong. Interesting tribute.
  12. For sure one of the best and of course the 2 drivers in DUEL.....Carey Loftin (truck) and Dale Van Sickle (car).
  13. The article on car chases I read many years ago in a car mag (can't remember which one) stated that the final shot was to have the Ventura stop under the truck right before the windshield, not smash into it. The truck was on the shoulder and the shoulder was not cleaned of any debris that would be on a shoulder. When the stunt driver hit the brakes at his mark the car didn't stop and crushed the roof while the driver ducted over into the passenger seat.
  14. Looks fantastic. When I built that kit about 15 years ago I painted it green.
  15. Wicked chase. And good flick. That's Bill Hickman behind the wheel of the bad guys car.....he drove the Charger in Bullitt. Also, that Ventura was not supposed to go under the truck and take part of the roof off, it was a mistake that got left in (and the stunt guy was fine).
  16. I didn't think that roof would look OK, till I saw the pics of your build. Nicely done.
  17. I really wish mine was a P-71 model. Still need to add duel exhaust to mine. Sometimes on the highway in my 96 Vic I'm just driving along and all of a sudden I notice I'm doing 90-95.......you just can't tell sometimes in these Vics, 95 seems like 60.....LOL
  18. Very very nice. I've got to build a replica of my old Bug I owned back in the day.
  19. Sweet.....love the color.
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