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  1. I’m looking to do some of my older kit boxes, hence the measurement requirements. They would not have come with mini-boxes. That being said, I checked 2 new kits last night and they did not have a mini-box. However, I did learn that one of the kits was missing a tail light from within the sealed bag. My best wishes to you for the New Year!
  2. I will check my stash. I like the wood block idea and I have eyelets for hooks! I just need one to measure. Anything else I can shoot and make work!
  3. What is the size? I wouldn’t mind making a few for my car tree! Lord knows I have kit boxes! Be happy to send you a few!
  4. BTW, Dennis… you’ll like Wylde…he’s into Vega/Monzas…..have him show you the door jamb conversion he’s doing for himself!
  5. You can message Wylde Parnelle for more info. He posted in this thread. After the Vega, I had a’79 Monza 2+2. Since I was still involved with performance parts, it got a Holley carb and manifold.
  6. I could have had a Yenko Stinger Kammback with the turbo in the box! With a parts car for $150…..
  7. 1976 may have been the year for the most color choices… ‘ Do a Google image search. Blue, white, green, orange…. Lot’s of food for thought! ‘74 was just black, as I recall. 1975 may have added the dark red….
  8. I was working at S&W Race Cars when I completed the car…it was my daily driver! 4 speed was a bit brutal. Later changed to a TH 350. Slingshot! ‘Glas fenders and hood. This would be about 1977. Bought the car new in ‘73.
  9. I’m very happy to have these wheels. Mustang II wheels just don’t look right! If these do not meet your standards, it is your choice not to buy them! The wheels were mocked up into my logo Kammback. The tires are for that specific application, which will have a ‘67 style Rally Wheel. Strictly a visual. Never thinking that it would be judged for accuracy. Never the intent. The trim rings are from a Nova kit that were cut down. Again, a visual representation as I didn’t want to paint or have time to chrome the trim rings provided. I just wanted to see how they looked under a Vega! I like to put the options out there and let the builder decide. Sometimes, just a simple pic can really spur creativity!
  10. Ace: In my neck of the woods, they were pushing Dellorto carbs. I had a GT. Between the carbs and manifold…and me being in college… a Lynx air cleaner for my GT was all I could afford! Lol! However, later came the small block, 12 bolt and 4 speed. In retrospect, a healthy choice! Many dealerships were ill-equipped to service the Cosworth. I only knew of 2 that would even take one in for a tune up! Techs didn’t want to touch them.
  11. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to get the Cosworth wheels from Wylde Parnelle! I’ve been encouraging him to complete the package and do the engine. My ‘74 kit has been patiently waiting for decades! Today he sent me pic of the client who was first in line. I’d like to share that pic. As soon as I get one, I will do the details and commentary. This really is a thrill for a Vega guy! Brian Tompkins photo credit.
  12. Hang on….I’ll look! Oops! Mine are AMT kits….sorry!
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