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  1. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic As Requested: My Resin Graveyard - yikes!   

    Do a search for Greg Wann. He makes these. Very reasonable and nice material! Good guy to deal with....5-stars in my book!
  2. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    Would love to have my '73 Vega GT V8. Cars that got away....I turned my nose up to a '69 Chevelle. It had a 427 in it. Guy wanted $4k for it. Found it later in a magazine as a rare COPO. Made sure after, that I knew my stuff. In the early '80's I pass d on a Vega Yenko Stinger Kammback. Turbo still in the box in the back. Parts car too! Both $150. Just got married and had no money to spare.... Not even $150! Sigh!
  3. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Runnin' At Redline - Thank You!
    Just wanted to say thanks to all who requested the paint article and for signing up. As you can see, I have not flooded your inbox. Articles and auctions will come out as I finish them. Currently, I'm cleaning up the shop once again and should have my paint booth ready to use, soon! I truly hope you enjoy the column going forward. 
    Just a reminder....please make sure you give me your email when requesting the paint article. You should also not have any issues opening it, as it is not an attachment, but a forward. 
    I'd encourage you to forward the paint article to those that might be shy. The info is critical in safely using urethanes. Matt from Gravity also let me know that he has new paint jars. Once I get them, I'll advise!
    Hope you liked the paint piece and stay tuned for more fun!
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  4. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic New Runnin' At Redline Article   

    Thanks so much, Tim!
    The response in the last 24 hours has been amazing! 
    I want to be clear, that I'm doing this because I enjoy the hobby and the info needs to be out there.
    If you do Join the Mailing List you do also get the Basement page, which is an auction. Sick jokes are there as well! I also include my stories on any of the diecast that I might be putting out. I never liked eBay because I don't know who I deal with. Started this a while ago and have moved over 700 pieces. In the process, I've made some really good friends!  
    So thanks again to all for the response and I hope you enjoy the article and future offerings!
  5. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    New Runnin' At Redline Article
    This morning I released my follow up article to Tim Boyd's Paint Article. If you would like to read it and you are not on my "Basement" list, I will be happy to send it to you. Just send me your email.
    I'll be putting out future articles in this manner going forward. If you like what you see you can join the mailing list by clicking the sign up block. There is absolutely no fee or obligation. I have also let Gregg know that he may use anything he wishes from me with no fee attached. I want to compile another reference book, but the current publication schedule, will have me in a home before I'm halfway thru!
    If you decide you do want to join the list (currently at 137 people), you will also get my auctions as they become available. Your email only stays with my venture. No spam or junk.
    It's all about getting info out to you and just having fun in the hobby. It is also my thanks to all of you for all your support over the years.
    If you are starting to use urethanes, this is a must read piece!
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  6. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic What percentage of models do you think actually get completed?   

    I mentioned MY model graveyard, right?
  7. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Aoshima Land Rover   

    My bad..... You are correct!
  8. George Bojaciuk added a topic in Wanted!   

    Aoshima Land Rover
    Looking for this kit or the Revell equivalent. Let me know!
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  9. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Wanted: Tamiya Subaru XT or Alcyone model kits   

    If you still need this, I may have one. Will confirm.
    Confirmation: I do have the red car kit. Contents are still sealed.
    I found the kit...box was a bit dusty.... Here are pics of the kit and the contents: (oh....the tires are wrapped in tissue.)
    PM me if interested....

  10. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Beyond Hope Project (pic attached..now!)   

    Lol! I just noticed that...so be it, IV.
  11. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Beyond Hope Project (pic attached..now!)   

    Ho Boy! I know a good dermatologist....
    So, I was out and about yesterday and picked up a gallon of Super Clean. My tub of Pine Sol was pretty gross.
    As you might suspect, "Son of Danger" went in for a swim! Bringing it back stock will be a challenge, so I'm thinking.... "Son of Danger II". Would be interesting, to say the least!
  12. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Eckler Corvette " The Time Machine " small update 1/8/17   

    OH MY!
    You guys are bad for me.... Farrah's Foxy Vette!
    You might look at a late '70's Camaro kit for the fine spoked Western Wheels (I worked Speed Shop!). ET also had something similar but I think the same foundry made them.
    Now....grab an adult beverage and hold on... built in 1979.... When I built my 1:1 Vega with a V-8, I used the finer spoked wheels and painted them in between the spokes body color (the Vega). That was a thing on the Camaro Berlinetta, that I thought looked great! Paint on the model, was Duplicolor, right out of the can! I believe it was a '73 Duster color.
    I'd have to go thru a bizillion magazines, but I may have an issue of something that features the Eckler Vette.

  13. George Bojaciuk added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Beyond Hope Project (pic attached..now!)
    We all have them....C'mon admit it!
    Mine happens to be from another collection of "junk" I paid waaaay too much for.
    From what I can tell, this is an original '65 AMT Corvette Roadster.
    OK...all together now! "Son of Danger!"

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  14. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic As Requested: My Resin Graveyard - yikes!   

    You might be right on the Carl Rees piece, Mark. I think he may have done this after my 442 article came out with your hood. Use to see Carl in Toledo, but stopped going. NNL East was closer and didn't require vacation days!
  15. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic In-line fuel filters   

    If they do...you know where I live. I have a bunch.