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  1. you still got the limo goodies (j-seat and wet bar)? if so PM me
  2. CRAZY work on this. nice job of turning the motor over to a powerstroke and turbo.
  3. well this is deffinatly an interesting build if you happen to get ahold of another 32 chrysler let me know
  4. thanks grumpy. still got a TON of bodywork to do
  5. hs one i was workin on,still gotta finish it
  6. its not easy truning one of these into a 5th ave
  7. took it too work and finished gluein it yesturday and put a coat of putty on it, got home sanded it, and added another layer of putty couple pics with a ruler to show how long it is now mock up with the rims
  8. well i got a brand new 300 kit in the mail today (thanks to eric stone ) so i hacked it up right way, before i even opened anything else in the box and now im at this
  9. haha i know the guy that made that
  10. broke the two haves back apart and dipped the backhalf and hood made a custom grille did some wheelin n dealin with a homie and swapped the gold spokes for some chrome ones and whats a limo without a sunroof?
  11. anyone got a amt 05 300c for parts? i need the body, floor pan, and chassis
  12. wires i dont see no wires
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