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  1. Pet peeve of mine!

    I guess I'll annoy.... Accel was the hot ticket back in the day. I should know as I was in the Performance Parts Industry. I worked at S&W Performance in 1977. My sales rep handed me some wires and I put them on my Vega V-8. Great marketing back then, since yellow, immediately, meant Accel. Later they had a red set (note my coil wire on the Vega engine!). Blue was Moroso for the Blue Max Series. At one point a yellow knock off came out. They were quickly shut down. MSD then had the market for Red. Restorers wanted the HP stuff and many came forward and offered kits in black to satisfy the demand. I've always tried to encourage builders thru my writings, and I will at any instance. Build what you like! By the emails I get, I think I've accomplished that. But to the original point, if you note my parking meter, I did use a black wash. BTW, My Vega engine compartment looked like this, but with hoses. History attached. To anyone reading my post...build what you feel. Point is to build!!!!! ...and enjoy it!!!! Just have fun!
  2. OK...it's my turn!

    I need glass for a 1970 Johan AMC Rebel Machine. Can anyone help?
  3. A Suggestion to discuss...

    My apologies for any inconvenience my post my have caused.
  4. A Suggestion to discuss...

    Casey, Not simplistic but realistic. I’m also not looking for the site to monitor transactions. That’s not realistic or practical. PayPal does offer some security and I’ve used Resolution to my satisfaction. Anything after that is upon the buyer and seller. Just think of the old days of Scale Auto with the Ads in the back. I filled many holes in my collection with that and sold tons of Scale Vanities license plates, when I was involved. Not being my first rodeo, either, I have run a successful private list auction for a number of years without major issues. I currently have a list of 200 trusted people who enjoy quite a few nice deals. Not to mention my articles. My list goes out thru Constant Contact. I’ve only ever had one guy who ran up a large tab. Once he paid, he was poofed. I run it, I decide. Period. I have to honestly say, I could have a beer with anyone on my list! ...and I have! You missed my point entirely. I’m looking at this thru the viewpoint of generating some cash flow to this site and the magazine. This thru sales, which I am no stranger to either. I’m sure selling goes on. However, I think the majority of us would throw some cash back to Greg, especially the usual suspects of the hobby! The other option would be to do a pay to play AD section. No risk to the site, but the income from a percentage would be better. I do appreciate your comments and respect your opinion. Thanks!
  5. A Suggestion to discuss...

    I've read the "Rules" and I'd like to offer a suggestion to a specific topic, buying and selling. I know at one time a link was provided, but that site is dead. I personally do not like eBay and use it only when I have to. I honestly do not see the harm in us, as a community, buying, selling, trading. What I'd like to propose is this be allowed openly. Once a deal has been made, the seller can then set aside 10% and send it to Greg. This could grow as transactions expand. It might help him continue his work here and with the magazine. One of the diecast sites did this in an auction format and used the funds to enhance their website. Let's say I sell a kit to someone here for $50. I'm more than willing to send Greg $5 via PayPal. Not that the site itself, is actively selling, but the site is used as the means to get desired items to the people that want and or need them. In turn, the site gets a reward. After reading the rule enforcement aspect, I now feel guilty for having offered my handful of resin Ventura hoods that I had made up. I had hoped to do more small run projects with a caster and help promote him as well as cover my expenses. Sort of filling needs for multiple people. Honestly, where else were these hoods available? How else to you get the word out here, other than a wink and a nod? Dirty back room dealings, or the like? I know I can do it with my own list, but then that excludes sharing with some good people here! The same for kits. As I get older, I'm realizing my mortality and looking at my kits, I'm envisioning either a large mausoleum or a sizeable dumpster. The latter sends chills through me! I certainly don't need a trade, when I'm looking to cull. For the most part, we know each other from our posts. Bad actors have been exposed. I just think this is an opportunity to "Show the Money" to this site and magazine through a productive venue. I hate seeing opportunity zip by! .....just my two cents worth.
  6. Mr Norm's 68 Dart Decals and Revell 32 Ford body

    LMK what specifically you require. PM me!
  7. Mr Norm's 68 Dart Decals and Revell 32 Ford body

    I also have a few of those '32s. I got them for the wheels.
  8. 1975 - 1977 Ventura Hood/Shaker

    I would have expected nothing less from you Greg!
  9. Looking for a few different parts - Vega 4cyl, 72 GP front bumper

    Engine sent.
  10. 1975 - 1977 Ventura Hood/Shaker

    Half are gone!
  11. Looking for a few different parts - Vega 4cyl, 72 GP front bumper

    I had a chance to look this evening. I've built 4 of these since '73 (I owned a real one!). They had V8s. Do you think I could fine one scrap tree with the parts? Noooooo. However, all is not lost! I do have a '74 kit that I plan on doing as a Cosworth. The box has a Curbside Dioramics Cosworth in it that I wanted to use and modify. Soooo, the chrome tree has the complete stock engine!!! All the Vega engines had a single Rochester carb. Aircleaner tells me that. If you want to do the staged 2bbl Holley, you can cheat by flattening the center and adding 4 mounting bolts. PM me off the board to discuss details.
  12. Looking for a few different parts - Vega 4cyl, 72 GP front bumper

    I’m sure I have stock Vega motors...I can look on Monday for you.
  13. I have 6 hood and scoop assemblies to offer. Please contact me if you would like details. The hood is scribed on the underside so if you opt for the shaker, it's an easy add. You get a hood, shaker and 2pc air cleaner assy.
  14. ‘77 MPC Ventura Hood

    Well...this ended well. Hoods were picked up at the P.O. and everyone is pleased. Just a big thanks to everyone involved.
  15. Great Traders List

    Thanks Al! I had to make good!