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  1. Rubbery/Flexible Resin Castings

    Aside from sprinkling it with Viagra, you will have a time painting said parts. Get the info from the caster or get replacements!
  2. 1980 Z28

    Nice job, John!
  3. Corrugated Radiator Hose

    Bingo! I now expect you to try the wire/spring and heat shrink.... AND post a pic! Glad to have been of service! Anyway, years ago I tried wrapping the wire around... After the 100th attempt, with it unraveling, I tried this. I always look at anything for two purposes...project at hand and modeling stuff!
  4. Corrugated Radiator Hose

    A typical BBC hose is around 2.5". I measured one of mine. Little bigger or smaller may not matter to the eye. You'd need a spring in the neighborhood of about 0.1". The smaller spring is under 0.1" and the larger one is slightly larger. The Internet can be your friend! Automotive assortments may have a 5/32” x 3 1/8”. This should work. Oh... if you use solder, do not use acid core. Use resin core!!!
  5. Corrugated Radiator Hose

    Agree with solid copper wire.
  6. Corrugated Radiator Hose

    Find a Spring the size you want, slip it into some heat shrink and watch the magic when you apply heat.
  7. Cortina

    Lol! First car I ever drove was a Cortina!!!
  8. Eleanor Trans Kit

    Scale Production has been out for quite some time. My friend bought one almost 2 years ago. Tried getting one but no go. Bought Greg's. Not as complete, but I have what I need to make the model.
  9. Car Model History in My Hands!

    I still have most all my article cars. I donated my Yenko Camaro to Roy Sorensen for a benefit auction. The '68 and '69 GTOs were traded to a friend. Later, I got them back, with the '68 having white lettered tires vs. the redlines. It's a good thing they came home....the friend died and his brother put all his stuff on eBay. All the cars have held up well. A '69 Camaro resto that appeared in Scale Auto is 47 years old now, after the resto. When I look at them, I smile...then feel quite old!
  10. 1968 chrysler 300

    Great job! Excellent subject!
  11. Car Model History in My Hands!

    Impressive score!
  12. Interior painting

    I recently did a column regarding my ‘55 Chevy interior. I was quite happy with it.
  13. I bought his ‘73 Nova and I’m happy.
  14. Diecast trading/selling sites?

    Diecast Zone, commonly known as the D4C. Good bunch of people.
  15. 3D Design Needed (tube chassis)

    Doesn’t Shapeways offer design services?