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  1. tysm man, youve inspired me to start my own 32, a sedan delivery hot rod powered by a fuel injected desoto firedome!
  2. Thank you both of you! I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve updated this…. The bodywork itself is mostly done now and I’ve made it able to mount to the rc crawler frame. I’ll post pictures soon
  3. sorry for never updating again, the bed is actually in now! I'm going to smooth everything out and use filler to get rid of the wood pattern
  4. Thank you both of you, its amazing to see all of this support from the veterans of this community, it means a lot
  5. I dont have pictures of it yet unfortunately but Ive also made it so the roof and rear window wall thingy actually match up flush with a hobby knife and bondo.
  6. Heres the chopped interior ive got so far, I also added a little lego guy driver because it looks funny. I now also have access to a 3d printer from my school so I might just be 3d printing rollcages and rollbars because that should end up looking much better (I hope)
  7. also, as you can see I drilled holes out to eventually put headlights in from some old crappy rc car I had lying around
  8. So far the hardest part of this build was getting that engine mounted straight since its way to big for the original motor mounts, but i got it close enough, I also had to cut out parts of the hood which I personally think unlocks a whole new world of badassness
  9. Here is the flathead engine I took from either a 49 or 50 ford model kit I did with my grandpa ages ago that im mounting in the car
  10. Shown here is the rear window i got set up with the rollbar, the tape in the middle has since been removed which helps it look more professional.
  11. Hey guys im finally back! before i want to start ill just say sorry for the radio silence and thank you all so much for the support, this project has already gotten way more support than i thought it ever would! Ive made a ton of progress since the last updates, I got my hands on a dremel, hobby knife, that instantly drying glue spray stuff (that I may or may not have burned myself with like 20,000 times lol), and even some body filler stuff to smooth out custom panels!
  12. I ended up using a Dremel to cut out the rest and smooth everything out, I’ll post in about 2-2.5 hours
  13. Shoot that would’ve been a great idea
  14. im making the b pillar the sides for the back of the cab. when i get home ill post pictures of that and how it looks in general
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