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  1. Wanted model chrome for very old cars

    In this day and age, it's human nature to ask. I don't post much, so when someone wanted something I had, he naturally told me to send it first. I kinda' smiled to myself. Told him to Google me and then, as Vito Corleone did, told to, "ask around the neighborhood about me". I've been around so long that many newbies have no idea about me. This all being said, if I send something out and find out it was a scam, I'm only out a kit or a part. However, I assure you, you will be out of a reputation. I've had very positive interaction here. Met some great people who I would not hesitate sending anything. My pet peeve is people who ask for stuff, you tell them you have it, send them a million pics and then they tell you they can get it cheaper. My response.."go for it!" . The best is the guy who expected me to send it and was shocked when I asked for postage. The absolute best are those that never respond, after the first contact. Gotta' have it, but then crickets...
  2. 70 Impala kit

    Just saw this Tom. If things fall they, PM me!
  3. Revell 1/25 pro street Corvette

    Don't think the other bags are open. Only the Ultra...again, I'd have to sit down with the sheet and see what is there. I may have pulled a set of tires, but I have them on a shelf. Outer box has a slight water mark on the top.
  4. Wish List wants

    I have this...
  5. Revell 1/25 pro street Corvette

  6. Revell 1/25 pro street Corvette

    Looks like the headers are missing. I'd have to go thru the sheet and Confirm the remaining parts.
  7. Revell 1/25 pro street Corvette

    I have a Vette from a 3 car set. They call it an Ultra Vette. I'd need to check it for completeness. I can post a pic later!
  8. Why doesn't anyone market a specific Carburetor color paint ?

    I worked at Eastwood and the bronze is pretty awesome. They also make a silver for Ford carbs. However, I have found hobby paints that work better and in smaller quantities. This being said their wheel colors like Rally Wheel paint can't be beat! They have a nice Chevy and Pontiac wheel paint that is all I'll ever use!
  9. Please delete

    I may have a few... Would be from the Franklin Mint, Bonnie and Clyde car. Company is about to arrive, so after they leave, I'll see if I can get a shot for you and post it! .
  10. Work bench ideas?

    I got some counters when Merck redid their computer training area. 8x3 and 12x3. Over my work area I built this... It was made with scrap closet shelving, pegboard and two cheapie shelving units from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  11. For those following Runnin' at Redline....

    For those who expressed concern over the tach drive cable... and.... I omitted the rear seat armrests.
  12. For those following Runnin' at Redline....

    Part 2 should be in your mailbox, if you signed up! Enjoy!
  13. For those following Runnin' at Redline....

    Do you know Karl Sheffer? Lol! No....there is actually a notch up front. I will check it and adjust if needed.
  14. For those following Runnin' at Redline....

    Last parts done and shot! A detailed how-to will be up on RAR soon! ....and all this just for the interior!
  15. For those following Runnin' at Redline....

    Thanks Greg! To you and yours, as well!