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  1. I used the Candy decals ages ago when I did my AAR. Made the cover of Scale Auto, back then. It was based on a Monogram ‘71 ‘Cuda. Decals fit great!
  2. I can taste the Coco Loco now....
  3. LOL, sorry George, man you help me out so much already. Here's a pic and thanks as always. My fat clumsy fingers ruined the one I had. God bless, Geno.



  4. I thought we had this discussion.... What exactly are you looking for? I have a bunch of Cady sheets. LMK asap, as I will be out of the country shortly.
  5. Well... “youse guys” can discuss vector graphics all you want. The average builder will not go there. Quite frankly, it becomes white noise to me....no offense intended, but that’s how I feel. I just wanted to tip modelers that PS or PS Elements can offer simple solutions to specific problems. I use Best Model Car Parts for instrumentation where I can. I have a bin full of their stuff and I love it! However, if I run into a jam and need something specific, I rely on the Net and PS. I have 2 designer friends that can direct me to anything more advanced, and I take care of them when they do. I do my best, on my own to get results that satisfy me. It also pleases me to see others have done this as well. Great job guys!!! I did this for a living for a good number of years. I did it very well and I know what’s out there and what works. I’m just trying to share that info without going into another intangible universe. If you are well versed in this, that’s awesome. But the average guy isn’t. My goal is to get him to at least try something that helps him reach his goal of completing a model with a new idea. I’ve always been about sharing what I know and what’s worked for me. Not being sensitive at all, just stating fact.
  6. For what I do, my results suit me just fine. I can read ‘em, I’m good! It’s a huge improvement over what I started with!
  7. True! A lot of Internet pics are quite small. I like to look for images over a 1000. Also as a point of fact, it’s hard to find images that are flat. Most are taken at an angle. If you try to reorient them to the correct perspective, you wind up with a distortion. I found this with doing license plates for friends. Shot is taken at an angle and it’s hard to get it in a flat perspective.
  8. I should have been more detailed. If you don’t start with a good, hi-res picture, it’s like over sharpening a a bad photo.
  9. Just some additional info. Find a good hi res picture to work with. When printing, try to get to 300 dpi. Don’t do it all at once. Start at 150 and increase it afterwards. You’ll get less distortion. The fun part is that it will seem like you are printing a Bible... yet it’s the size of your fingernail!
  10. I’ve been doing more with PS and dash inserts. I just can’t paint those tiny numbers! Recently, I’ve been working with a ‘73 Vega dash . I wanted a GT dash with no A/C. The 46 year old part was cleaned up and the sweep removed. Trick is to find a hi res pic. I finally found one but removed the A/C vents and PS’d in the shelf. Once printed and dry, I used laminate to cover the image. He’s what it looks like!
  11. I did find this... would need to be fit. It’s a tad large!
  12. I’ve thought about badges and black inserts on the bumper and grille. Hadn’t thought about the hood.
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