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  1. Need Chevy bare rally wheels, no center caps

    I would have to look. I have a parts kit, but not sure what version it is. I know the Chevelle kit wheels have no center details.
  2. Paint recommendation needed

    Article was sent. Any issues or questions, LMK!
  3. Paint recommendation needed

    Larry, PM me with your email. I’ll send you an article I wrote regarding this issue. I think you’ll enjoy it! Covers important safety tips.
  4. Full Monte

    I still do my column and auction. If you are not already on my list, PM me your email and I'll send you a bunch of past articles and auctions to review. Doesn't cost a thing! I write as my schedule permits and I go into more detail than a mag might allow. Currently my list has grown to about 200 people!
  5. Full Monte

    Thanks to all for the kind words! Bill: Yes, I did do the AAR using the MPB conversion. I still have that model, as well!
  6. Full Monte

    Marzella's of Collegeville...it was great!
  7. Full Monte

    LOL! I was on my back porch watching a downpour and a thunderstorm. As I perused thru another modeling site, I saw that they were promoting SS Sunday!Something clicked...no, it wasn't an effect of the adult beverage, but I realized that I had an old obscure build on my shelf! I dug it out.It appears in my book and as soon as I opened the display a flood of memories came back! It was the mid eighties... I was standing in line waiting to pick up my pizza. Guy in front of me was gabbing with the dough tosser. He had just created a monster street killer Monte, by inserting a chip. I could hardly contain myself.... I didn't and blurted out, "If you really want to become intimate with your kidneys, you should have dumped in a big block...not a chip! Place fell silent. Guy gave me my pizza and said, "no charge". I always liked stuffing something big where it didn't belong!This gave me the impetus to build this...
  8. Need Help!

    Pump Dinensions: Base: 1.137”x1.051”x 0.075” Pump height: 2:24” Width: 0.089” Pump face: 1.311” x 1.001”
  9. Need Help!

    No worries!
  10. Need Help!

    Each square on the grid is 2”x2”. I’m going out shortly. When I get home, I’ll measure the pump for you!
  11. Need Help!

  12. Need Help!

    I bought these pumps and they are large for 1:25th. Models By Chris pumps are more in line with our scale. I also have several of these. Looking to do a pump island diorama. The MBC pump is preferable.
  13. Luv Truck grill

    If you can get me dimensions, I may have one in a parts box. I recall making foil casts of the Chevy emblem! update: can you tell I’m retired, Lol! Grille measures: 2.48” x 0.36”
  14. Motor City Resin Casters order

    I couldn’t be happier with this bunch! I walk up to them at NNL East and they treat me, like everyone else, respectfully and their product is awesome! I have quite a few pieces to build for my column!
  15. Pontiac Resin Bonanza!

    Frankly, I was going to do a tutorial on how to make the vents... it really isn’t difficult! I did this years ago when I back dated an AMT Nova to a ‘70. Modelers are very creative. Instead, I sent a note to Bob at Model Car Garage. I suggested a ‘70-‘73 etch kit to include interior items and scripts for T/A (although most items were stickers), Formula and Esprit. We’ll see how this evolves. Just note that all my shots and suggestions are preliminary. I think this image is a void that can be filled and that was its purpose. I’m hoping to do more with Greg, with the boxes of parts I have at my disposal.