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  1. We're looking to communicate with this gentleman: Mirko Golinski Much appreciated. BC
  2. Really good to see you haven't lost that special touch on such subjects. Thanks so much for sharing with everybody. BC
  3. Really good to see you haven't lost that special touch on such subjects. Thanks so much for sharing with everybody. BC
  4. Hey Gregg... I know it was an oversight but let's be sure to add Len Carsner to this 'thank you' list. He's been responsible for everything from iHobby coverage to doing a lot of the heavy lifting on many of the kit review/how-to articles he and I have cooperated on together in Model Cars magazine. The Revell vintage funny cars featured on the May/June 2011 cover are a great example of Len's efforts. Thanks... Bill Coulter
  5. I might have done a better building job on the Baker championship BW if we hadn't been on such a tight schedule for Revell. It's always good to realize a model for your collection that's been near the top of my want to do list. Thankfully, I'm still a long way from wiping out that list.



  6. Modelhaus offers a wood-grain decal sheet that should work just fine on your 57 Country Squire. Bill Coulter
  7. Thanks Mark for the kind comments. I make no excuses, I'm old school all the way and it's reflected in my work. I try to do subjects that will appeal to the most builders and in a fashion that anybody could duplicate.

    Thanks again...


  8. Hi Roger... Actually, 1962 was the only year of the legendary Chrysler letter cars that the cross ram set-up wasn't factory installed. The H's came from the factory with two four barrels in-line. The cross ram that year could be had but it was dealer installed. There was such a fuss about this that Chrysler went back to factory installed cross ram set-ups starting in 1963 on the J model. Nice model. BC
  9. The engine stands used in this product build/review came from the Lindberg (AMT tooling) 1934 Ford pickup kits.


  10. Sorry. In the second line of this caption (third photo in this posting), where it currently reads "automotive", it should read "automatic" (as I've changed it below): Here’s a quick comparison of the two rear suspensions available in this new Revell Hemi Dart kit. On the left is the street set-up utilizing an 8-3/4 in. rear axle (dome shaped gear cover) used with an AUTOMATIC transmission the GTS version of this kit. On the right is the Dana rear axle that’s part of a four-speed drag racing set-up. Not the difference in overall width in comparing the two. The 8-3/4 in. (wider) is attached to the outside of the rear sub-frame rails. The Dana (narrower) is attached to the topside of the rear sub-frame rails and is intended for four-speed application. An overactive spell check I guess. BC
  11. Dwayne... Your input is always most welcome. BC
  12. Lyle... Dust on your models is God's way of leveling up the playing field for those of us less skilled than you. BC
  13. Where can I find some of that gorgeous background material? Certainly is voluptuous. Ole' Karmodeler2...always the innovator! BC
  14. I'd have to go through the many spray cans in and around my booth, but I'm pretty sure it was just plain old Testors No. 3 red. BC
  15. It looks like the MCG sheet has those letters. BC
  16. Hi... Any recommendation for a similar source for the 1969-70 Shelby Mustang badges/scripts? Thanks... BC
  17. Len... I consulted with numerous authorities on the oriignal LAWMAN paint color and so far...nothing definitive. Then I went to Jim Kampmann (noted drag racing authority and all around knowledgeable guy.) He is responsible for the image you posted. It was taken at the NHRA historic meet in conjunction with the US Nats a few years ago. Since Jim had actually seen the clone car in person, we depended heavily on his input. Jim felt it was really close to a 06-08 Mopar color. Then I showed the reference material I had on hand to my Mopar guru Fred Bradley who has as much corporate blue running through his veins as any Mopar fan I know. Fred was able to narrow it down to a Plymouth Prowler color (I believe it's) called Orange Blast(?). Noted builder Tom Creeger did a masterful paint job on the protype model that I built for Lindberg's display at iHobby this year. Until somebody can come forth with something more definitive color-wise, we're going with Orange Blast. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. BC
  18. Man, I sure hope JK doesn't get laryngitis. We're planning an extra seat at the COMA dinner table in October. Maybe I should alert the Derr Country Bed & Breakfast there will be an additional boarder? If Kelly can come to Cally-forn-ya can Ohio be far behind? BC
  19. Hi Steve... I'm using the SEDCO guide for many of the details on this kit. But the guide is in B/W so Randy Derr loaned me a photo album where he'd thoroughly photographed a cloned BW (Jack Smith No. 47) which I'm using for color reference. I mixed the red and rust to closely resemble what was done with that car. The one thing we're finding our pretty quickly is that today there is no single proto-typical BW. I'm convinced that no single original BW exists. That's no surprise when you think about it. I doubt that the handful of BWs that SEDCO built were all exactly the same. They were after all purpose built race cars based on a production model. But when SEDCO was finished the BW was a completely different animal than the entry-level 150 Utility Sedan. BC
  20. My research tells me the basic 1957 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan did not come with a back seat. The idea was to provide a utilitarian vehicle to be used for commercial duties much like a sedan delivery. Leaving out the back seat provided an abundance of room for just about anything an over-the-road salesman, utility company meter reader or general delivery guy would need for example. I guess that's the reason they called it the Utility Sedan. Lyle...you have far too much free time on your hands. Somewhere around here I have an image of "Captain Grumpy". What a shame if it were made public.
  21. They always told me if you can pick your friends be sure and pick rich ones. BC
  22. I'll be happy to share any of the seventeen emails I've gotten so far each and every one the same message, over and over and... BC
  23. I believe The Modelhaus still makes a 56 Mercury h/t and convertible. I know I have the convertible in my resin stash as something to build someday soon. BC
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