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  1. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Missing Link Resin Maverick   

    I'm working on a then and now article for the magazine (surprise Gregg!). I found suitable bucket seats in a '79 Monza kit. I have two of these kits and they are nicely made. One of the cars will be a Pro Touring variety and the other will be a day two version. I' m really having fun with this and it should make for an interesting read!
    So....stay tuned!
  2. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Feedback   

    It was in the last Model Cars.
  3. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Just wanted to ask how you guys liked my first submission under "Runnin' at Redline". I have a whole lot more to offer but I want to be sure you like the concept.
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  4. George Bojaciuk added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    It has been a while...
    ...since I built something for NNL East. Recently, I rescued a very rashy Danbury Mint Hot Rod model. Had a flash idea and got started on it right away. That was only a few weeks ago! Even the name popped into my head as it was nearing completion...KRYBABY

    Here's the original model from DM:

    With a figure set I had on my bench, an old FM base and what I remembered from Scale Vanites, here's what I came up with:

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  5. George Bojaciuk added a topic in Under Glass   

    It's been a while...
    With NNL East coming up next weekend, I didn't want to go another year empty handed. I rescued a very rashy Danbury Mint model and turned it into something I've had in my head for a while. If you can't make NNL, here is a taste of what I did...I call her KRYBABY for all the cans of Krylon it took for Skeeter to paint her!



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  6. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Building & Detailing Scale Model Muscle Cars - book?   

    Wow! Thanks again...
    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
    ..and Nick, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  7. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Building & Detailing Scale Model Muscle Cars - book?   

    Thanks for all the kind words. The book has just a little bit more than the magazine articles had in content. There are also a few nice reference chapters. Unfortunately a lot of the vendors listed in the book are long gone.
  8. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic George Bojacuik???   

    Thanks! That would be great!
  9. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic George Bojacuik???   

    Thanks again! I'm looking forward to this.
    Gregg, I responded to your email but seems like your box is full. Let me know if this works for you and I'll get things rolling!
  10. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic George Bojacuik???   

    I really appreciate the very kind words here and the emails I rec'd. I'll leave it up to Gregg to contact me if he's still interested. Someone emailed me last week and asked about a piece I did about model tires years ago. He wanted it reprinted. I'd be happy to see it reprinted and Gregg is welcome to do so-gratis! As for diecast, Tom, They got rid of me, otherwise I'd still be doing it! It was truly a labor of love!
  11. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic George Bojacuik???   

    I am alive and well.
    Life has many twists and turns and I have certainly had my share! Last year my mom passed away and I spent a good portion of a year settling her estate. This year, I had been working at a car dealership and doing quite I thought. Last week I was laid off because I was really good. Go figure! So, now I have some time to re-invent myself yet again! The diecast industry is not doing so well, so my plan was to go back to my roots and start writing again. Gregg is probably rolling his eyes because he's heard this line so many times. I'd like to come back with a on-going series of articles called "Off the Shelf", basically taking what I have off my shelf and building it before I die. Many of us are in the same boat, we have a ton of stuff and parts out the wazoo, but no motivation to "get er' done". If you guys are game and Gregg still has patience with me, how about it? Interested?
  12. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Scale model kit boxes   

    I may still have some stuff from the old Scale Vanities line. Email or PM me and I'll send you some.
  13. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Esler's Update   

    Thanks for your kind words, guys. Disappointment is a word that hardly scratches the surface. Guess it's time to adapt, overcome and improvise.
  14. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Esler's Update
    It distresses me to tell you that Esler’s Garage has been canceled. After being in development for over two years, it has not yet gone into production. Yesterday I rec’d an email from my HK friend who informed me that my factory guy has vanished. After repeated phone calls, he was nowhere to be found. My friend will make good on my investment and I know he sincerely feels very bad about this. It’s an honor thing.

    As for me, I’m hesitant finding someone else, sending them money and then being disappointed again. Worst yet, losing all of my investment. I certainly do not want to keep anyone hanging with a promise I cannot keep, either. I may just take some time away and refigure what I want to do and try to start something again. I’ll do this when the economic climate is a bit more favorable.

    I extend my heartfelt thanks for your interest and your product reservation. I wish I had better news to report but this is what reality is today.
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  15. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Esler's Garage Price!!!
    This past weekend I've been in contact with my HK connection. He informed me that he worked "a little deal" with the factory and I've rec'd a little credit for being patient with all the delays. I've talked it over with my wife and partner and we've decided to share the discount with collectors.
    Esler's will sell for $129.95 + Shipping!!!
    Once I know that product is on the water, I will inform those who have a reservation, go live with the news on my website and make the various forums aware. Only then will I accept any payment.
    I am still waiting to hear about the figure blister packs. Obviously, I do not want to delay the garage any further. We'll see where that goes.
    In addition, those that have reserved or do so before I make the "offficial" announcement, will get a little bonus!
    There you have it!
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