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  1. kevjoh added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    Really pleased to see that Revell have finally decided to do the 48 with a stock roof, together with the Model A it'll be a definite on my must have list  
  2. kevjoh added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    R & M firewall 6 carb manifold, carbs, frog-mouth air intakes, plus R & M finned front brake drums.

  3. kevjoh added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 25th anniversary Canada   

    Great work, will be using you idea re the airbags and tires, your detail work is incredible, have been putting off building this kit for ages because of those problems, this is the kick along I needed. Will most likely adapt the aero sleeper box of the KW snap kit 
  4. kevjoh added a post in a topic W9 Kenworth   

    Another tip re the tires. The Italeri plastics two piece plastic tires fit these snap kit rims with a bit of work perfectly. You'll have to shim the center piece to slightly spread the tires apart. 
  5. kevjoh added a post in a topic '32 5 Window w/ Blown Flathead   

    Interested to see how the R&M SCOT blower goes together, I've got a couple of these, the workmanship of these is "spot on" kinda' hesitant to build them, all those blower pulleys look quite daunting, especially to a "bumble fisted" builder like me.
    Also like the idea of using the 40 Ford rear cross member.
  6. kevjoh added a post in a topic Ideas for mpc's Mack DM600   

    Thinking about fitting the Rex mixer to the DM600
  7. kevjoh added a post in a topic KW Double Bunk COE   

    Neat idea with the engine, would never have thought of that. Will have to check that idea out, thanks for the tip.
    Hopefully the same idea will work with the Cat block in the KW or Pete snap kit
  8. kevjoh added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    30/31 Model A is all I'm interested in, none of the others get a look in
  9. kevjoh added a post in a topic Almost finished: Peterbilt 358 Custom Needlenose   

    Thanks for the tip on how you did the Vortex air cleaners, They look exactly right. Recently got the grill and air cleaner mesh from Plano Model Products. You've really hit the nail on the head with this build, love the paint
  10. kevjoh added a post in a topic Kenwort W900 snap build   

    With a little bit of work the Italeri 2 piece plastic tires are a perfect fit for the KW snap rims. Wheel spacer needs to be widened a bit. Always thought the kit tires are a bit skinny plus don't really fit the kit rims all that well 
  11. kevjoh added a post in a topic '47 CHEVY COUPE   

    Maybe the grill is not "quite right" but it's the best you're going to get. I'm extremely pleased to finally have the coupe kit, it's been a long wait. 
  12. kevjoh added a post in a topic Mack Superliner update 9/7   

    Check out Auslowe, they do  quite a lot of resin parts for this kit, including the proper Mack cross members for this chassis.
  13. kevjoh added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B (*** Finished 22 Nov 15 ***)   

    Just wondering if it's possible to paint two complete model car bodies with the pre thinned 1 oz  jars of Gravity paint?
  14. kevjoh added a post in a topic Jaaaag XK120- Gentleman's Racer! Paint and Engine Update 7/26   

    Was never satisfied with the way the hood fits the body, mines still half built. You seem to have pretty much solved the problem. Looking good so far.
  15. kevjoh added a post in a topic AMT Peterbilt 359 California Hauler Wrecker   

    Thanks for the info re narrowing the wrecker body. The more I look at it the more I like it, everything has been expertly done, especially the detailing and weathering