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  1. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Spray Booth Vent Hose
    A while back, I encouraged a friend to change out his vinyl hose with a metal dryer hose. Recently, he went to relocate his booth and the hose disintegrated. 
    Me...I learned the hard way. I was working on a project that had a deadline. While spraying, my hose decided to self destruct, spewing fine dust all throughout the shop, while I scrambled for the switch. My project was ruined. Took a few all nighters to get back on track.
    The vinyl attracts the overspray as it goes thru the tube. It attaches to the inside walls. The solvents in the paint and in thinners eventually break down the tube. It gets brittle and becomes a time bomb!
    Home stores carry a metal dryer hose for under $10. Cheap insurance!
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  2. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Eight Ball decals-76 Mustang II   

    I have a '75 version.
  3. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Running at Redline   

    Those who requested info should be enjoying the written stuff. I have been getting many emails asking me to get on with my Pro Touring Maverick, so as to get the paint info. I am a ways from getting to it. I may just do a special piece on mixing and actually using urethane. I studied the procedure and clean up and I think it can be a stand alone column. If this floats your boat, I'll gather up the info.
  4. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Running at Redline   

    Just send me your email. There is no charge for this.
  5. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic FrankenGoat - making something DECENT out of the MPC 72 GTO   

    That is looking great!
  6. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Running at Redline
    A brand new episode has been completed and should be in your inbox, if you signed up.
    I have also invited Karl Sheffer to expound on an AMX primer he sent me. It's great info and taught this old dog a trick or two. That will be in an upcoming issue!
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  7. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine, The Future   

    My two cents are as follow:
    You can offer the basic site.
    I would limit it to a page or two, though. Regular banter, etc. However, as a premium member and/or subscriber, you get added content such as the digital magazine, archived articles and posts, specials from vendors who decide to take ads here and add in a marketplace area. All deals are between the buyer and seller and only accessible via a premium membership. You yourself, are not involved in the sale of items but it gives people a place where they can post what they have and what they want for it. We tend to buy from people we know, instead of placing faith in an eBay vendor no one has heard of.
    In addition, you can have guest authors pop in with a special feature, just for premium members. I know I'd be willing to do so. 
    You can even add in short video clips on how to do a special technique. Maybe even an interview or two of some hobby icon. Can't make a model show? Maybe even do a highlight show clip. When I worked at a car dealership, we could show a customer a problem by linking them to YouTube. I'd shoot the short video of their secondary rubber showing on their tires and why it didn't pass inspection. Only they could access the video thru a link I send by email. Pretty effective. Your vendors can link their product videos for a modest fee. Could be part of their ad package.
    The premium access site could be a one stop vendor showcase as well as a great product/model reference site for the average guys. Instead of hunting the web we could have the best of the best listed with new product intros, on a regular basis.
    Meld in other ideas as time goes on and it can be a real plus. You get the magazine out in a timely manner and have an area that is self sustaining.
  8. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Son of Danger 3 - An Update   

    I have a few '63 kits that I can look thru before asking. Appreciate the offers. Am considering 6 tail lights...
    I'm thinking of a car in my neighborhood, growing up. Mags, red lines and side pipes.
  9. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Son of Danger 3 - An Update   

    My first model car was a'57 Imperial. I used every part in the box plus a sprue or two! Asked my dad to get me a second tube of glue.
    Snake: methinks, I might like the hardtop, as well!
  10. George Bojaciuk added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Son of Danger 3 - An Update
    So....you might recall:

    I threw it into the "Purple Pond" and ....honestly, forgot about it. To many other things are keeping me busy these days. 
    Started reading about some of your glue bombs and reminded myself that I had one "cooking"!

    There you have it! The back glass is welded into the up-top with about a half a tube of glue. I'm going to start grinding down the high spots and determine a route of restoration.
    Should be fun!
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  11. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic 3/26 '66 Chevelle update.   

    Nice work, Geno!
    Knowing how tough that kit is, you have done miracles with it! Never realized you were using the Monogram kit. 
    Don't know if you ever got my book, but if not, contact me and I'll get you a PDF DVD of it... You know where I'm at!
  12. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic spotlight hobbies   

    Tom is OK....I use PayPal only because it is my hobby money.
  13. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic From The Plastic Graveyard - Part 14   

    Thanks for the kind words!
    The garage is actually 2 Fujimi garage bases. I needed a little extra length than provided by one base. This then required that I extend a wall. Wood is real. Basswood. Outside walls are Evergreen "siding" sheets. Accessories are SEL items that he custom made, but now carries. Other items were scratch-built.
  14. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic 1970 Chevelle SS Stripe Decals   

    If memory serves... Stripe delete will also take away the cowl induction. You'd need to fill in the door....
    I'm in the middle of a massive kit inventory and came across a sheet.... You have an email.
  15. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic looks like ive been copied   

    Forums like this alert us to problem vendors. I made good on my word and bought an El Camino from Jeff. You stop this stuff buy getting the word out and shutting the offender down. You turn around and buy for the "good guys". I realize many are cheap, but it serves no purpose. You get what you pay for.
    I found a guy in the UK selling my book on CD on eBay. I made contact with eBay UK after I started getting emails that the CD wouldn't load. I told them to complain to eBay and get a refund. It was not an auth'd copy. Guy was shut down. 
    If you wonder how powerful these forums are....just think of the Molotow Chrome pens! A few posts, emails or articles on line and whammo...everyone is trying them. Places are carrying them..... just goes to show!