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  1. I have an old original body. I cut the hood out. Paint was scraped off using a surgical scalpel. I was a bio major in college. PM me for pics and details.
  2. I personally, do not like inkjet for decals. I’ve had sub par results, even with the Testors decal coating. Mine run. I bought a laser and it comes with intro cartridges. Meaning they are not the full bore cartridge. New ones are very expensive. Ghost makes a white cartridge but it is also very expensive. However, it can do 1400 pages. If you look at your sheet as 4x6 it’s not too bad as you can multiply that estimate x 4. Today’s printers are cheap but ink and toner are expensive. Don’t prebuy ink. The printers also have a shelf life. I had an HP stop and gave me a code. It needed a print head. 2x what a new printer cost. These things are made to die.
  3. Drag City Casting’s has just released a hood for this. I just ordered one. Check FB.
  4. I believe I have a mint kit. PM me if interested!
  5. I have a mint kit. PM me if interested.
  6. I sent the display to the owner this past week! You might recall, he commissioned the build. The car and figure were done by someone else. I did the rest! By his reaction...I think he's pleased!
  7. I checked my kit... I’m doing a big tire truck. Unfortunately, the wheels are gone.
  8. I recently used it in a Corvette interior. I couldn’t detail the trim any better. Laid it on the door panel, burnished it carefully down. Then used thinner to wipe down the high spots. The high spots were chrome! Worked great for me!
  9. I do know I have a few parts kits on this one. PM me. Update: I have everything you need, less a steering wheel and rear springs. I have a raw plastic interior and one painted in satin black.
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