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  1. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Just a Heads Up!
    Hey All!
    Just wanted to let you know that I completed and sent Gregg my next column for "Running at Redline". He said he'd put it in ASAP as I wanted to tie into Tim Boyd's recent paint article. Since we are seeing urethanes creep into the hobby, I thought it wise to share a few things with you. In addition, you'll get a peek at my 18 year old workbench ornament and a new project, as well. These, I hope to detail in future columns.
    Now that I have officially and really retired, my plan to write again will happen. This current article was fun to write. Kinda' nice to be back at it. I hope to share many of the things I picked up along the way, with you.
    Hope you enjoy the piece!
    ...and OH, one more thing, as Columbo would say....
    I have a whole shelf of started projects that I'd like to show you and give a reason why I stopped. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two to get the project completed. This should be fun!
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  2. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic 67 Eleanor transkit available?   

    I've been looking for an Eleanor kit for some time. A friend of mine bought the one from Germany. Nice kit, but not available - didn't help me at all. Researched a little and saw the name Greg Wann. After a few email exchanges, I have to tell you it was comfortable. I told Greg of my intentions and he wanted to send me a kit, on him. If you recall my days writing "Four Barrels, Four Speeds and Horsepower, I never accepted anything for free. I wanted to feel the pain everyone did, in buying something and working with it. 
    My package arrived in no time! I was more than pleased with his casting and the "look" of the model. Greg even tossed in a body he cast, for fun. 
    I have no reservations in recommending Greg and his Eleanor transkit. I hope to do a detailed how-to, eventually. I already have my Gravity Paint for the model, plus a bunch of required parts. Just need to locate some tires.
    Greg...thanks for your courtesy and prompt service! It has been a pleasure!
  3. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Gravity Color Paint   

    Wow! I didn't think it was expensive at all. Pigments in paint is what makes it expensive. Try buying One Shot or better yet, get a gallon of PPG Corvette Torch Red.
  4. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Gravity Color Paint   

    I just got my order today. I was always one to shy away from urethanes, but last year I had the pleasure of working at Eastwood. I sold a lot of paint to shops and walk-ins.  As with any chemical, you need to know what your dealing with. I had a chance to use their paint on a model and I was very impressed with the results.
    This being said, I plan on doing a detailed article in my "Running At Redline" column. I'd like to see people use product effectively and safely. The results are really beautiful. It also opens up new color options that might not be available otherwise. So...stay tuned!
  5. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Black Beauty   

    Only Chrome looks like chrome.
    I have seen something from Australia that is the closest to chrome, but is made of silver. Very expensive.
    I posted this as a DURABLE substitute to Alcad.
  6. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Hi Gang! Remember me?   

    Big thank you to all, for your very kind words! 
    The shop has been busy. I'll be sure to entertain you again, very soon!
  7. George Bojaciuk added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Black Beauty
    Quick note to Greg: Been in the shop....get your checkbook ready!
    Just wanted to share.....
    I'm currently restoring a Corgi Green Hornet Black Beauty. The grille was badly marred and I really didn't want to send it out to be rechromed. Not sure it would have taken to the process, well. Since this is an ancient piece, I was looking at more friendly procedures.
    Some of you may know that I have worked at Eastwood. Yes, the restoration supply place. While there, I had the chance to use their liquid chrome process. Basically, it is Alcad. I masked off a valve cover, which was already painted black. The initial coverage was supposed to be light and I used my own airbrush. It went on nice and really popped. After the recommended drying time, I went back and put on the dulled immediately. Problem I've had with most metallizers. I even tried their 2K urethane which made it look more like steel. Obviously, I never recommended or encouraged the product. After a few days, I noted that the surface was cracking like an old lacquer paint job!
    Now to the problem at grille!
    I get tons of product emails and one announced a new chrome paint. Duplicolor Chrome, #CS101.
    So off to Autozone I go....I find it, not expensive. I read the destructions and see it needs a little prep. Using Eastwood's Pre, I cleaned the part and made sure that there was no crud in the grille horizontals. So....I warm up the can (warm water, no stove, please!), shake it up well and give it a squirt!
    Part was not primed, not base coated black...just painted over the existing finish.
    Here's what I got....

    ...It dried shiney...not dull. The pic below is after a few hours. I touched it and it is durable.
    Quite frankly...I'm sold!
    I do plan on trying a black base and I'll play with some clears....I'll keep you all posted.

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  8. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Hi Gang! Remember me?   

    Lol! I know, Tom! I did see you, but you were as popular as the Pope. Couldn't get near enough at NNL.  
  9. George Bojaciuk added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hi Gang! Remember me?
    Just reintroducing myself....
    I recently took an early retirement. choice! What this means is more time for cars, models and anything I want to do. I'm currently still helping the folks at Eastwood. When I gave notice, they really never terminated me...I'm on retainer. I learned a great deal while I was there!
    So......? What does this mean to you? I'll be writing a whole lot more. While at Eastwood, I had the chance to spray their Single Stage Urethane. My boss, who likes models, sprayed his Landrover diecast. We used company paint, activator and reducer. In addition, I tried using a detail gun. Results were very nice! You need to know a few safety things, but once mastered, you can do this. Safely!!!
    If you have been following my series in the magazine, the basics have been laid down. Now I'm going to get serious on builds. Many unfished projects on my table will get done. I have a '55 Chevy that probably could legally drive now. It's that old! 
    Went to NNL East, saw many old friends and had an injection of motivation. Once I do write a piece, I plan on compiling it into another reference book. I would like to do a series. Just something for you to have on your shelf, to help you with your builds. This being said, when looking at the quality of the builds displayed at NNL...I feel like a piker!
    So.... If you liked my stuff in the past, keep an eye peeled for future submissions from me. I do plan stick to my plan. Ha! It will keep me out of my wife's hair while I'm home!
    I also want input from you...feel free to email me directly. I've always liked the one on one contact.
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  10. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Missing Link Resin Maverick   

    I'm working on a then and now article for the magazine (surprise Gregg!). I found suitable bucket seats in a '79 Monza kit. I have two of these kits and they are nicely made. One of the cars will be a Pro Touring variety and the other will be a day two version. I' m really having fun with this and it should make for an interesting read!
    So....stay tuned!
  11. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Feedback   

    It was in the last Model Cars.
  12. George Bojaciuk added a topic in General   

    Just wanted to ask how you guys liked my first submission under "Runnin' at Redline". I have a whole lot more to offer but I want to be sure you like the concept.
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  13. George Bojaciuk added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    It has been a while...
    ...since I built something for NNL East. Recently, I rescued a very rashy Danbury Mint Hot Rod model. Had a flash idea and got started on it right away. That was only a few weeks ago! Even the name popped into my head as it was nearing completion...KRYBABY

    Here's the original model from DM:

    With a figure set I had on my bench, an old FM base and what I remembered from Scale Vanites, here's what I came up with:

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  14. George Bojaciuk added a topic in Under Glass   

    It's been a while...
    With NNL East coming up next weekend, I didn't want to go another year empty handed. I rescued a very rashy Danbury Mint model and turned it into something I've had in my head for a while. If you can't make NNL, here is a taste of what I did...I call her KRYBABY for all the cans of Krylon it took for Skeeter to paint her!



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  15. George Bojaciuk added a post in a topic Building & Detailing Scale Model Muscle Cars - book?   

    Wow! Thanks again...
    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
    ..and Nick, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.