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  1. Hi iamsuperdan, I replied to the search you posted a couple of days ago searching for a wheel /tire set you where looking for, and you said you would trade a set of MOBIUS trailer wheel/tire set for them. I told you in my reply that have a brand new set of four wheels/8 tires from the AMT FRUEHAUF flatbed kit and I would trade sets with you. I gave you my E MAIL address so we could exchange mailing addresses etc. , never heard from you and when I checked for the post in parts wanted section this morning the post was not there anymore. Do you still want to trade sets? JARRNO88
  2. I just bought a AMT PETERBILT 359 CALIFORNIA HAULER reissue and I am starting to collect a lot of reference photos etc. off of the web before I start building it. I see that it has a DETROIT 871 engine in it and I would like to convert the engine to a 871T . From the photos of the DETROIT 871T That I have seen it shows that A turbocharger will be placed on top of the engine and the air compressor gets mounted on the rear of the engine instead of being driven by a belt. I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and if there is enough room between the rear of the engine and the firewall on the 359 to do this. If I don't have the room I won't waste a lot of time looking up information about the 871T and I will just build it with the engine that came with the kit. thanks, JARRNO88

    Thanks everyone. I now see that I am not the only one who builds like this. What I now did is open up another PETE 359 I that I wasn't planning to start until I finished the 1980 359, but maybe after I work on it for a while it will get me motivated to get finish building what I have started. I also spend a lot of time ,almost every day dreaming etc. instead of model building. I would love to get something finished and add to my empty spaces in my display cabinet. JARRNO88

    I was just wondering if anyone else but me takes so long to build a truck tractor model. I have been working on building A 1/25 PETERBILT 359 model for about three years, using a AMT kit and using parts from a REVELL snap kit and also scratch building a number of parts to make it and accurate 1980 PETERBILT 359. I got the info from TIMS TRUCKS and researching the web before I started building it. I really enjoy building but I get into building streaks for short periods of time then I get into short and sometimes long downtimes where I don't touch the project at all. Am I the only one who does this? Is this normal ? JARRNO88
  5. Removing Chrome Plating

    I have tried using many products for chrome stripping but I have found what works best is what Toner283 and Ace use . That is using (EASY OFF). JARRNO88
  6. Has anyone used textured paint instead of flocking or embossing powder for carpet etc. on any of there models ? It looks like it would work ok to me but I don't want to buy any of it if it doesn't . I see that KRYLON and RUSTOLEUM sell it in different colors and textures, and I am curious to find out if anyone who used any of it liked it and also what brand, texture, etc. they have used if they did. Thanks, JARRNO88
  7. Display Cases

    That is just the kind of display case that I need. If they are in my price range I probably will end up getting one from Gary Wallace and drop the idea of building one. I also need to find out they cost. Hopefully Gary is selling them for what I can afford right now.
  8. Display Cases

    I am now building 1:25 truck tractor and a trailer that I am going to paint as a matching set. All my models that I have built in the past are being displayed in a curio cabinet so they will stay dust free . I want to store my rig in a case etc. to keep it spotless also, but my curio cabinet is way to narrow for it to fit so I need to find a wide case or something to display it in. I have been looking for plans or ideas to build a display case or thinking of putting a glass front on a wide bookcase that mounts to the wall or just sets on the floor but I can't seem to find anything at all. I need a case that is about 48" w , at least 6" d, and somewhere around 8" to 10" h . Does anyone have any ideas or plans etc. or know where I can purchase what I am looking for ? Thanks, JARRNO88

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody Keith

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody. Keith
  11. Thanks everyone. I found loads of photos on Google . I just need to spend a little time looking at the photos and decide how much detail I want to add to the engine when I build it. I already decided to paint the engine in ACRYLIC so I ordered a bottle of MODEL MASTER " GRUN RLM 62". A couple of people said it is a good color to paint Detroit engines with. Thanks again, JARRNO88
  12. I am getting ready to build a AMT PETERBILT California Hauler and have been surfing the web looking for information on detailing the 8V71 model kit engine but I have not found anything . There is plenty of info about detailing the CAT 3406, NTC CUMMINS and the 92 series Detroit but that is all that I have found. Does anyone know where I can find any articles, info etc. about detailing the 8V71 ? JARRNO88
  13. Does CA glue go bad??

    I have a bottle of ZAP MEDIUM that I have been using for a little over 2 years now and it works fine. Since it was brand new I have kept the bottle in the refrigerator and the only thing that I need to do now and then is clean off the buildup from around the lid area.
  14. Has anyone modified the 871 DETROIT in the model kit to a 871t ? It would be really nice building the kit with with a larger turbocharged engine in it. I was just curious to find out if the engine would fit ok with the turbo and other modifications. JARRNO88
  15. How long do ya'll take

    It takes me along time to complete a model. I have semi truck tractors in the building stage right now and have been working on them both for about 2 years. I would like to complete them faster but during the summer time I get involved in many repair prodjects etc. around the house and barely even touch them at all. I can't wait for wintertime so I can get back to building again. I also have 2 other semi truck models all planned out with all the paint etc. already purchaced for them and a lot of photos and notes completed for all the detailing and modifications that I will be doing on them but I won't start building them untill I have the builds in progress completed. JARRNO88