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  1. kevjoh added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth Kits   

    the easiest way to set up the ride hight for the torsion bar suspension is to first fit the shock absorbers to the chassis cross members and diffs. Then do the linkages, it's all rathar fiddly, but by doing it this way one has a reasonable chance of having all the drive wheels sitting evenely on the road
  2. kevjoh added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 heavy hauler custom   

    not so far
  3. kevjoh added a post in a topic stacks   

    another source for exhausts is knitting needles. they come in various sizes and can be bent with heat
    an \
  4. kevjoh added a post in a topic AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced   

    Can't imagine it being the Torsion Bar version, they were only ever available on the first W Model, plus the cab over and the Challenger cement mixer. The torsion bar suspension was such a nightmare to construct that AMT pretty smartly dumped the idea and replaced it with the Hendrickson suspension.
  5. kevjoh added a post in a topic Kenworth torsion bar suspension   

    Good luck with that request, resin copy's would be about the only option. Not the easiest suspension to assemble,always had problems getting all the drive wheels to sit properly
  6. kevjoh added a post in a topic K100E conversion for Revell kits   

    What color is the plastic on this re-release? Have got the original Aerodyne version in the dark grey plastic. Hopefully this is in white plastic this time.
  7. kevjoh added a post in a topic A12 Super Bee.   

    What rims and tires have you used? I'm guessing 68 Charger, looks exactly right
  8. kevjoh added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    How about some parts packs, etc Series 60 engine, wheels and tires. 
  9. kevjoh added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T, 10/17, So Close I Can Taste It!!   

    Have been looking for the decal RT rear stripe, any help tracking it down would be helpful. thanks 
  10. kevjoh added a post in a topic Mack DM600 Tri Axle Dump Truck   

    Did you alter the chassis length?
  11. kevjoh added a post in a topic W900 finished except   

    Just wish they had some break [boosters etc] detail  
  12. kevjoh added a post in a topic Bill Drennen 379 hood???   

    Glad I was able to help. I reckon the ideal kit for this 379 extended hood would be the Italeri Pete 378 # 3857 Long Hauler kit, it's got the same big sleeper as the Italeri 377 kit. There's a heap of info on Google about this kit.
  13. kevjoh added a post in a topic Bill Drennen 379 hood???   

    The Pete hood you're showing is the Clint Freeman 1/24th scale hood. MS-10 You'll notice that it's got the narrow hood strip which is the same as the 1/24th Italeri Pete 378 kit This hood is to convert the Italeri 378 to a 379. Just checked mine, bought it way back in 2002 for $35.
    The Bill Drennen 379 hood is 1/25th scale, it's to convert the Revell Pete 359 to a 379. It's got the wider hood hood strip the same as the Revell kit.     
  14. kevjoh added a post in a topic Monogram '70 Superbird   

    From memory the only Superbird kit that came with all the factory decals was the Richard Petty version, kit # 85-2360, apparently Monogram got the rights to use the Road runner symbols, all to do with licencing from the movie studio.
  15. kevjoh added a post in a topic 1966 Chrysler 300. A Few New Photos.   

    Your pic's size looks OK to me, perfect, don't alter anything,