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  1. if you contact Norm, he may sell you just what you need in quantity! It doesn’t hurt to ask! He’s top shelf in my book!
  2. Only ‘cause you are top shelf in my book!
  3. The request must not have been serious. I’ve not heard a word and I had the parts. I see this a lot with requests.
  4. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it easy to find! I’ve run into him at model shows and buy what I like when I see it.
  5. I had asked Z-Man if he could do these wheels in wide and wider. He did! These will be for my Eleanor
  6. If you are doing a Ram Air car, I may have a few underhood pieces left. I did the GMP GTOs and made some resins. Here's how it looks on an original MPC GTO hood underside...
  7. I might have the original blue issue that was started. PM me. For what the parts guys want you probably could have the whole kit!
  8. Nice touch with the body color on the front grille and bumper area. Well done!
  9. Thanks bud! I just got the figure yesterday. I’m smiling ear to ear! I need to make an easel for the poster!
  10. Mike Hanson just sent me pics of the completed figure...
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