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  1. Best to share the car info than have a bunch of modelers try to contact him. You don’t want to burn your source.
  2. Too bad. If you had rec’d a response I would have suggested pointing his reply. He doesn’t need everyone here emailing him. Don’t mean to pee in anyone’s Cheerios, but that is reality.
  3. I just looked thru the CDs. This car was not in the mix at the time of my visit!
  4. Customer could have requested a different manifold. Cars were built to order. The spec sheet called for the set up I showed. Here are a few pics, including a barn find.
  5. Nice!!! Regular Torker’s were not angled. This a a special Torker manifold. I ran a Torker on my small block. Ran like “dookie”. It likes high revs not low end street. I plopped on a Z28 dual plane and the car changed!
  6. I might be able to help... This pic has been hanging on my wall for ages! I just today realized that the owner at the time was Milt Robeson. I had the pleasure of meeting him and chatting with him at his farm. I have 2 CDs filled with pics that would blow your minds! I'm attaching the signed pic from Joel and a few pages from his catalog from back in the day. We chatted in '77 when I was building my Vega. He was most helpful. At the time, I was at S&W Race cars...he helped me, I helped him. We spoke again later when he wanted me to do models....unfortunately I was an RT and could not afford the time or lose a career. I often think how that might have turned out. He was always very kind to me. Even when he said my Motion Emotions Corvette was not one of his cars. LOL! The owner did admit to me that parts were purchased thru Motion but was not bulit there! Note....Joel used an offset Edelbrock and a 3bbl. carb. Many guys miss this detail when I see their Phase III models.
  7. I have this kit as a parts kit. PM me if interested in the hood as shown.
  8. I was down to my final coat... both cans of Krylon failed. One was brand new! Both were hoarded cans. When I sprayed the final light coat of Rustoleum... the whole thing crazed!!!! I was sick! This is an old resin piece with plastic added to make a back and base. Problem was to figure what could take the paint off without hurting plastic. ELO worked! Resin only, was cleaned with Eastwood PRE. Now ready for a re-do! with all the EPA regs, paints have changed. What worked last year, doesn’t this year! My recommendation is to try to stick to the same mfg. with all stages of paint.
  9. Don’t hoard. They don’t last!
  10. Just an FYI...do not use Rustoleum over Krylon. Ask me how I know!
  11. I have one that SEL tried... PM me if interested.
  12. I may have a new one... I’ll need to check! update: both the ‘68 and ‘69 bodies are gone!!! sorry!
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