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  1. What a Drag!

    ...just having a little fun!
  2. What a Drag!

    If you brush away the charcoal, it will leave errant marks. Blowing it away will not mark the surface. If you goof, alcohol on a swab will remove any charcoal. However, if you Dullcote it, you will need thinner. This method is very forgiving. After I mask off the stripes, I dust the surface with flat black. Just makes it look grainy. Any art store has this... nothing fancy. It's just charcoal. I will use a folded paper towel to get the bulk of it on. the trimmed foam paint brush is to fade it. If you go racing, you never see two uniform, sharp tire marks. The model body gives me an approximate width. I did go back and "wear" the white starting line, just a bit. BTW, if you follow my stuff, that is Son of Danger with a new back end. I said I was going to tick things off my unfinished list and I am!
  3. What a Drag!

    I use artist charcoal. The can of air gets the excess off my work surface. When I’m done, I clear it with dullcote. I’ll see what pics I have to reduce. I’m hope to do an article in my column this week!
  4. What a Drag!

  5. What a Drag!

  6. What a Drag!

    Wrapped things up today... Two of my ancient magazine builds!
  7. What a Drag!

    For those concerned...
  8. What a Drag!

    Here is the one I did in 1:18th. It did become a product and did rather well. Never understood why they didn't do the smaller scale.
  9. What a Drag!

    Back in the day, I did the 1:18th drag strip for GMP. Unfortunately, they opted not to do this in 1:24th or 1:25th. Yet, they did do a tree in the smaller scale...go figure. I've had this in my queue to build for years! I tried rushing it at one point and the Tamiya paint was too hot! When I removed the tape, half the surface came up with it! I was not a happy camper! I refinished the base and let it sit a while. Picked up some Krylon Flat White yesterday, and went after the stripes these past two days! Came up nice! Now, once dry, completely, I will detail out the strip. Here's where I am, as of right now! As many of you know, I do a column and an auction. This will be auctioned off when done. The tree is from an original '70 GTO MPC kit. I will sub the GMP tree on auction. Enjoy!
  10. Bench Seat

    There ‘ya go! Pattern will even match!
  11. Revell 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS 396...........My take

    I’ll add my 2 cents. Got my kit yesterday after it was drop kicked in Philly. It may appear that the real car measured used a non-park wiper motor. The park motor would have placed the wipers lower on the stainless trim. Easy fix is to remove them, smooth out the area and add PE wipers, mounted in the full park position. This kit can not be made into a 300, without extensive cowl and hood work.
  12. Bench Seat

    Years ago I did this using the bench from the AMT '70 Impala. The Nova was the AMT, as well. Just contoured the sides to fit the interior bucket. Didn't need much to fit!
  13. Revell 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS 396...........My take

    I enjoyed reading this. I worked speed parts. I found this little tidbit... Altas Foundry was in Atlasburg, PA, about 20 miles from Canonsburg, PA & Yenko Chevrolet. Atlas sold these wheels thru gas stations and garages in this area starting around May 1967.
  14. Jeff Pierson, if you are out there...

    ...please contact me!
  15. Model Car World Resin

    Dave has always been great to deal with. When I was at FM, I needed some Impala bench seats. I explained my need and had them sent! Fair price and quick ship.