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  1. sebring added a post in a topic Just Hello.....New to this board......   

    Welcome Len, were all going to have fun here.

    Doug Montgomery Jr.
  2. sebring added a post in a topic Just signed up.   

    Thanks for all the warm replys guys, I feel like part of the family already, hope I can be of some help on any future questions, or tips.

    Doug Montgomery Jr.
  3. sebring added a topic in General   

    2nd post.
    Look at that, got so excited can't even spell my last name correctly.

    Montgomery lets try that

    seeee ya.
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  4. sebring added a topic in General   

    Just signed up.
    Hi folks-- Just signed on 79 seconds ago, hope I can learn something from y'all. this forum looks interesting.

    Happy Posting
    Doug Montgomert Jr.
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