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  1. If anyone has a junk interior with a good floor and console, I’d even consider cutting the floor out with the console and casting that.
  2. Use those pointed Tamiya swabs and some detailer. They are wound very tight and just dip them in a small container. I used Final Inspection from Meguiar and my fav right now is Speed Shine from Griots. I use the Speed Shine after every wash on my real cars. Makes ‘em gleam! John Dezan from Canada turned me onto the swabs. Since...they have made even finer ones. I have the full assortment now! Just and addendum: nylon will scratch a painted surface. I learned this buying 100% cotton diapers to wax my Corvette back in the ‘90’s. All the stitching was nylon. Not good. cotton burns, nylon melts. I use this as a rule of thumb when I polish anything...models or real cars.
  3. My paint was supposed to arrive yesterday. USPS at its finest! It did arrive today Nd I am very pleased!
  4. With all this talk about the '68 and '69 Impala consoles, I'm now looking for one! I have two projects, near and dear to me. Both Impalas were my dad's. A '70 and a '76. I sent for paint and I have interior parts gathered. Would like a period correct one and not just a Chevelle console. The ''70 will be a LS6 and the '76 will be a 502. I'll probably have them cast so there would be plenty. Any help is appreciated!
  5. I sent Splash Paint a question on a specific color I required. It was yesterday, Saturday. He responded promptly and I placed my order. I never expect a response on weekends. This was refreshing! I do believe we will be doing more business together!
  6. Avoid Reliable Resin. if you do a search here on what you want, I did a limited run of Formula stuff. Greg Wann is now handling any parts. Good guy to deal with.
  7. 1970 never had a console. Last year for an SS was ‘69. I’d buy a bunch of the ‘68 console! Like to do a ‘70 and ‘76 Phantom SS.
  8. I recall painstakingly painting my Vega headers white. Only to have it burn completely off in the 1st 20 mins. I redid them in black and it lasted years.
  9. I got tired of my flocking falling out like my hair! Ordered Automotive flocking adhesive and gave it a try. I like it a lot. Has a long dry time but the flocking stays! This is my '55 Chevy Interior. Flocking is Ken's Fuzzy Fur and the Adhesive is Suede-Tex.
  10. Ricky, LMK what you need as well. I might be able to at least get you stock!
  11. I do have these parts. Fuel line between the carbs is broken (still on the tree)....easy fix. PM me if interested.
  12. I may have said parts...checking!
  13. Also take a look at watch posts. Various lengths and widths are available.
  14. I contacted Greg. He’s willing to make these.
  15. Sorry... if you had one, you could get Greg Wann to cast them. You’d then have the boot for ‘69-‘72 GM A Bodies.
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